• Today’s encore AJ crowed “I’ve got a big arse and I’m happy”

      Just then a Jenny Craig commercial came on…..

      Since Justine has already dealt with Gary and George, I’m hoping she can keep Dermott and Jacqui on their chains.

  1. Justin is so precious! Contraband was hairspray… dummy spit as Justine didn’t take his cooking advice… fancies Angie?

    AJ will be the first to go.

    • Oh my God, when are they going to learn? Just let the person cooking do so & keep your ‘advice’ to yourself. Have they not watched previous seasons? It has caused more fights than anything else. If they ask, fair enough if not just leave them to it.

      • i wanted to kick Dermot and I’m not someone who earns their living through cooking! I thought Justine was restrained really.

  2. I am pleased to see a different challenge!
    A non eating one- excellent.
    Zoolander is beyond hilarious, I want him to stay … well for a few moments anyway, until I find his childish dummy spits unbearable. At the moment it’s very amusing watching the wheels grind away.
    Not loving Ajay and finding Sam a big camera hog- shamelessly mugging at all times.

  3. Justine has as much energy and personality as an amoeba……..an irritable amoeba.

    And her twin is an hilarious dorkus. 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. I didn’t see last nights ep. it seems from this thread and commentary that I didn’t miss much.
    AJ continues on track to be first eliminated, everyone continues to give the cook cooking advice, the pretty boy has developed a crush (confirming that he is not the token gay – yes, I can be hilarious when I try) and apparently Dermott is super annoying.
    Is that about right?

  5. Oh my god that helicopter ride was my worst nightmare. My heartbeat would have been a million miles a minute. Was glad to see the other team get a meal. So no gross food challenge tonight. Have they changed the day or just not having it this week? It’s funny seeing the reactions of them when they are not picked. Some are relieved, others are disappointed.
    How many times has someone got the sulks at dinner time & not eaten? It’s happened pretty much every season. When you are not getting much food you really need to take any sustenance you can get. It’s just stupid & childish & only hurts yourself.
    What bullshit contraband? What is wrong with these people? A banana? At least if you are sneaking food in pick something yummy not a yukky banana. And don’t tell people. Get under your blanket & sneak it there. There’s no camera under there. Huddling together & pretending to pray. How stupid do they think the producers are? Be more inventive people.

  6. Helloooo Poppets – it’s a been a while and a happy new year to you all.

    My two cents: I can cope with AJ, she brings something different and genuine. She is not self editing at all. The boy-model is trying too hard with Angie (she looks like his mum) and that to me means an obfuscation of something else – the sook he put on at dinner was laughable). Angie I cannot stand because her go to shock statements concern her bodily functions (usually about her what comes out of her arse) and it’s HER forehead that doesn’t move. She needs to lay off the botox injections.

    • Once again I find myself on the same page as you, Boulders. No body should talk about their poo…..unless it’s to a doctor. (And I don’t mean Taylor and Dr Hooks).
      Oh…and how come the two gogglebox girls wipe their bums together????? Really? Is that the new generation? (ish- as they probably aren’t that new).

      Justin is starting to be funny. He seems to think he’s on Australia’s Next Top Model and he’s confident of the win. 😂 He looks constantly lost. But he’s such a doofus that he has been popping out a few oddly funny comments. Next, we should see him ask, “Who is the gorgeous guy at the bottom of the pool?”

      • That made me remember the idiot on First Dates who was describing his pre date bowel movements.

        It’s newish. Males will chest each other in soccer, tennis doubles etc. Good luck if you’re bumping/ wiping your arse with Serena Williams. There’s a toilet paper endorsement in there somewhere.

  7. BTW…notice Julia M has stopped doing the kangaroo hop movement, and the tiger claw. I never understood what that was about. My next advice to her is to not where anything shiny (it accentuates a pot belly). The floral mess…I mean dress, she wore last night was a better, more flattering choice than some crazy of the Christmas wrapping she sometimes wears.
    I like Julia, even though I don’t sound like it, but she and Chris need to both throw away the dreadful ‘comedy’ script. Or is it just going over my head? 🤔

    • Daisy I noticed the comedy script has changed: the first two years it was all L’amour and Julia’s one-sided infatuation with the Docteur. That was fun and a little sleazy.
      Now it’s more verbal slapstick and without a central premise, it can feel all over the place.
      I am hoping that there are more celebs to come – feel like something is missing.

    • The MKR Hall Of ” Shame ” special. Ten years of bad television. Bad people cooking badly for bad nonnas.

      I’d like to give CH7 a big bash for putting this on. Rather have cricket.

      • Ha ha, there is a big bash on as an alternative – promoted as the Melb-Syd grudge match. We will miss it as our local A League team is playing at home.

    • In Justine’s defence (which I said I wouldn’t do, lol) I do think Justin was so damned NEEDY and precious and ego-driven that I might have overstated care in that circumstance too. He needs endless attention and “gosh you look so handsome today” type praise to just keep functioning.

  8. We are currently not watching (played 500 with kids last night – great fun) but I am enjoying everyone’s comments. I notice a reference that Dermot is being a bit annoying but I would expect that to ramp up not because he is actually a pain, but because I believe he sees that image as his thing. I was a fan of his as a teen when he was the poster boy for Hawthorn (because he was very cute) but I see him now as a major pot-stirrer. The more havoc he can cause, the more he will laugh to himself. I don’t expect to see the real him at all, just a caricature.

    Also, do they not watch previous seasons and know what to expect? Ajay stated on the first ep that she didn’t know anything about the show, so maybe some don’t. But surely you would do some research? Unless it is part of the contract to not review old seasons?

    • I love 500. My teenagers are not all that keen though. But it is so much more fun and engaging than tedious TV.
      We play heads of card games in holidays too.
      Dermot is definitely stirring, but I am totally distracted when he is on screen by trying to work out his hair. I can’t quite work out why his hair is well, the word I that springs to mind is FLUFFY? It always seems to fly out from his head!

      • 500. 🤔 I think it’s in the lost recesses of my memory. We might have played as a kid. For board gamers, I recommend dixit and codewords. Both great if you have a mind that thinks cryptically or categorically. Juz, even Mister 6 can play dixit with a little help.

        • Sorry, late reply, but I have to endorse Codewords! My family think I am a little bonkers about it, but it is one of those great games which is easy to learn, an ongoing challenge to master, and a single game can take less than 15 minutes. Really good for your brain growth as well.

          First time I played, with the friend who introduced it to me, she opened with a five card word! I have never been able to do it since.

          • I love it. I love cryptic crosswords too, but not Lovett’s. The book I used to get is now discontinued so I am looking for a replacement. They need to not be too obvious or easy but take a while to make your brain find the right way to see it.

      • Dermots is natural ‘strawberry blond’ curls. Checkout his 80s photos. Its the humidity and the excessive chemical processing

  9. I haven’t watched all of last night’s ep yet, but from what I saw Sam D was being political. All his, “I take full responsibility” talk seemed like a speech he had prepared. The top politicians always have their hands in our cookie jar imo, but he got caught giving our cookies away. Others do the same. One rat is pretty much like the other (where’s my yellow jacket).
    Julia shouldn’t wear such tight dresses. They draw your attention to her weight and weight gain. Why so tight???? She needs a relaxed style….say, one of Brooke’s kaftans.
    I enjoyed one goggle girl and Ajay saying we are the fat girls poking the skinny ones, fattening them up so we can eat them. I might start liking those goggle box girls when they can start being themselves. The reason I don’t watch GB is because all of the conversations felt forced and unnatural. But these girl’s might start being themselves.
    Luke is sweet but might fade into nothing in the jungle like Andrew Dado before him. Just being nice gets you no camera time. In the meantime Justin is such a clod that he’s rtv gold. I don’t think he’s hot at all but his doofus personality is endearing. He sounds like a 15 year old.
    Now to finish watching what I missed last night…not much I suppose.
    I did see Dammit talking about his fame, Fijane, but I thought nothing of it. Just another sports person. I don’t even know what he plays/played.

    • Daisy agree that Justin acts and sounds like a juvenile – and this dude wants to be a dad. He can’t even cope with a woman ignoring his cooking directions. Lemon in rice! That sook infront of the American made me cringe – it was a real tantrum.
      Is this it then? A delayed adulthood into the mid 40s (Angie is in her thirties and still talks about her poo).

      • I never talked about my poo at any age. 😂 As a kid, I went on camp and didn’t poo for a week out of fear of doing poo in a public toilet. I am still like that. Blush. Blush.
        Oh no, I am talking about poo now.
        BTW Ajay was flexible for her size.

        • Ha ha ha Daisy. Same here. Don’t understand people’s obsessions with talking about it. I find it embarrassing.

    • You make me embarrassed to say that I like Gogglebox because they say out loud exactly what I am thinking. So I don’t see it as faked or put on but the world reflecting me. Does that make me self-absorbed? That’s a rhetorical question, btw.
      I do think that they are looking for more diversity which could make the show a little more problematic. But good on them for trying not to be bland. Few enough Australian shows even go part way to trying.
      As you can see I am casually sitting here waiting for something to happen on telly. It might be a long wait.

    • I’m really angry at how the media treated Sam, camping outside his house. Yes he fucked up but there are plenty still in Govt who have done far worse & the media just let them get away with it. Seems to be different rules for the Libs & Nats.

      • That’s true. The govt has been selling us out for ages. They cherry pick their scapegoats. In the meantime, we might google the % of Australia that has been sold to China and other foreign investors. Also the amount of money ($300 million in one go) Turnbull borrowed to give away, leaving our children forever in debt to??????? Why didn’t that group just give the money to Indonesia? And don’t get me started on $3 000 picnics. 😠Yellow Jacket. Yellow Jacket.

  10. I adore gogglebox. I think politicians should watch it rather than try dumb strategies – looking at you Clive Palmer and you Tony Abbott. You wouldn’t have misread key issues like gay marriage… but I digress!
    The main thing I’m thinking of tonight is that Justin is really the gift that keeps on giving. So far he’s had tears, a romance, a breakdown and a confession. and it’s only day 4. He’s going hard.

    The truly wonderful thing about him is he is pulling out all stops for attention. He is utterly and stupendously self absorbed. Incapable of empathy. Obsessed by appearance. He’s heaven.

    Tonight he shared with us his Life Struggle. You’ve probably guessed. He is cursed by being just too darned gorgeous – when he is ready for a date he is just so darn attractive.
    I may have to reverse my previously firm (and tight fisted) policy and give him some votes. He must not leave!

    • I love gogglebox too. I think the voice over lady makes the show. She is hilarious. I didn’t watch the first season as I thought it was a stupid idea but it was so popular I gave season 2 a go & been watching ever since. Just love some of their reactions to some shows. But wish they would watch less reality & more dramas.

      • Funny that on another tv forum, she was voted one of the “most underrated personalities” on tv. She doesn’t seem to have a name…

  11. I’m enjoying this group of “celebrities”. A few of them are quite funny. Adonis is hilarious. Hopefully those brains he ate go to his head. Fancy talking about how hot he is 😂😂😂 I hope blue gets some food soon.

  12. I really hope they do a swap soon so the other team get to try the ‘good’ camp. And I hope they have a win soon so they can get some nourishment. It’s like bloody Survivor having the same team win over & over. Felt sorry for them having bloody kale. Yuk But that was cruel not giving them rice & beans for dinner. Come on Producers they lost the challenge give them a break
    Those jokes were hilarious trying not to laugh. Jacquie saying what a bad actor Luke was when he imitated her. Angie was bloody hopeless doing Richard Reid.

    • I did laugh at Luke’s comment to Richard ‘imagine on day 1, I’m telling you that on day 3 you will be wanting to bring back rice and beans!’

  13. Feelin’ the love, guys.
    So much so I am even extending it to all these celebs now. Even, and especially, AJ (what a sad story). I don’t want any of them to go home.

    • Yeah I had heard some things about Ajay but didn’t know about that with Centerlink. That was nice of that lady to help her like that. I knew about Rowena Wallace, she got in trouble for forgetting to declare stuff a few years ago & went through a really hard time.

    • Bobi, while we are free to make confessions…I am loving Jethro Bodine/Adonis. I know I shouldn’t, just like I shouldn’t have eaten those meringues last night. 😂😂😂 Also, while we are free, I am liking Jackie Lambie, but I haven’t said much because she has the potential to get annoying/obnoxious, so I have been giving it time. I loved her comment to Jethro, comparing sex to a roast dinner, and the roast dinner coming out on top.

  14. While we are playing true confessions, I love walking around in my undies (pants and singlet) in summer. I bought some striped shorts leg undies and rename it “my sailor suit”. 😂

  15. I am liking them all, to varying degrees, so far, except maybe Sam. I agree with the crew on the Project that he had that speech ready, and that he was playing politics, but they all have an agenda for going on the show. The difference is, who takes their show face off and starts being authentic. I have even started liking Justine. She is interesting in a less showpony way.

    It’s funny that producers gave JM a large rat to hold so that she would stop doing the kangaroo hop and groping Dr Chris. I wonder where the rat theme will take her. For a scary second last night, I thought she was going to give it (what my Sri Lankan Grannie called) pachas. Phew. She didn’t.

    • I don’t have a problem with the prepared speech. Sam has such an awkward mea culpa I think it was important to try an get the message just right. It has such potential to go ready, really wrong … and still can. He will have to watch his step.
      I’m not sure that he succeeded entirely for me but he went someway. That other tv show ( whatever it was called) helped too. But I think the main reason I’m prepared to be more accepting of him is that he has said he would not go back into politics so that’s not his agenda.

    • I worked with politicians for a time: some were lovely and understood it was a job, most were incredibly hard working, a couple were gobsmackingly stupid, and then there was the occasional bully, and one was so creepy it took your breath away (he was found guilty).
      In other words, just like any workplace.

  16. I know I dip in and out of this show but that argument between Richard and Jackie seemed to come from nowhere. Did I miss something?
    Even after it was all over I couldn’t see where it started.

  17. And P.S I’m loving what Julia is wearing tonight.
    And back to the tennis.
    (Really hot here, hard to concentrate)

  18. I’m hearing today that Shane Crawford is the intruder going in tomrrow / Monday. He is an ex AFL footy player, also played for Hawthorn.

    • Never heard of him.
      And I am guessing that nor will have most of the viewing public.
      But I won’t be snarky as I have been pleasantly surprised by this seasons group of non-entities. I look forward to a new voice in the wilderness.

      • He will be known to everyone except NSW and Qld. I am still holding out hope for Samuel Johnson. No token Brit this year??

      • Viewers that don’t follow AFL won’t know him. But then I really don’t follow politics so had no idea who Sam D is/was either.
        I will say on The Footy Show he isn’t afraid to make fun of himself which hopefully means in the jungle he will give everything a fair go. I much prefer watching a Celeb at least giving it a go, than a Bachette or Beauty Queen type who is terrified of getting their fingernails dirty.

      • Another of my favourite players from the past, but I don’t like him doing kid’s show hosting.

        A few years ago, I stumbled across a commemorative AFL ball at a garage sale with Shane Crawford’s signature on it, for one of the years that Hawthorn were premiers. I bought it for five dollars, and sold it on Ebay for $110 a few days later. Best find at a garage sale ever.

  19. Am I losing my mind? I thought someone was leaving last night. They have always had people leave on Sunday. That challenge was hilarious, slipping & sliding everywhere.
    Thank God they are all one camp now. But they should have swapped them over half way through the week.

    • I think it’s Tuesday. My guess is that it because of the shortened season.
      Although with this Saturday night game show (what a waste of time that was), it feels interminable.
      PS Gotta love spell check. I thought that last word was going to get me.

  20. Julie is so not funny, not looking attractive. I see that she and Doc are going to be doing a sunday variety show, cant think of anything worse. Get back to the animals doctor

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