1. And Christian proves himself an idiot in Survivor until the end. (Although he gave me a heart attack that he might have influenced other jurors) Gabby makes one last desperate attempt to make it all about her.

    I am pretty sure Mike lost jury votes with his whatever comments when Alison was booted.

    I thought John asked the best questions.

    Bit devious, but Nick suddenly got much better at challenges and Mike got much better at fire-making than they’d shown before the end game.

    Nick gave the speech Juz and I thought he would make and he deserved to win. I wish he’d blindsided Mike. At that stage I thought Mike was the only castaway who could threaten him. And I’m now prepared to call this as the best season ever.

    • And so say all of us. Clearly the perfect GOAT – everyone would take her to the end as there was zero chance of her getting any votes.
      Even at the END she was still doing her blessed Saviour of all with Rice routine. I loved the cuts to the eye rolling on the jury when she spoke.

  2. Agreed, Alan, Mike’s petty comment to Alison would have rankled with the jury. I was a little worried that being on the wrong side of the last few votes would work against Nick. What an idiot Dan was, wasting a question on why Mike did not help at camp. We will see Angelina on a future season and her game won’t have changed a bit.

    • Dan was such a LOSER. yikes.
      I thought Gabby having one last cry while voting was perfectly edited.
      But man, Christian voting for Mike? Cannot get over it.
      It was a fabulous season. The editing was magic. It didn’t telegraph exactly what happened as it used to, but did drop small clues that were open to interpretation. (e.g. we all saw Alison making fire and so assumed it was a pointer – it wasn’t, but it was a great red herring that was awesome for the fans).
      I absolutely LOVED this season.
      Angelina dishing the spite on Alison with the fake idol move – distasteful. Angelina’s smirking face when Alison said she was almost certain it was fake made me lose any residual sympathy for her. She deserved to have no votes. Angelina was totally delusional and truly believed her own rhetoric.
      I must say I started hating Mike in these last episodes. I thought he was very sneaky (not a bad thing in itself, but for some reason he just grated on me) and I was really worried that Nick might lose out.
      Nick’s speech, as predicted here, definitely knocked it out of the park. He answered everything clearly and logically and laid out his game and subtly played the poor boy from Kentucky routine without slagging off Hollywood mike. I reckon I would have been tempted to do that, so hats off to him for the restraint.
      I saw a hilarious tweet or FB post that was like. . . “Nick – can I have the million dollars? Nick. . . Nick. . . Nick. . . . “

    • I wonder who else we will see again. Davie is a certainty. So are John and Christian. Nick will be back for a future all stars season, which he could well win. Seeing Gabby back would hurt my eyes.

  3. Yes, Brussel. I had the feeling Mick would be sneaky and deceitful in life too.
    I started to like the blond girl at the end, but not enough to know her name, it seems. She might have been someone’s goat to still be there. So Angelina thought she deserved her place in the final three? With her bossiness, eye-rolling and nasty, unnecessary stab at Alison; overall unpleasant. I disagree that it was a sexist thing. She had a bossy mouth. In fact, if they want to make it sexist, a guy would have been booted off sooner for being bossy like her.

    But let me not spoil the victory. It was a great result. I don’t think I have had my favourite win for a long while. Not that I can recall.

    PS, I wonder why they hated Alison. It was late so I only skim watched the game analysis.

  4. Aw, poor Angelina, not one vote. I thought maybe Gabby was going to vote for her from the question she asked her.
    And her plan to blow up tribal council backfired on her big time.
    I wondered if he might lie about who he’s taking with him so they think they’re safe & not practice making fire. Dalton said the same thing so if any future players do that he is taking credit. Honestly anyone that makes it as far as final 5 or 6 should start practicing.

  5. See I should admire that level of planning and strategy well executed but I just could not warm to him. It was weird. He clearly tried to law low and appear unthreatening…

  6. I think Mike played the only game that was open to him. He’s a wealthy, mid-50s guy who was never going to be a physical threat (but he never actually sucked) .He is used to talking to peopleand storytelling for a living, so that’s what he did.
    What does everyone think of the theme for next season and the return of Aubry, Joe, Wentworth and David Wright?

    • I couldn’t make out what Jeff said. What is the next theme.

      I think with all of the people hanging out to get on Survivor, it’s better to get fresh faces.

    • If Mike had owned his game and said early he wanted to wreck the Davids because he did not think he could beat them that would have been fine. Hell, if he’d thrown in a few jokes and a spy shack we would have loved him.

      What we got instead was wishywashy excuses for knifing people that were only marginally better than Angelina’s. Did you know, btw, that Angelina begged for the rice?

  7. Yaaay my fave won! So glad it wasn’t Mike. I didn’t like his whiney, smirky self-assuredness. Nick winning immunity was awesome. That was a great season, I ffwded the challenges only. The result is all that interests me.
    Not sure about next season. Joe returns for 3rd attempt. Third!! Aubry will be good value.
    Happy Festive Season all 😊

    • Happy Christmas to you too, Polly. And to all. PS, I too usually ffd challenges.

      Survivor; some people have a face that suggests a sort of snivelling dishonesty. Mike has such a face. A face can sometimes tell you what lies beneath.

      Angelina also had a face that suggests an unpleasant nature.

  8. Yay, best season in a long time….bar this year’s AUS version…
    Nick nailed it at the end, i think he well and truly deserved it, although i remember my first opinion of him was not good and i do recall him saying in ep 2 that if that guy hadnt been medically evacuated he was sure he was going home in the first tribal.
    Interesting Natalie spoke up about her editing…Jeff did not sound convincing in his comments that he loved her…hahahaha!
    Could not believe Christian’s vote…speaking of which is this the first time we have actually seen who voted for the winner? I liked it….
    I agree with Daisy, never a fan of returning players and i really didnt like Joe on previous seasons…this is his 3rd time now…c’mon thats too much..i did like Aubry a lot, hope though the newbies get rid of them all first!
    Roll on next season…Merry Christmas all 😃

  9. So, so late to the party, but this time of year, you know… not to mention we lost the end again!!

    That makes two seasons in a row where I have been stoked with the winner. Do you think they are working really hard not to let the goats win again? I will never forget that girl who was by far the worst player (of all, not just the final three) who won by default.

    Can’t believe they said Angelina was polarising. If all the people who liked her were at the south pole, Santa would be standing on his head now. And any female who plays the sexism card immediately loses, imo. Being female does not give you license to be obnoxious, self-congratulatory and whiny, and then claim that anyone who doesn’t like it must be against women. And Gabby, bringing it up at tribal – totally irrelevant to everything before and after.

    I wouldn’t have minded if Mike had won (although I really wanted Nick to win, after Davie) because I think he played well. He was right, he did manipulate a lot of votes from the “passenger” seat, but I think he failed to make that clear. As said, his tribal was not good, and he did feel a bit slimy at the end.

    Nick did well at TC, but his opponents did poorly as well which helped. I did get the feeling that he had a lot of goodwill on the jury from the start, so that is probably reason enough for the win anyway.

    Reunion was much better. Do you think they watched the Aus one and learned how to do it properly? Natalie was funny, but they focused on her at tribal (where I thought she acquitted herself well) but it was the behaviour on the beach that got her booted out.

    This season made it feel like the US is quite class conscious. I thought once the tribes mixed it would all be pointless, but they drove the distinctions right to the end. And Angelina described herself as a woman of colour – had anyone noticed that she was? For her, it was just another reason to play victim.

    Not sure about the next season. They made Joe look quite aggressive, which was not the thing we loved about him. Also Aubry is a favourite, but how either of them will get away with anything is a mystery. They will be just like Russell on our version. Of course, if they last, that will be a huge tribute to their skill. But it seems strange to have four oldies and the rest newbies. And is the extinction part just a reworking of exile?

    Anyway, great season, and have a great Christmas all.

    • Yes, “Boo hoo, I’m a woman”. “Boo hoo, I am coloured”. Wait, what?
      She should have mentioned her biggest disadvantage….carry around 15 kms of bum.

    • Angelina had mentioned being Latina before, along with being a military wife. I don’t think that those things are any better than her other claims on the prize.

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