1. Reruns of Spicks and Specks, Rockwiz, RBT , Ambulance, Civilisation, NITV docos but Juz is right, not much on.

    Dr.Phil…..but that’lll be sanitised for holidays.

    Of course B&B at 4.30.

    Won’t be doing Carols By Candlelight. Sorry, Je$us.

  2. I am changing jobs so i have a week between old and new.
    Signed up to 10 All Access to try to watch some of the old survivors that I missed. Finding the format annoying, but that could be my technical inadequacy! I can’t work out how to cast it to TV, but I have started watching survivor Marquesas (sp?). Fun so far.

    • I signed up to this as well and have been rewatching survivor. Will be turning off subscription before it renews.
      BS I too have been having trouble casting to TV and don’t find the website particularly user friendly.

  3. I’m not much watching anything on TV right now … although Mon-to-Wed on Fox8 has had the annual Flash/Green Arrow/Supergirl team-up crossovers, and this one introduced Ruby Rose playing Batwoman (and she was a total badass. I was only disappointed because there just wasn’t enough Batwoman. She showed up right at the end, and gosh, every second she was onscreen was brilliant, but I wanted more!). I really enjoyed it. It concludes tomorrow night, and I won’t be missing it.

    I find myself watching B&B in the afternoons. I find, I only have a certain amount of energy, per day, and mid-afternoon I tend to just crash, so when I’m having a late-afternoon nap, B&B is on, ergo, my joining Daisy and Dave for commentary. Gosh, that show is a hoot.

    The Roma Street Parklands down in Brisbane does this thing in December, where they cover half the trees with fairy lights, and the whole park becomes an enchanted forest. I wanted to do it last year (it just sounds so cool and lovely, you know?), but I spent the first week of last December in hospital, and everything after that was a write-off. So I really want to visit this year (it’s on until the 19th), but I don’t know when I’m gonna get the chance to get down there.

    • I love having you on the B&B wagon Windsong. Yes, they are all terribly disfunctional. I was going to say almost to the point of illegality, but then I remembered the kidnappings, murders, attempted murders, bugging psychologist’s offices and breaking Deacon out of prison. Oh..and coercing a judge.
      It’s only half an hour of brain junk food.

    • The fairy lights sound cool, Windsong. When we moved to SA we heard there was a town in the Hills that puts on awesome Christmas displays, so we drove up there one Friday. 4km out of Lobethal we joined the traffic jam of cars queueing to enter. After 20 mins of inching forward we chucked a U-ey, grabbed a pizza on the way home and decided never to do that again. This year Mr Juz has gone all Chevy Chase with our lights. He has even got laser projectors

      • Heh. Our neighbours got some laser projectors. I just know my dad is even now planning on one-upping them.

        The fairy lights garden is only on until the 19th, and I probably missed my chance, because Tropical Cyclone Owen is just making himself known. It’s poured rain all morning, here on the Sunny Coast, and as the cyclone floats down the coastline, the weather’s only gonna get worse, the next couple of days.

        So now I get to be mad at myself for missing out on something I really wanted to see. Getting badly sick is supposed to galvanise you into action, to crystalise your vision for your life or something. And it’s like, nope, I’m still hopeless, that hasn’t changed :(.

        • I think that the “revising your life” thing is a myth! I nearly lost my DH earlier this year, and later asked him, what would he like to do/have, considering the close call. He said he didn’t want anything different, quite happy with things as they are. It was nice in a way, to know that he was content, but part of me still feels that we are “meant ” to be making lists, and doing amazing things. I think I am too much influenced by hollywood movie plots!

          There is an increase in thankfullness, so maybe that is the lesson, learning to appreciate what you have.

  4. In the lead up to Christmas, I am catching up with friends, working through my list of chores, doing the rounds of school concerts and otherwise just hanging out, walking the dogs and enjoying life and my garden.

  5. Mr Juz and I started watching The Man in The High Castle tonight. Fascinating. Based on a Philip K Dick story (Blade Runner, Minority Report), its set in a 1960s America where the Allies lost the war. So the US is split, with the Nazis ruling one half and the Japanese the other.

    • Woolif watched it and liked it. I found the screen too annoyingly dark. I couldn’t see the people on the screen so I gave up.

      • I do find there are some shows I can’t watch in the daytime (like Walking Dead) as our lounge room is too sunny for all the scenes set in abandoned buildings

  6. Like BDD, I’m watching re-runs of this, that, and something else, whatever is the least annoying. If I’m up early, I always watch Bluey, 0800 on 22, which has to be the best cartoon, Australian or otherwise, made in a long time.

    I am enjoying The Cook and The Chef on the food channel. Maggie Beer does not irritate me so much when Simon is there as a buffer. She does rabbit on about verjuice and nut-brown butter, but she also gives some good tips on baking and cooking, as does Simon. The shows that are on now are from 2006 -2008.

    And there is always Walker, Texas Ranger, with the great actor Chuck Norris.

      • Bobi, Golden Syrup dumplings is a go-to quick dessert in this house. We make it frequently. But my recipe from my mum uses grated suet – that just doesn’t happen any more.

    • Von, I discovered Maggie from The C and the C, so I have always been a bit confused about why some didn’t like her. Now I know it is just the combination with Simon that was good. Yet, sometimes he annoys me, but it is the counterpoint between them that seems to work.

  7. So no one saw the 80 yo guy on Blind Date, then? He thought he was Chuck Norris. Nudist , too.

    Before that it was Jamie and the Nonnas.

      • Pretty sure it’s encored later in the week. Didn’t want to build it up too much, because the real Chuck Norris is 78 and I don’t want him coming after me.

        Speaking of Holiday chat, I see Donald Trump’s lawyer is getting a three year holiday in jail.

        Looking forward to seeing Clint Eastwood’s new film The Mule. If you’re watching Studio Ten ,daisy, you’ll see it featured this morning around 10.00

        • 😂 Chuck Norris and Clint Eastwood aren’t exactly my genre. 😂 But I am heading home now and it’s 9.58. I will have a peek.

          PS. I did enjoy John Wayne…in Hatari.

          • I’ m not a fan of chick flicks either. My testosterone/oestrogen levels lie about in the middle. 😍😂😂 movie wise. 😂

  8. I could be a mule. Police always assume I am innocent. Well I am, but I did tell one policeman, “Haven’t you see the Valley of the Dolls???”

  9. Watching Studio 10 and I think they just accidentally dropped that Richard Reid will be on I’m a Celebrity next year. I suspect he would be annoying in an enclosed space.

    • Maybe he’s a Tucker Trial. 5 minutes with Richard Reid; “Get me out of here!!!!!”

      RR was on another reality show; Celeb Apprentice I think and he was really nasty. I wonder if in viewing himself he realized.

      Last but not least. I haven’t seen you for ages, Bobi. Nice to have you back.😊😊😊😊

    • Thank you. Losing my mother took a lot of enjoyment out of life, and I had little tolerance for the bickering on some shows.
      I also found myself watching a lot of the predictable shows: Coroner, Miss Marple, Death in Paradise. You’ve got to love the British.
      But I’m coming back to it all slowly. I am really looking forward to I’m a Celebrity and Masterchef. Good feels.

    • And having read some of the comments on the I’m a Celebrity thread, I’m wondering if I misheard. Maybe it’s Rhonda Birchmoor (?). She was the one who made the comment.

  10. Fijane, did yo cry happy tears at The Middle Finale? Now…The Middle, the movie.
    They couldn’t do it because they could never find people to play them just right.

    • Yep, lots of tears. DH just expected it cause there have been a lot of tears lately, mainly over the male firstborn.
      I find the show especially poignant, as we have kids at the same stage of life, and I react (more mildly) exactly like Frankie. DH thinks the writers’ have a secret microphone in our house.

      About a week ago I spotted Sue and Shaun from the final scene (trying to avoid spoilers) in a 9Gem promo. It was only a flash and I only caught it because I was watching a recording and was able to go back and check. It sort of spoiled a bit, but as it didn’t seem to fit with the way the story was progressing, it was still a bit of a surprise. Loved the way the story circled back to the very first episode with the road. Very, very well done. I was wondering later about Cindy not appearing, but realised that how she looked/acted in the Prom episode was her resolution.

      Movie: no way, it has been wrapped nicely, and I don’t need more.

      And, after all the boys who looked like they might be right for Sue, it seems that she grew into the right match for Shaun. Nice.

    • The way she’s banging on ,perhaps she’d be best auditioning for Struggle Street.

      Reggie won half a mill, but was conned out of it. I watched her season. Lights burning bright, but no one home. Being on another rtv show will be the answer.

  11. Watching “Masterchef The Professionals” . Several amazing chefs. Finished watching “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, not at all like the silly “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” series. Very dark and creepy.
    Saw “Creed II” and “Mortal Engines”. Creed is a typical Rocky movie. Very good acting although hard to understand Stallone because of the way he slurs words together. “Mortal Engines”…could have passed on that. Don’t know what it was trying to be but made me think of a hybrid of “Star Wars” and “Mad Max”. Some of the visuals were interesting but I was bored during most of the movie.

  12. Barely noticing other shows at the moment, because the cricket is finally here. Best days have Test games on one channel and women’s BBL on the other to keep switching between.

    Is it just me, or are there a lot less “Christmas” movies on this year? Or isn’t it close enough yet? Saw one last year that we hadn’t heard about before called “Snow Wonder” – still a twee American story, but we thought it was better than most. Basic premise was an ensemble cast, being variously affected by “miraculous” snow falls in parts of the US that don’t get snow eg Florida, Texas, California.

    • Love Actually was on recently, but I haven’st seen Die Hard listed yet :). The Santa Clause and SC 2 have already been shown twice each. Pass.

      I wish more really old Christmas movies would run – It’s a Wonderful Life and some of the older adaptations of A Christmas Carol come to mind.

      I agree, thank goodness cricket is on.

  13. I recently started watching Unreal on Prime. It is great. Only 4 seasons, but totally worth it. It is a behind the scenes show of Everlasting, which is basically The Bachelor. It is dark, twisted and downright evil sometimes. I loved it so far and only have 3 episodes left.

    For a more positive experience, watch Dumplin on Netflix. Very cute movie.

    • Never understood his appeal. Same with Kochie. We never had the TV on in the morning as kids so breakfast TV puzzles me

      • My parents have always watched Today, but I’ve never really understood the appeal of breakfast TV either. I’d rather read a paper or listen to some music.

        And Karl is just … such a wanker. There’s “larrikin”, and then there’s “immature drunken manchild”. I will change the channel if I see he’s on. But the conventional wisdom seems to be that the Australian public adores him.

        Although I do think his wife was a bit too into her role as the vengeful, angry ex.

        • Bluuuggghhh. Karl S is probably my most abhorred tv “personality”.
          Grant Denier is painful, but I actually dislike Karl.

        • Karl is my channel changer, too. Wanker doesn’t quite cover it, but anything more explicit would be too rude. His ex did maintain her dignity for quite a while, but her social media postings recently are cringe-worthy. No doubt she will be embarrassed by them in a while. Airing family dirty laundry is never, ever cool.

      • Not sure what the audition process is for tv show host.
        I can’t stand Karl, Koch, or Denier, and O’Keefe seems too cocky.

    • His brother got dumped from Weekends too.
      I have Today on while getting ready in the mornings, more as background noise to get caught up on the headlines for the day. Certainly don’t sit down and watch.
      Have alwasy preferred Karl over Kochie though have always been more of a Ch9 viewer than a Ch 7 one. I think its like preferring Coles over Woolies.
      The next big question is who will replace him.

      • I was just telling an overseas born friend yesterday that Aussies are either Coles or Woolies shoppers, and it is generally a family tradition

        • My little town only had a Coles until about the mid-00s. At that point, we got about three Woolies. I think my mother still shops at Coles, but there’s a Woolies right across the street from my house, and I know all the staff (’cause I’m in there all the time).

          • My local shopping centre/s have a Coles and a Woolies within about 400m of each other. I usually walk through one, then the other, to pick the lowest prices before I buy things on my list because I’m on a tight budget these days. Staff at the Woolies are more friendly and helpful, but whoever has the better price gets my business on any item. It’s a pain in the butt really, but a couple of dollars here and there counts.

          • Ours are similar, Von, next door to each other. The Coles used to be something else. In our area, I generally find the Coles cheaper, but Woolies have a far, far bigger range, especially in meat and lot of groceries. Both our local Coles have been gradually reducing choice in every line.

        • I buy most edibles at our Farmers’ Market or at Dardanup butchers. The fruit and veg at our Farmers’ Mart are actually fresh. I sometimes buy meat there but prefer Dardanup butchers.
          I go to Woolworths for non edibles. It’s close by and I prefer the layout.

        • We all shop at a local independent green grocer / supermarket now but my parents are Coles shoppers (for things not available or too expensve there) too. Although probably more out of convienence. Growing up to get to any Woolies, we would have to drive past at least one Coles. Where the parentals live now Woolies would be closer but its in a mini shopping centre parking at one end and Woolies at the other, most inconvienent if you just popping in for a couple of things.

  14. So, Mr 6 asked me for a blank Christmas card this evening and dashed off to write in it. (I’d made him write cards for his nannas in the morning.) Five minutes later I was presented with the card, which read: Dear Juz, I just wanted to let you know that I am really really hungry.
    Cheeky bugger!

    • Ha ha, Juz, feed your child! Cheeky bugger indeed. I don’t have a child, but my dog does a big dramatic “I’m starving right now” if his dinner is 20 minutes late. Drama queens.

    • I have inherited a new handsome boy (my mother’s dog). He spends his life 2 inches from my side, just in case there’s is a spare crumb, which may go a long way to explaining the Santa Claus belly on him.
      He would eat my bones if I fell on the floor.

      • Mine will crawl over visitors for crumbs or steal scraps from the rubbish bin in plain view of guests……but every day is Xmas with a good dog……or two.

        Sympathies to you, Bobi.

      • Thank you both.
        The dogs are lovely company, and Mum’s dog is a wonderful gift.
        I just wish that he didn’t have this habit of standing exactly where I would like to walk. It’s a special talent and I’m sure it has something to do with tripping me up so that food falls on the floor.

        • Our dogs used to stand where we were walking and I thought we would die “from a fall” (when you are young you fall over, when you are old you “have a fall” 😂). Anyhow, after we accidentally stepped on them a few times, they both have learned to scoot outof the way.

          It’s nice that your other dog has a brother. I didn’t plan on getting two dogs, but I couldn’t separate the twins who were so close and p,aying lovingly). I am so glad now because they can keep each other company when we go out somewhere we can’t take them. And they keep each other warm in winter, and are great play buddies.
          Your dogs are going to love each other.

  15. Woolif and I are watching The Last Kingdom. It’s a goodie. We are up to S3.
    The are lots of battles but the violence is not gratuitous. The characters are fantastic. It’s set in the Dark Ages and loosely historical.
    It’s fascinating to see how people obeyed the kings just because they thought they were God’s annointed. Get past ep 1 because the more you watch, the better it is. I give it a 9.

    • Daisy I am up to episode 4. Love it. I have read some of the Bernard Cornwall books it is based on. I do think they made Uhtred too pretty, though. Perhaps I have watched too much Vikings

      • Ultred looks like a guy I dated briefly in my late teens. That bottom lip was too spongy…a soft kisser. Although I wouldn’t date an Eric, Ultrech looks a bit prissy. Somewhere in between would be good.
        Still the acting is all good. It just means he had a harder job of acting tough, with his pretty face. The supporting actors, eg horrible Alfred and his wife, are really good.
        I hate Alfred, or is that the system I hate. The poor people don’t even get acknowledged.
        The trouble with The Last Kingdom is trying to stop watching.

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