Christmas chat

Merry Christmas to all you TTV readers. Thanks for another year of online snark, fun and news of baking successes.
And for those of you who are having a not-so-merry Christmas this year, for whatever reason: We made it through the year! Let’s raise a glass and cheers to brighter days ahead.
Before you know it we’ll be whingeing about the casting on MKR and the plethora of panna cottas.
Oh and for the Doctor Who fans among you, remember no Boxing Day episode this year – boo! It screens in the UK on New Year’s Day, so I guess it’s January 2 for us.



  1. Merry Xmas to you and family, Juz. You have made a wonderful forum here.

    To all my fellow commenters, thank you , all the best over Xmas and New Year and I’ll try to be better next year. bdd and Iggy.

    I’m on the hard stuff, Coffee and Pepsi Max. Might pick a fight with the neighbours.

    • Perfect time to hone your cooking puns, BDD. And perhaps come up with words and phrases for MKR premiere bingo. I suggest we start with soz and arse cream

  2. Juz,Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for TalkingTV.

    Also Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my fellow bloggers. Hope all of you have a great day today and another great year to follow.

  3. Happy Christmas everyone. Partying on nerve pain meds. The neighbours are lovely. 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲😁😁😁😁😁😁

  4. Nostalgia, nostalgia today. We took Woolif’s old mother to Kean’s Point, Peppermint Grove. We used to go fishing there as kids, and I used to walk my daughter there in her stroller.

  5. I started watching YOU on netflix. I thought it was going to be weak, but no. It was good to watch a different genre….although it’s hard to give it a genre. I recommend it. 8/10 and hard to stop watching.

  6. I try to be positive about the future of this country, but today I watched a quiz show and the question was “Which is the only mammal that can fly?”

    The adult contestant answered “platypus”. Credit to the clever country.

    What point is there living when you’re sharing a planet with these types? Fair fuckin’ flyin’ platypus.

    • I had to look up the answer just now, but I did know it isn’t platypus.

      Although it would be cool to see a flock of platypuses flying overhead.

    • Oh dear. Must be batty to say platypus. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      BTW….on YOU (netflix) I want to retract my 8/10, and my recommendation. If you enjoyed Dexter, you would like YOU.

      • Thanks for the update about “You”. I’ll definitely pass. I could not watch “Dexter”.

        I went to see “Bumblebee”. I hadn’t originally planned to see it but at least it was better than I thought it would be.

        • Mmmm, I couldn’t stomach Dexter. It’s not the gore as much as it being the central character being a serial killer and you’re supposed to kind of like him.

        • I saw “Aquaman” today and really liked it. It was a bit on the long side, and very special effects heavy, but they did justice to Aquaman, and I liked it.

          Plus, two and a half hours of wet Jason Momoa. Not going to lie.

          • Two and a half hours of Momoa, in any state, would be enjoyable I think.

            He was on Graham Norton recently, and came across as a bit of a wanker unfortunately. Not wanting my bubble to burst, I ended up using the mute button.

      • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ You still got it, Bobi. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      • There is only one “like” button but I just read the flying mammal section of this thread to Miss 11, and Bobi…you got double laughs. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. And to the community here at TTV, and Juz who gives us this forum, I wish you all a happy, healthy, and drama-free 2019.

    I mean personally drama-free, because we know rtv will be full of theatrics.

    Happy new year gice.

    • Happy new year everyone! Love this forum and many thanks to Juz for hosting such a positive arena. Well, positive unless you are a tosspot reality contestant- then you deserve everything witty that we can throw at you!

    • Daisy, the cartoon made me laugh out loud. And the right-angle pups made me give an awww, how sweet. Likely me and my pup will be in that position in an hour or so. It may be his last new year’s, so I am staying up to give him a kiss when the year turns over.

      • Thanks, Von. We were all in bed by 9.00pm, right-angled pups included (in their own), so the snowman cartoon was all bluster….or frosting. 😁

        I hope you and your pup enjoy 2019, and maybe 2020.

  8. I gave Iggy some Xanax to get him through the mindless firework rituals.

    Glad it’s over . Wishing you all the best ( unless you’re a rtv contestant)

  9. 41C here in Adelaide today – Urgh. Thank goodness the railway staff hand out cold water on days like these. I’m hoping to watch more of the Last Kingdom on Netflix tonight. Mr Juz and I watched the new Black Mirror ep, where you get to pick an action for the character, Choose Your Own Adventure style. It was interesting as a technical exercise but I prefer my dramas more straightforward. Now I just need to work out how to watch the new season of Luther, which started in the UK this week.

    • We are getting the 41C in Melb tomorrow, I’m off work until Monday so seeking the cool of a cinema tomorrow.
      I don’t mind a RomCom and been watching the cChristmas romance movies on Netflix, lol! Cringy is an understatement!

    • We finished The Last Kingdom last week, Juz. It left a black hole in our viewing. We watched The Black Mirror. I think it was going to be ‘all roads lead to Rome’. At first it was a bit of a pain having to rush for the remote.

      I watched Bloom, with Jackie Weaver and Brian Brown last night. All of it. It was ok. Maybe a 7 depending on your taste. There were a couple of glaring mistakes, maybe more. How did the naked guy get cigarettes, and then his own wallet?

    • My kind of weather. Although you have humidity there, don’t you? That makes it feel hotter. We almost always have dry heat.

    • We had a 41 deg day a couple of days before Christmas. Tonight the low is predicted to be 12, forcing me to play blanket-bingo with the bedding again.

      I’ve watched Godfather 1 and 2 the past two nights, but will skip #3 tonight in favour of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. Or maybe Alfie. It’s interesting to see how the old movies hold up.

  10. I haven’t popped in this thread to wish you all New Year! So Happy New Year all πŸ™‚
    Thanks again Juz for a wonderful space to chat to like minded tv peeps!
    I haven’t had as much time to interact this past year but looking forward too all the offerings for this year.

    • I watched that on cable a couple of nights ago, and the whole time I was thinking, this is “Bird Box” for hearing-impaired viewers.

  11. There is a Ben Elton written/David Mitchell starring comedy I came across last night on ABC comedy. It’s called Upstart Crow. I recommend it for fans of Black Adder and Ben Elton. Some great Elizabethan smuttery.

  12. So I just spent 10 minutes clicking on all the ads, many times. Hope that brings a nice Christmas present to Juz.
    I’m not loving much on telly on the moment.
    I finished watching The Letdown on Netflix (or was that ABC). Late to the party but I loved every minute of it. I hope that they bring it back many, many times until the children are well into their teens.
    And I went to see Vice at the movies. I can highly recommend it (unless you hate politics like I hate peas). Amazing. Good God. And we are all dooomed.

    • Me too, Bobi on the clicks. Hmmm, I don’t think I have watched the Letdown.
      We have watched a bit of Cuckoo, which is total rubbish, although I watched some of S2 last night and it’s funnier than S1. I can’t believe I am watching it, given how bad S1 was. It was a weird swith between S1 and S2.

    • I agree, Bobi and pray that the feral cats, rats, pigeons, seagulls and cockroaches make a better fist of it.

      • If you can get past the idea that Dean from MAFS last year is playing Henry VIII, you’ll love it.

        Is too much TV bad for a person? Or too much bad TV bad for a person? What if the viewer is a bad person?

        Dean was born for the role, anyhows.

  13. I’ve been watching Marie Kondo on Netflix and now have the Konmari bug! Searching for all the things that SparkJoy and saying thank you to those that don’t!

    • Me too. I don’t love it. It’s a bit simplistic.
      And yet I’m addicted.
      I return, again and again, to watch this tiny little woman : followed by a half an hour of ironing, folding and a visit to St Vinnies.
      I love how the houses aren’t perfect when she’s finished. But it’s aspirational. I imagine that if it wasn’t for two hairy, shedding dogs lying casually wherever, that my place would look like hers.
      I can dream.

    • I’m a neat and tidy house freak so that’s probably enough house work for me. Although….should I get my cleaning lady to watch? πŸ˜‚

  14. We are watching Murder Mountain atm, and I am cooking for family dinner.

    Potato bake with shallots, serano and parmesan. I put either shallots or serano between each slice of potato. I also have a thin layer of mash at the base.

    • Careful Elvis doesn’t break into your house to get at that. It looks real good, man.

      Unlike the MKR variation, which has a thin layer of trash at the base.

      • I think you’ll find that’s a pretty THICK layer of MKR trash, BDD. Only their forced smiles are thin. Or possibly their aspirations – thinly disguised. Everything else is thickly layered on with a trowel.

  15. I have been taking shameless advantage of my 10 access free month. Watched three survivors- really enjoyed Australia, Cagayan and Marquesas. Any other seasons to recommend? Remember I am a very recent convert to survivor so very pleased to hear ideas from long standing fans.
    We are back at work tomorrow ( πŸ™ ) so pace might slow, but given there doesn’t seem much FTA joy, maybe I can squeeze another series? My husband is quite on board with this and together we have watched more of this than anything. Except the bodyguard which we both really liked.

      • I always recommend “Palau”, and that ew site recommends Palau for the same reason that I would … even though you can tell who’s gonna win the season within fifteen minutes, it’s still a really compelling series to watch. One tribe is just so absurdly, ridiculously dominant. It’s just a joy to watch.

        I also have a soft spot for Vanuatu. The two tribes have a men versus women dynamic, which starts off kind of obnoxious, but by the very final few episodes, it leads to some frankly-amazing gameplay. Plus it had John K, and gosh, I was in love with him at the time.

        • thanks Wind. will add Palau to our list.
          the channel access thing is totally woeful, and would not be worth the cash usually, but it is great for me to get the survivor episodes!!

      • Well, I didn’t actually think Marquesas was all that special. We enjoyed it and all, but maybe it just had the forbidden fruit cachet! Not being seen here might just have made it more attractive. it was fine, but nothing special. We thoroughly enjoyed Australia, but probably because it was an old school format with much more survivalist type adventure rather than idols, strategy and game play. LOVED Cagayan. We recognised Sarah from Game Changers, so figured early she wasn’t going to win. Great strategy and interesting dynamics. Really great survivor.

    • I can’t name them but the very earliest US Survivors are worth watching, even to see how the show has changed slightly as players have upped their tactics.

  16. I watched the Indian Pacific railroad documentary/journey on SBS tonight, and I found it absolutely rivetting.

    I missed the first half hour (so I didn’t get the chance to see Perth), but tuned in just as the train approached Kalgoorie, and didn’t look away from then on.

    • Is that the real-time journey looking out the window at the Nullabor. Interesting concept. I had a giggle at the idea. Now you won’t have to go. 😁

      • I watched the Ghan journey (it actually screened this time last year, I checked it on my FB page) and I loved it. But yeah, it’s the real-time journey (I mean, sped-up. The show only took three hours, not three days).

        But it made me really want to do it myself, you know? Such a beautiful country, and travelling by train, you’d see so much of it.

        • I caught a freight train on the old Ghan line in 1980, Pt.Augusta ~ Alice Springs. 3 nights/3 days. So slow we could get out and run alongside when the tracks were so heat buckled and old No rail to Darwin then. Cost $42.00.Started out in a beaut sleeping carriage~by Marree(now a ghost town) in a cattle carriage. The poodles on The Ghan get it easy now. The beast I was travelling on derailed a couple of carriages, 6hr delay.

          • πŸ˜‚ Sometimes when I do those on line 360 videos of the Platinum carriages, I want to go. Just call me Princess. You would never guess I was born in a manger πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          • My awful neighbour went on it. If you met her, you’d go from Platinum to Shatinum in the blink of an eye. In more trouble than Burke and Wills.

          • I still want to do that, both the Ghan and Indian Pacific. It’s my travel dream to just cross Australia by train. I’ve done the Spirit of the Outback (Brisbane to Rockhampton, and then out to Longreach) and loved it so much.

            It’s just, I hate flying, I hate airplanes, so I’ve never really even tried to make any travel plans. *shrug*

  17. awesome. thanks Juz!
    I have tried to resist googling what to watch as i was worried about getting spoilers and finding out who won – appreciate the pointers.
    I quite enjoyed Marquesas but didn’t think it anything special.

  18. Woolif is watching Vikings and it makes me realize something that was missing from The Last Kingdom. I am no feminist or Metooer, (except that in general I like fairness and respect for all, I don’t mind a woolif whistle) but in TLK, they don’t show women relating to women, and I don’t mean girl on girl action, but just women hanging out.

  19. Re the show Cuckoo, it actually gets very funny. I thought S1 stunk, and at first I thouhht the changes from S1 to subsequent seasons would not work, but there are quite a lot of LOL scenes.

  20. Still watch Cuckoo, and S2 and 3 have a lot of funny moments. I totally recommend it for a comedy. Press on throgh bad S1.

    • You know, I don’t even watch the show, for the reason that there is not one single part of the entire MAFS idea that doesn’t make me feel icky and gross in every single cell of my body.

      Am I out on my own, there? Does anyone else find the whole thing this disturbingly awful?

      • Fine, we will admit to being a completely amoral person. We can’t wait for the new season to start. The botox, the fillers, bad acting , bad dialogue and that’s just the (s)-experts.

        The mix was wrong last season. A show like this will only survive if there are a couple genuine (attempted) matches versus the fame whores. Last season, they didn’t even try.

        Unlike the UK version, at least the couples are not legally wedded.

        • I wasn’t at all intending that as a judgement on anyone other than channel 9. There was no offense intended.

          I feel like marrying the guy who wants to cook naked for people at dinner parties, after all.

      • Windsong, I am with you. I suppose I just feel that serious relationships and marriage are just too important to muck around with. When you see or are involved in the excruciatingly real pain of break up or divorce, it is hard to watch these shows for “entertainment”. So I have a blanket rule of no relationship shows for me – society in general is doing a good enough job of destroying relationships without adding to it.

    • Never been married, myself. Some people have tried to tell me it’s disturbingly awful, too. There are some wrong things on this show for sure. Who wants to shag Tracey?

      I watched last year and will try to watch this and MKR via encores. It really is a shit sandwich.

      • “Who wants to shag Tracey?”

        Having a balloon fetish — you know, being turned on by inflated lumps of plastic — that’s actually a thing, you know.

        That’s not relevant to MAFS, I just wanted to drop it into conversation.

  21. I love MAFS and First Dates. I have been a lulled into the oblivion that is rtv. At least my neighbours are safe. My voyeurism is satisfied on the screen. It’s like an episode of Black Mirror where all the people surrender their morals to watch someone in the stocks.I’ll bring my knitting.

  22. For the viewer/readers watching cleaning shows, atm I am watching the hoarder cleaner lady on Studio 10. OMG the filth on that hoarder house.
    I have been a bit of a hoarder but didn’t realize it because I am just a neat freak and everything is away or nicely shelved. My main “needs” are keeping/accumulating craft materials (I bought $1000 wool and knitting/crotchet things in a week), and my clothes. I have craft for every occasion and if I don’t where my clothes, my grand daughters might wear vintage. Oh and books I liked. And dolls of the world. And ethnic costumes. OK. I’ll stop now. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    But I travel light in the kitchen.

    • With you Daisy on the craft and books. Clothes are more hoarded because one day I might fit back into them. Ha ha. My definition of a hoarder is when you can’t dispose of something that has no sentimental value, because you have a deep emotional reaction. I don’t have a problem with people enjoying collections etc.

      I notice there has been a bit of talk lately about some woman who has a decluttering program. She is a bit late to the scene, as there are tons of programs out there (some since the 80s). But seriously, my whole attitude to possessions, cleaning and stuff in general changed because of the FlyLady. Corny name, and a bit American kitsch, but she lives in the real world and uses baby step ideas to help people who don’t have the cleaning gene. Not an ad, just a very grateful testimony.

  23. It’s not a Christmas chat. It’s a birthday chat. We have been asked if our grandson can have his 18th bash at our place this Saturday. I have been cooking and freezing pork dumplings. Then cooling my heels ready to hit the ground running today and for the rest of the week. Food shopping today and a few other jobs such as buying a few more pool toys that I know 17-18 year olds will break. πŸ˜‚
    I have a list of jobs I need to do for every day now. I thought I would also make stuffed baked spuds, sandwiches, devilled eggs and mini toasts. Just basic things.
    40 people are coming. I’m not the only one bringing food, but teens and kids get hungry when they have been swimming and playing cricket on the lawn. It will be fun sussing out B with his girlfriend. Now throw in babysitting 3 little ones all day tomorrow. I will have my skates on. But they are easy. They like the pool, (but need watching, and playing outside.
    Any tips from anyone been there b4 on the 18th? The party will go from a lengthy 2.00 to 8.00 (sil’s idea). No keg. We will have to make sure we don’t let any under agers sneak a sneaky beer or we could lose our teacher’s rego. But as A won’t be supplying ANYONE beer, and I’m a cuppa tea girl, we should be ok.
    There’ll be half family, 1/2 B’s friends. Not a raging orgy.

  24. So something cool happened tonight.

    I went out to dinner to meet up with some friends, but as I was sitting there waiting for them, Lee (from Australian Survivor s1, he of the clingy black trunks) and the third-place getter (I forget her name, but she and Lee got together afterwards), they walked straight past me, and then got a table at the next restaurant along the street. It was all outdoor seating. It was definitely them (Lee is still a very unmistakably-handsome fellow). I didn’t go up and saying anything, but yeah. My brush with celebrity for the night.

  25. Now that the 18th is done and dusted, (I love that boy-now young man), our next big event will be driving to Perth to see the Shun Yen Chinese ballet. Has anyone here seen it?

  26. I am watching Fresh Meat on netflix. It’s not hilarious but it’s keeping me watching.

    When not watching that we’ve been watching youtube europe.

  27. Something else interesting (well, it was for me) that I just learned tonight.

    About ten years ago, I was dabbling here and there on the internet, and I wound up on this forum with a bunch of people (guys and girls) who were footy fans. But there was this ‘in’ clique (run by this Chinese guy who lived in Sydney. He was always notoriously cagey about his life offline, but he hinted that he worked in the entertainment industry). Anyway, long story short, this clique was dysfunctional and awful, and this guy? He was just a horrible person. Grown man in his 40s, but he didn’t post in the forum for a week (he was away on a business trip), and when he came back? He threw a tantrum because people didn’t miss him enough (he didn’t get enough welcomes upon his return, and he was like, “I could’ve died, none of you cared!”). Yeah. He was that kind of person. I think, classic narcissist. He had a habit of keeping sycophants around and discarding them (and moving on) when he was done with them. Case in point, me. Sorry, I’m venting a bit, there’s a lot of bad memories there.

    I am genuinely curious as to whether all the sycophants he had when he stopped posting (because there were few people left who weren’t sick of his crap) are still hanging around him? You know, how did those relationships end? I wonder*.

    Anyway. Point of the story. I innocently stumbled onto his FB account tonight (he’d posted on somebody else’s page, who I’m still friends with from that time). He was an editor, and quite a high profile one. He’s worked with Shine, he’s worked with channel 7. He’s edited tonnes of movies, he was one of the main editors on a heap of things on SBS (like Eurovision or the last few Mardi Gras. Apparently he pissed off Kyle and Jackie O by editing around them … so I’ll give him kudos for that). He was also the primary editor for the first two seasons of “Australian Survivor”, as well as the last few seasons of MAFS. It was all there on his FB page (still with the lovely subtext of, “Look at me, I’m the greatest person ever”).

    So I just realised, if I was still friends with this guy (lord save me), then I would’ve been able to give you guys some inside scoops onto all these reality TV shows that we watch.

    * – as a nifty epilogue to the story, it was he and his chief bestie (a girl called Emily, she lived in Sydney too) who encouraged me to write short stories and submit them to competitions. Which I did, after our friendships all ended, and I won a few competitions and earned a heap of prize money (this was right before Christmas, so it was helpful). So while I’m still a little bitter about all the pain and hurt I earned, from knowing these dreadful people … I also earned a shitload of cold hard cash. So all’s well that ended well, I think.

    Anyway. Thus ends a snippet into Windsong’s life :).

    • Well that was an interesting piece of interconnecting information Windsong.

      My dark social media history was a brief jaunt on a site called experience project. I quickly discovered the site (or was it me) was like sticky fly paper to guys wanting to hook up for sex or money. But I did make a sm friend, who also left the site after a few weeks too. She lives in W Virginia and we continued through emails, then later through fb. So the bad thing turned to a good thing too.

      • ‘Dark social media history’. I like that. I think it takes people time to find out where they fit, where they feel comfortable online. I mean, hell, that’s why social media is so popular (you already know your colleagues and friends and relatives, so you already feel that connection). I have to admit, in all my years of using the internet, I’ve never been propositioned (or maybe I just didn’t notice? I’m not exactly the most observant person on the board).

        But I’ve managed to collect a few good friends from all the places I checked in, on the road. So you’re right. Take the good with the bad, and hope the former outweighs the latter. I consider the whole thing a learning experience, if nothing else.

        I wasn’t kidding about that guy, though. It sounds like a joke, but he was seriously upset because people didn’t miss him enough when he was away for a week. Wanker alert, right there. And I still remember the day one of his best friends announced on Twitter that her boyfriend had proposed, and his first response was, “It’s so great you have that option!” Because you should always take the happiest moments in your friends’ lives, and make them about yourself. He wasn’t talking to me, by then, but that was when I realised that I’d lost nothing of value.

        • Luckily TTV is a mostly wanker-free zone. (How interesting that word made it through the spam filter! Must not have been written by an Aussie.) Sometimes a visitor posts something slanderous and I just delete it.

          • Oh, so we have a spam filter? That’s interesting. Of course I’m going to have to test this out, at some point … and honestly, I’ve never noticed anybody posting anything particularly blue, so you’re doing a good job.

    • Good golly, Windsong. That was interesting. And nice to know it wasn’t all bad. Maybe the horrible parts overwhelmed the good bits? And now it’s not so bad?
      My dabble blog was Mammamia. I used it to practice my writing skills. Could I get my point across in 50 words or less, without antagonising the trolls and the moderator, and still accumulate β€˜Likes’?
      An amazingly responsive group (I think there are a lot of them). However, it became very repetitive – they seemed to have anti-vaxer articles on standby – and over time it became clear that they were not my demographic. People with very young children can be smug and self-absorbed. I can’t wait until their perfect little darlings become teenagers.

      • No, like I said, I choose to look at the whole thing as a learning experience. Everyone falls in with the wrong crowd at one point or another, right? And it was a huge life-lesson in how to identify bad relationships. And like I said, at the end of the day, I earned a tonne of money from it (which I used to buy some pretty awesome Power Ranger toys and Lego). So I can’t be too upset.

        I used to browse Mamamia, but they were a bit … I don’t want to say “political” because too many do that, these days, but they were a bit too intense in some of their stories. Like, they required a certain mindset to really get involved with, and I wasn’t their audience, which is fair enough.

        But yeah, the anti-vax thing would’ve turned me off either way. Back at the end of 2017 when I dropped into work to tell them how much time off I was going to be needing (eg, a lot), and one of my coworkers (a guy who I’d always respected and thought well of) sat me down and begged me not to get chemotherapy. “It’s bad for you!” he said. I was like, of course it’s bad for you, they’re trying to kill something bad inside you. “No, there’s studies and faked autopsy reports, people’s hearts just burn out!” I told him, no, that’s radiation therapy, that’s something completely different. And then he gave me a three hour lecture on why the medical industry is secretly evil and I should just sit at home drinking fruit juice and eating beans and lettuce leaves. I couldn’t believe it. I was like, you’re an intelligent person, why would be fall for this internet-conspiracy bullshit?

        And I get it, he was trying to help, but I wanted to shake him by the shoulders and tell him, read the room, big guy. Someone with a serious illness doesn’t need or want to hear this kind of rubbish. At any rate, I go out of my way not to really talk to him anymore, I just lost so much respect for him that day.

        • It’s so strange how seemingly intelligent human beings believe all this anti-science stuff. We are getting collectively dumber the more we know! I have friends with kids who have had heart operations and can’t be vaccinated, so rely on herd immunity. I don’t know how someone can read something on the internet and decide that’s enough to put other children’s lives at risk.

          • Honestly, I recently encountered people who seriously believe the world is flat. I say nothing. I told you, I leave my lessons for the classroom and my grandchildren.

            If I was Judge Judy, I might say, “Moron”. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  28. Even if you comment on fb pages outside your immediate family and friends, it can turn noir. Besides, if the demographic is youngish, I just want to mark/edit their writing. I don’t, but I don’t scatch mozzie bites either. 😊

    • I am a mildly sympathetic to the young’uns. I think it was Pascal who said something like, β€˜I’m sorry I wrote you a long letter. I didn’t have time for a short one.’
      But, yes, it is amazing how quickly some people can choose to misconstrue a comment just for the joy of being outraged. It’s the new adrenaline rush for those too frightened to swing on the monkey bars.

      • I am hugely sympathetic of the younger ones. That’s because I teach and I know the idiotic powers that be decided to drop things like grammar from the curriculum. That was back in the late 70s so you why the now teachers who were educated during the 70s, 80s, 90s ….don’t know any simple grammatical rules, like how to choose the correct pronoun.

        When I see a bank teller gripping a pen as a monkey might, I blame the system. Ok, that’s my yellow jacket moment on the stupid education system that is ruled by monkeys. Dross at the top.

      • Bobi, I love the pic. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ My friends know not to dare end a sentence with a preposition, or use tortology.
        I am fun at a party.
        (Now some of that is me just joking). πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        No, I keep my teaching to the classroom, and my grandchildren.
        They even have incorrect grammar on Bold and Beautiful. 😨

        • I bumtimes right mcomments whenn I’m halves aseeep, whitch is pretttty trajik.
          I never youse spelchek. πŸ˜‚

  29. I love coming here (ttv) for a chat. BDD, how are you handling, or not, the heat over there? I know it’s not your favourite.

    • Well, my A/C broke down before last week’s heat wave and I’m getting another one today, hopefully. Iggy and myself aren’t really handling it. We’re both getting old. Thanks for asking. Oh, it’s Dr .Phil time.

      • Oh no, Dave! Our AC fritzed last year so Mr Juz has rigged a misting kit around the metal box it lives in so hopefully the motor does not overheat. 45 on Thurs eek! At least the trains are usually cool here and at the CBD train station the staff hand out chilled water to everyone

        • 45! Old people and dogs will drop like flies. We have been checking pavement temperatures before walking the dogs.
          It’s only been a moderate summerhere.

    • We use a cooling mat.
      I have a photo from last year when he would only leave his tail on it but this year …. (hopefully photo to follow).

      • He’s a beautiful boy. I can highly recommend greyhounds to anyone, except if I wish I could train him to sleep in until at least 6.

        • I find greyhounds generally quite friendly and affectionate, although I’ve also known them to be skittish and quite shy around strangers.

          I have a cattle dog. She’s generally a grumpy old lady, like, she doesn’t even us most of the time, and we feed her. But it makes life interesting.

    • Yes, Iggy’s got one but like Bobi’s dog , he won’t always put his whole body on it.

      Last week , when it was 42 , Iggy decided he wanted to stay outside and eat grass for twenty minutes.

  30. We throw the dogs in the pool. They don’t love it. Otherwise we leave them inside with a/c when it’s hot. Even cut short their fur is so thick.

    It’s moderate here, and rain is expected.

  31. 26Β° where I am sitting. We should swap. I don’t mind the heat, although I tend to stay inside when it’s 45Β°.

    Oh and when it’s hot I give the dogs a big water icypole in their drinking water.

    • It makes me want to stab myself in my right eye. I hope he gets zero votes. Surely no-one in their right mind would vote for him.
      How he get National Treasure? The man is dubious at best.
      As you can see, don’t get me started.
      And another thing, how can Mr Morrison say that the Liberal party can’t bring in quotas for minority groups/women because they have a grass roots demographic system and yet he can parachute his own man into the seat of Gilmore. Hypocrite.
      And I’m sure there’s more. The world is going to hell in a hand basket.

      • The whole story of how he got to be a so-called national Treasure is dubious also!!! Basically, it was run by Woman’s Day so in my eyes is as reliable as a logie vote in the old days when the interns had to vote for the network’s current stars.

        this is from an australian article. . . not sure how I got around their paywall once, but here it is. . .

        IT is one of Clive Palmer’s most revered gongs. The tycoon’s National Living Treasure award takes pride of place in his Gold Coast mansion — and Mr Palmer’s adoration for the recognition of him as a great Australian has spilled into speeches and interviews as he seeks to be prime minister.
        The story of how it came to be awarded early last year is less well known.

        The Weekend Australian has been told by several sources from his Queensland Nickel refinery that the triumph belongs as much to the almost-1000 strong workforce there at the time — because they were implored by the company to vote online for the boss. Many of the staff followed the instructions to the letter, while some loyalists excelled themselves in a bid to boost the vote.

        READ NEXT

        How β€˜racist’ standoff spread
        “We were given very clear instructions to make sure all staff got told in no uncertain terms to vote for Clive Palmer as National Living Treasure,” said one of the sources.

        “A note was drafted and it went out to everyone in the business.

        “I know a lot of people who said they tried to vote multiple times.”

        In previous years, the National Trust’s quest to identify the men and women who would be awarded National Living Treasure did not include an online voting opportunity, but the procedures were relaxed last year through a tie-up between the National Trust and the magazine Woman’s Day, resulting in controversy and an internal furore.

        After learning Mr Palmer had achieved sufficient votes, National Council of Australian Trusts chairman Graeme Blackman said it was “not nationally endorsed at all” by the trust.

        When asked whether the voting process was fair, Dr Blackman, who is no longer national chairman, said yesterday: “It’s a matter for the NSW body (of the national trust) that ran this program.”

        National Trust (NSW) chief executive Brian Scarsbrick said yesterday: “We are reviewing the whole process of the National Living Treasures and we will obviously make some changes as a result of what we have learnt from going electronic last time.

        “There’s no doubt that what we’ll have is a system of vetting. We certainly would not do it this way again.”

        Mr Palmer, who is fielding candidates from his Palmer United Party in all 150 lower house seats and the Senate, said yesterday: “I personally never asked any staff member to vote for me.”

        Mr Palmer added that Woman’s Day ran a “secret ballot”, similar to the voting process in elections, and he said the magazine’s online system did not permit multiple votes from the same user.

        Weeks before he joined six other Australians in receiving the gong last year, Mr Palmer said: “It would be a huge honour to be named one of the National Living Treasures, and it would also be a worthy recognition for Australia’s resources sector, which contributes so much to our economy.”

        A year before being asked to vote for him, staff at the Queensland Nickel refinery were the beneficiaries of holidays and cars after it produced a bumper result, but the love has diminished amid slumping profits and staff cuts.

        Woman’s Day editor-in-chief Fiona Connolly said: “Most of the results and the votes were very much expected but there were some interesting ones, most notably Clive. I was surprised at the number of votes that Clive received. We did put in every measure to ensure that only one vote could be made by each voter.”

    • I can’t wait until Clive Palmer treats Australia and the Australian economy like his Palmer Coolum Resort (a crime-infested, ruined ghetto) or his Townsville nickel refinery (which went under thanks to shifty monetary transactions and devastated a community).

      It’s hard to tell whether he’s trolling everybody, or he really is that delusional. I mean, the man must be out-of-touch with reality. He’s one of the most hated people in Australia, at the moment, it’s just bizarre.

      • Is it just me, but I am being constantly irritated by the tv ads as they are wall to wall during the tennis. . . but I hear “We’re not going to CARPET” every single time and so I’m thinking “what’s that lunatic got against carpet?”.
        He’s a wannabee Trump but without Russian backing and WITH our stronger electoral system, I think his chances are very slender. At least I hope so.

  32. Not sure about Clive being the most hated man in Australia at the moment. That’d be Serena Williams. I just received a jubilant text that she’s crashed and burned in the Open. Never cheated in her life. Bye.

    Thankfully, I’m not getting that carpet ad here. Just an avalanche of appalling MKR droppings. MAFS looks like fine art in comparison.

    • We don’t get Clive over here, but a Serena story is usually something to munch on, even if it’s only for a week. The tennis tutus always get me. She clearly has no good friend to tell her the truth.

      • Haha, your selective deafness must be very good, Daisy. I hear Clive’s stupid ad on what seems to be almost every commercial break from about
        6 pm onward. And it gives me an ear worm, which I wouldn’t mind if it were the original lyrics, but no, it’s “not gonna cop it”.

        I’m hopeful running the ad so often will send him broke, although even that might not shut him up.

        • Yeeeaaah. About that….I never watch ads. That’s why you have prerecord. And I am watching more netflix and youtube. I think if you want Clive on youtube, you need to do a search.πŸ˜‚

          • Oh, okay. I’m fta television. The mute button on my remote is very hit and miss lately, so I am subjected to hearing more garbage than usual. When Clive comes on, I can just yell at the television and drown him out. When trump appears on the news, I have resorted to la la la -ing because I detest him so much I cannot bear to listen to him.

          • I’ve been inundated with Clive ads on youtube also. I’m so angry about the text messages, it’s an invasion of privacy and there is no capacity to opt out of getting them. It infuriates me but I agree with all the folk who think he must be delusional if he believes he’s a legitimate chance (at least I hope Australians are smarter than Americans).

          • I worry about my own grasp on reality. I was listening (actually listening, not reading, in real time) to Trump’s Tuesday speech attempting to get some discussion happening, and I was thinking that it all sounded very reasonable.
            And then I listened and read the analysis, and was wondering how I fell for that.
            I am the original swinging voter and I can be persuaded by almost any logical argument. If I wasn’t a reader I could be a Trump supporter.
            I don’t fall for Clive because he is not putting anything forward. He’s just lists things. Stupid.

          • Bobi, if trump is using words of more than two syllables, the speech was written for him and he is reading from a teleprompter.

            If he is rabbiting on about stupid shit, repeating himself, and using incomplete sentences, he is ad libbing.

            In either case , he’s most likely lying.

    • Thankful to find another who feels as I do about Williams. Can’t believe there were still Aussies in the crowd applauding her. She shouldn’t have even been here, should have been serving a long suspension.

  33. For the Survivor fans: Rob C just liked one of my tweets. Yay! He interviewed Davey from David V Goliath and it was a great chat

    • ohhh I have now watched Survivor Amazon (i have had to pay for ten all access as I am loving the survivors so much!) so I am ON board with Rob C and know exactly how cool this is! His podcasts are very interesting.

    • I had a doctor’s appointment in town, today, and I was thinking about wandering down to K-Mart, but I was standing there and just thinking, “screw this” so I went and had some ice-cream and then came home to sit in the air-conditioning for the afternoon.

      I regret nothing.

      In town, we have this award-winning (like, seriously. They’ve won dozens and dozens of awards, in shows and fairs up and down the eastern seaboard) gelati shop, run by this little Italian family. OMG. If any of you guys ever visit? That’s one of the first local places I’m taking you.

  34. I wonder why Hooks didn’t harvest Hope’s organs while she was out.

    Woolif wants me to ff the prayer to Beth. 😭😭😭😭

  35. To all those kids over East who are starting school today, especially those who are 1st time kindy or year 1….happy back to school day.

  36. There is a bushfire near us today; about 1km away. We took the grandkids and dogs to the beach to keep them safe. How fantastic are firemen, and out here, most of them are volunteers. On top of that, around Christmas, they do a Christmas run and give presents to kids.

  37. It’s been stinking hot here for so long but luckily there have been no bushfires.
    My brother lives in Tasmania and it’s just awful. Every time I tune into the weather, I hope that Tony Abbott is thinking of us.
    If too many women put their names forward to stand against him, they’ll spread the votes and he’ll get in again. Bummer.

    • It’s great. Thanks for sharing it with us, as you do.

      Some ba$tard could copy it and publish somewhere else, or put it on a Tshirt.

  38. Apparently House Rules contestants and branded-vehicles have been spotted on the Sunshine Coast, apparently just one suburb over from where I live.

    I’ll keep an eye out, the next couple of days. Maybe it’s someone I actually know? This is a very small town.

  39. It’ been a terrible week in our house. Truly traumatic. One of the cruelest I can think of. Today is a big day as we will see a lawyer for the first time in our lives.
    I just want to thank Juz and the ttv community for profiding a much needed distraction. Sorry I haven’t kept up my threads.
    Let’s hope we get encouraging news this morning. And no, we are not in trouble with the law. I just felt I kind of owed it to you, to be real.

    • So sorry to hear this. Our last year has been pretty awful, so I can empathise a bit. Try not to think too far ahead, just deal with today (or this hour). I hope you feel better after seeing the lawyer, ’cause sometimes a professional can help put things in perspective, and make you feel that things aren’t quite as bad as your imagination.

      We will try to keep giving you a bit of fun or laughter. (Not me, so much, I’m a bit of a sad-sack) but Dave is always good for a laugh!

      • Thanks for the mention , Fijane. Mutual respect. We’ve sailed through stormy waters like Laurina. Don’t sweat about being a sad sack,mate, I’ve necked plenty of anti depressants in my time. I’ve already sent my best wishes to daisy.

        Got a bit going on myself (lawyers, guns and money not required yet) and would love to help with some recaps, where’s my partner in snark crime Calorie Loader, btw? Tonight’s MAFS could send me over the edge forever.

  40. You are ALL great. For a laugh, for a serious chat, and a good debate. πŸ’–

    As I suspected, we are in a good position. It goes to mediation now, and I am happy about that. It’s less confrontational than a letter from a lawyer.
    You ppl are amazing.

  41. I just had to take a pic. According to the inspector, the lady thought her car was in the bay. To ad to that, she refused to come out and move it because she was in the pool. Wah???

    “We park real good in WA”. More than half her beast was sticking out.

    • These days, more people identify as Jedi than they do as Catholic. Every census that’s been done, in the time I’ve been alive, has shown that less and less people consider themselves religious. I don’t argue that religion has clothed and fed a lot of people, and that it has it’s place … but I don’t think anybody could argue that religion has terrorised, hurt and destroyed a *lot* of people, and it has a lot of things to answer for.

      I really think there is a wider conversation (about religion, power, and the abuse of both of those things) that this should lead us into, but I don’t think the general population is ready to have it.

  42. (just quietly, Juz, is it too much to ask if we could have a new General Chat thread? This one’s starting to smell a bit mouldy)

    • Windsong, why don’t you write put you talent to use and send a March header. You can email it to Juz with a pic.

      It’s fun that we can all nightcap shows etc.

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