I’m a Celeb Starts tonight

What colour glittery dress do we think JMo will don tonight? My money is on blue.
And I am guessing the Gogglebox girls, Angie and Yvie, will go in first so they identify for the audience who the other contestants are.
Three more were revealed this morning. Former pollie Jacqui Lambie and entertainment reporter Richard Reid were all ready being whispered about but I don’t think former AFL player Dermie Brereton was on the radar, was he? And we already knew about ex-NSW Labor senator Sam Dastyari. If you want a reminder of why he is an “ex”, read about it here.



  1. Thanks for the new thread Juz 🙂
    I look forward to seeing if all the others that have been speculated are right.
    There is always a couple that are left of field that everyone gets wrong.
    Interesting theory on Goggleboxers going first to narate for the audience… my only concern with that is the awakwardness when the other “celebs” don’t know who they are…

  2. Just following on from Fijane’s comment on Jackie Lambie, I too have started liking her after listening to a number of interviews with her (and the Australian Story profile).
    I agree she’s not polished but she seems to be open to change. Not an easy thing to do, especially if you are a politician. Or if you are vocal on national television.
    She’s very earnest about trying to do her best. I can admire that without agreeing with her all the time.

    • Yeah I don’t agree with all of Jacquie’s views but we need more people like her in the Senate that won’t just rubber stamp all the Libs crap policies but reads up on everything & does her homework. You always know where she stands. She has actually lived in the real world unlike a lot of them who are so out of touch with ordinary struggling Aussies.

      • That’s the sense I got from interviews etc. Not always on the money, but genuine in her commitment to what she wants to achieve.

  3. I’ll watchwho goes in and that’s it. What’s a highly educated person like Chris Brown doing with the painful Julia Morris. Stick to being a vet please!

    • Once again, in a silver dress, Julia looks like a tuna, but with scales this time.
      I have a kitchen appliance that grates less than her jokes.

  4. Well, we have now been introduced to the first 10. I can’t say there are any real surprises.
    Some of them seem nice, and here I am surprised because it is not necessarily the ones I thought would be charming. Just nice and natural.
    And then I can already tell that some are really going to annoy the sh*t out of me (should we take bets that AJ will be the first sent home?).
    But that’s the fun of this show.

    • The Gogglebox girls seem too forced, but they will probably settle in when they stop feeling they have to measure up. I don’t like GB so I don’t want to watch it on IAC.

  5. Mr 6 would not settle so I have tuned in just in time for the team pick. Does Jacqui sound like a pack a day smoker? Sad no Samuel Johnson, as had been hinted, unless he comes in later. Oh Ajay – you are this season’s Tziporah

  6. I noticed Jacqui commented that her phone had been taken from her yesterday morning. Assuming that’s only Thursday or Friday, surely they all know the Googleboxers are going in?

  7. I put up with 15 minutes of Richard Reid, and then I just couldn’t take it anymore.

    Although I did laugh when the paint bomb went off in his face. I’m sure that’s not the first time something’s gone off in his face, though.

    • I never liked it on BB either. Hopefully it only lasts the week, and most of the reds have suspected the tables will most likely be turned them. I really hope Justin in particular gets a taste of the other side.

    • Yes & I found out today that the Big Brother guy Axel Mavrodokis whatever his name is, is the Director so that explains it. I hated it on Big Brother too. I hope it’s just for a few days & not for the duration. I assume there will be another challenge where hopefully the other team wins so they get a turn in the ‘good’ camp. Just wondering if the people in the bad camp are allowed to go to the water hole or is it off limits too?

      • Yeah, Alex Mav has been execuative producer since 2 season I think. That’s why here are so many similarities to BB.
        His theory is that in order to compete with the other shows in the time slot you need to be like them but different. I.e when I’m a Celeb was on the same time as MKR, he should produce a similar drama filled show. To me that is totally backward. If you want people to watch, especially non MKR viewers you need to produce something different. There is a reason they aren’t watching MKR!
        I really enjoy the banter and laughs the celebs have in the jungle. That is totally lost if you over produce and force manufactured drama.

  8. The cast: entertainment reporter Richard Reid, ex-pollie Jacqui Lambie, footballer Dermott Brereton, newsreader Natasha Exelby, former MasterChef star Justine Schofield, Love Island’s Justin Lacko, TV host Luke Jacobz, Fat Pizza’s Tahir Bilgic, etc Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester and ex-Pollie Sam Dastyari. The Gogglebox girls go in tomorrow

    • He doesn’t strike me as being very bright so it’s his only skill. It could be a sad life when he gets wrinkly (and don’t we know lots of women who have this happen to them).
      He made a big deal of remembering Justine’s name because it was almost like his, and then 2 seconds later couldn’t remember it.
      However they are giving him plenty of commentating time so he is either going home soon, or he is a dark horse. Hopefully the latter – I love to be judgemental and then pleasantly surprised.

    • Ok I didn’t watch Love Island so have no idea who he is. Those who watched is that a running joke of his to always mention how good looking he is? Is that his ‘thing’? I found that bizarre.

    • Did I hear him say at the start that he is taking this as another chance to find “love”? If so, who could he have his eye on? Seems like a very limited pool for that expectation.

      Wonder if they told him what the show is actually about?

  9. Just say the promo for Dancing with the Stars. Co-hosted by Grant Denyer and Amanda Keller. Love Amanda from her Towards/Beyond 2000 days.

      • I just can’t stand Grant Denyer and I do love Dancing with the Stars and Amanda. But if they are having the rejects of The Bachelors and Bachelorettes as contestants, I am not sure I can watch.

      • Opposite for me – love Grant, try to avoid Amanda if possible. But DWTS is not a favourite anyway, so will give it a miss.

      • Oh I like them both. Looking forward to Dancing with the stars being back. Just hope they don’t do like they do with Survivor & have it on 3 or 4 times a week. It’s a once a week kind of show.

      • I didn’t mind that part either. I was referring to the first 30 minutes or so of the show. The quiz bit with Lambie and that guy didn’t take long to get bogged down and boring to me. I’ve only seen bits from other series, so perhaps it’s not as fast-paced as I thought.

        That Ajay is a piece of work. News.com had an article today that featured a photo of her bare ass, evidently as an invitation to kiss it, to someone with whom she is feuding. I had to slap myself for clicking on the story and subjecting my poor eyes to that disgusting sight.

        She’s a celebrity?

    • Oh, isn’t it attractive to see the wheels churning while he struggles with advanced concepts, like Thinking.

  10. They are only doing 4 weeks this season (and rumour has it that it’s the last) so I don’t think that we are going to get to know them well.
    I am imagining that the first elimination will be fairly rapid. I am happy to give some of them a go (like the pretty boy) but I have seen just way to much of AJ and she grates something chronic. Followed by Richard and then Jackie – I like her but she just sucks the oxygen out of the air.
    I don’t understand this need for every waking thought to be said In the loudest possible voice. Is it an American thing?

  11. Julia Morris might needto reinvent her career and stay away from “comedy”. (I just imagined myself saying “comedy” in a JM voice, doing a visual antic, then going “huhuhuhu” through my nose.
    I actually liked her on CA because she didn’t tryto be funny.

  12. Well I enjoyed it. My favourites are Jacquie, Richard & Sam. I think they will be good value. I thought for a minute that the Gogglebox girls weren’t actually going in & were going to just commentate the whole thing from their little box.
    But they are going in tonight. So no bungee jumping, jumping out of planes this year. That was a very tame entrance compared to previous years.
    I wonder if they will have any extra ‘surprise’ celebs going in later like in previous years?

    • I didn’t mind it. I missed the first half hour or so. Characters usually take an episode or two to begin revealing the best and worst qualities, so I am still at the wait and see stage. I have a hunch Luke will be a sweetie, but like Andrew Dado before him, that might not be enough to win.

    • People who are devisive tend to go first, and then it gets down to those who can attract the younger votes.
      Hence footy-fellas get the young men/boy votes and the handsome thing gets the young girl votes.
      Luke might straddle both demographics, and then pick up those of us who just like someone decent. But then so could Justine. And the journalist.
      I don’t mind this years selection (bar AJ) and I’m kinda looking forward to this season.

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