MKR chat

My Kitchen Rules 2019 should launch in just over a month.
Each year so many of us say “never again”, but do we mean it?

Have the past six months dulled our memories?
Will you be watching?
Will they actually have changed anything?
Will all the contestants know what a colander is this year?
Here’s a Jordan and Anna flashback to remind us of happier time (and Happy Christmas, Windsong).



  1. I’ve had a year off watching it.

    I’m ready to go again and watch “Ma Kishen Rolls” .Ten years of disappointment, biased judging, appalling hygiene and contrived drama. Morons bleating “this has to be perfect or I could be going home”

    Pink chicken, pink lamb. Raw fish , badly filleted. C’mon gice, you should be plaiting up now!! To die for.

    The show should have been axed six or seven years ago. Just saying.

    • I’ve had a year off watching it but I think it may have firmed my resolve to leave it firmly in the “Rather Poke Pins Into Eyes” category.
      I miss the gang from here who DO watch it but don’t think that gets me over the line! I think I will just read the comments here, lol. That is entertainment for me.

  2. I have a feeling that I watch MKR because there isn’t much else on at 730. The promos feature a woman who seemingly has been picked to be this year’s villain, and a guy with one eye, who makes pirate jokes. Sigh.

    They’ve learned nothing.

  3. *sigh*

    I know what I’d like to receive on Christmas morning. Little Jordan Bruno has actually gotten quite famous since his stint on MKR.

    Anyway. Last year, I watched in the sense that the TV was on in the background while I was doing something else. If the producers don’t take the show seriously (and lord knows, last year was just one big joke. The army duo applied as a joke, but the producers still picked them) … then there’s no reason for the audience to. And my tolerance for bullshit is remarkably lower, these days.

    • Yes I can only imagine that Jordan would be a Christmas Treat that you’d LOVE see under your tree Windsong! Under your tree, in your kitchen, in your dreams, in your. . . .

        • I was in the city this week, and there were a couple of DFES firemen in the mall selling their calendars to raise money for kids’ cancer research. All firemen and firewomen are heroes, I think, but those guys were, uh, striking. I didn’t want to openly leer, because that is sexist and inappropriate. But… whoo.

          • You know, I actually come from a family of firefighters (father, uncle, cousin, even a couple of kids I went to school with), so I’ve never really gotten the firefighter thing.

            Surf-life-savers, on the other hand? The first boy I ever fell for when I was 16 (who was straight as a flagpole, for the record) was a surf life saver, and some things stick with you, heh.

          • It maybe wasn’t their jobs as much as the guys themselves. They stood out a bit, because of their uniforms. but they could have been wearing clown suits and would still have been noticeable. And they both had great smiles.

  4. I too had a year off (or has it been two?). I must say the promos don’t fill me with positive anticipation.

    One promo is all sweetness-and-light, promoting the tenth year with a saccharine soundtrack, the two stooges drooling over lovely-looking dishes, and happy and heart-warming contestants.

    Next ad break, we see a glimpse of what is actually to come – sniping, griping, nastiness, kitchen disasters, and pitting contestants against each other.

    Which are we meant to believe? Or are they trying to appeal to the extremes of viewers?

    • I got sick of MKR after the year of the duo where one bragged about all the places she’d been. Her name started with F I think. I got bored with the scripting and the scripted villains. It’s not scripting I mind so much as the repetitiveness of MKR scripting. It’s on a loop.

  5. I’ve had a couple of years off and I will keep it that way. Last time i tried to watch a season I realised I wasn’t watching for the cooking but for the excitement of contestants stabbing each other with oyster forks.

  6. There’s an idiot wearing a baseball cap at an instant restaurant dinner table. Fail. The promos are letting out a little bit of mediocrity at a time. The decade of delusion and culinary catastrophe.

    The price of watching the cricket is the inclusion of these horrific MKR promos.

  7. I watched two promos for the upcoming season, on FB today. One featured a pair of bitchy girls, the other featured a pair of obnoxious idiot blokes, and neither of which seems to have any cooking knowledge whatsoever.

    No, I don’t think they’ve learned a damn thing either.

  8. Then there’s the MKR “Hall Of Fame”.touted this afternoon. Outrageous.

    It must be a hall the size of a toilet.

    I’ve seen the two buffoons as well.( not Manu and Pete)

  9. Two new contestants were revealed today. One is a variation on that obnoxious seafood king from Broome couple of years back.

    Manu accuses a team of “shitting” (cheating)

    Deja vu

  10. It’s Josh and Austin who are the nouveau villains. Not sure if I can watch after all.

    More personal vilification at ze instant restaurants. You’d be sacked at work for saying this stuff , but again Ch 7 are going to roll in it like pigs in swill.

    Also, I’ve heard that ze MKR Grand Finehole has already been run and won. I don’t know who the winners are …..but I can find out with a bit of effort, like before the season starts. If you think this is a bit of cheap self promotion, remember I’ve been taught by the best~Ch 7. In my heart , I don’t want to know but it’s a long season.

    Could save us all a bit of time, gice. Appy Hanniversary MKR.

    • PS On the other hand, anyone know where we can bet on this culinary circus and what the stake limit likely might be? Calling Lulu. From little things, big things grow.

  11. The FB page keeps doing this flashback thing, and all it keeps reminding me is just how awful some of these people have been. Gosh, why do we do this to ourselves every year?

    • A flushback of old shit. Where was ze soz, Chanel 7 ?

      “There’s nothing in my dreams but some ugly memories”~ Iggy Pop.

    • Now I’ve just seen that Married At First Sight is starting on the same night.

      While last night, the two first remotely likeable contestants ( two women , didn’t catch their names) on MKR were wheeled out in a promo. Far as I recall , MKR doesn’t let it’s villains win. Zey may mack ze finehole, but zey don’t win.

      No shortage of reconstructed faces and breast on either show.

      My, aren’t we spoiled for quality? Help me , Dr.Phil.

      • It’s like, get cast on a reality TV show, book appointment with plastic surgeon. I don’t really understand it either.

  12. What about that cheesy ad with “Endless Love” soundtrack? I have a whole summer of angst, along with (let’s face it) a whole pile of shitty programs between Ma$ter©hef finishing and this starting. I’m ready to release my inner bitch!

  13. Remember Lauren and Carmine (the tart queen and Mr Seafood In a Bag)? They had a clip on the FB page from those two, and Lauren herself has been replying to people, saying, “Yes, that couple was the worst!” Once couples have that self-awareness, it’s harder to dislike them. Although I’m still mad she and her partner made it to the finales over Jordan and his mother.

    • Actually, I take that back. Carmine’s kind of a smart-arse.

      Although they both replied to something I said, and Lauren did apologise for knocking out Jordan and Anna. I’ll give them that.

      • Everything here makes me remember how sucky MKR is. for every Jordan and Anna (who can actually cook) there are a hundred Seafood Kings, Dumpling Tragics, Pasta Makers, – One Trick Wonders all.

        The only thing that will make me watch is that I have recently started a job working with an old colleague/friend. We used to watch it obsessively back in the day, and he never stopped paying attention, so maybe he will draw me back into the vortex!
        Other than that, I just can’t summon the energy. . . last year I was perfectly fine without watching it – I even felt strangely cleansed!

        • Yeah, spoiler alert, the pair of them were as abrasive and as obnoxious online as they were on TV. Dave would’ve been proud of me, though, I gave as good as I got. Carmine got a bit snippy when I kept mentioning the seafood in a bag, to be honest.

          • Definitely proud.

            I’m in Adelaide, and can pop around to their place and leave something in a bag on their doorstep. It won’t be seafood, however…..then again some old crab shells on a 39 degree day like today..

            ( I wouldn’t do this (now) , but it’s okay to dream) MKR dreams..

    • Oh. Oh dear. I just Googled it, you’re right. I really can’t defend that. Of all the jokes I want to make, mostly I’d just be concerned about the hygiene issues…

      … I’d still be tempted, though. Heh.

    • Oh my. That is…tacky.

      He’d have a feasible enterprise there if he just did the meals; the price for that seems reasonable to me, even though he’s not a qualified chef.

      Adding on naked cooking for $250 more is risky. I wonder if he’s thought of possible harassment or abuse in that situation.

      Maybe it’s a publicity stunt. Otherwise, ick.

  14. Tonight on channel 7 is the 10 year MKR anniversary special. Is anyone actually feeling brave enough to sit through it? I mean, there’s only so much Lauren and Carmine a man can take in one seven-day period.

    The promo was on FB this morning. They had Henry and Anna (who are both still absurdly handsome and the most awesome person ever, respectively), Jordan (who I still am a little bit in love with, even with the naked chef thing), and Mick and Matt (geez, that boy’s grown into a bit of a hunk. I always got a vibe, from him. And I bet he’s into some kinky stuff, too, he’s just got that look about him).

    • Playing it safe and recording. Not sitting through all the ads AND the show. Certainly not tuning in to tennis, so I’ll do some more work for an hour. It’s all on you windsong, if you say it sucks I won’t bother watching.

  15. Haven’t decided if I’ll watch this or I’m A Celebrity, I may see it before Windsong.

    Ninety minutes. It’s got to be crammed with ads and hoo~ha promos for this season. Precious little to celebrate .

  16. Windsong warning. Carmen and Lauren are on it, as well as a horror movie of awful people ( “our favourite contestants”), ie the Seafood king from Broome.

    So far, this is not great.

    Manu ” Zis team kept farting and farting”

  17. No, it’s pretty awful. All the show is making me remember is the parade of obnoxious contestants we’ve had to suffer through. So many stupid, awful people, and yeah, I could be nicer about that, but who’s got time for that? Damn it, those two horrible Asian girls — and Josh, the seafood king — got entire segments to themselves. I mean, no. Just … no.

    • Managed to make it to the segment with Mick and Matt. I was fine whenever we cut to Jordan, but seeing Matt, and all that, that cut a bit too close to the bone, so I had to back out for my own sake.

  18. I wonder if showing the MKR “special” will backfire on them. I checked in on it a few times during ads. Every time, someone I couldn’t stand was being featured, e.g., that fuckwit Josh. Now I’m thinking I don’t want to watch the new series at all.

    I admit, though, to having a brief, very brief, flash of sympathy for the seafood king, after reading that Manu named him as the worst contestant ever. There were so many loathsome ones to choose from, I don’t think it was advisable or professional to pick only one.

    • I missed that part re: Josh as the worst contestant ever. Even worse than the Jordanian girls who on-camera threatened to stalk and assault people? I mean, if Josh ever killed somebody, it would at least be through accidental food-poisoning.

      You are right, though, in that there were a lot of awful people to choose from. At the very least, they could’ve gone with a top ten list. I think Josh might make top five, but I don’t think he’s the top spot, no.

      • I don’t think that bit was on the show last night. I read it on, I think, Might have been made-up bs, I don’t know. I, too, would have thought people who threatened others with physical harm are more egregious than a dolt who’s too stupid to realise how pathetic and moronic he is.

  19. Saw my first add tonight (I’ve been avoiding TV). Two obnoxious males talking some rubbish about speaking truth or some nonsense. Um, no, I think they’ve confused honesty with out and out bad manners. Based on that ad and the fact I didn’t make it to the end last year I think I’m out.
    Oh and Happy New Year everyone – a bit belated but sincere.

    • Just reading about some of the train wrecks from the past has definitely helped reinforce my decision to not watch. I was happy last year without the bitching and unpleasant behaviour.
      I am quite calmly watching GBBO and feeling like an acceptable human for doing so. . . but I will happily read the thread here if anyone can face watching it!

        • I doubt everyone will opt out of watching. Many of us say that every year. But the MKR chat on here is too clever and amusing to miss out on completely.

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