1. The fence is down, not a moment too soon!
    The luxury items and there is always a few that have a different sense of luxury than most!
    Shoulder pads?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Does Julia Morris write the….hh hhhmm….jokes? She is dreadful. Dr Chris is lame. If he is going to say “You get capes from Capetown”, he needs to follow it with “boom, boom”. Tragic.
    Tahir is going to annoy everyone with his violin playing. Sam is going to annoy everyone with his stories. “He’s boooooring, Docteeeeeuuuur”.

    • She has writers, who need to be sacked and we need to be seeing way less of Chris and Julia on our screens and more of the camp anyways!

      • Yes, Erin. I suspect JM writes it. They both say the same stupid things. Normally, if you get two funny people, they each say different things.

  3. Justin; ” It might be someone not as good looking as I am”. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Oh Jethro Bodine, keep it coming. It makes up for me enduring the not-comedy duo of Chris & Julia. The fact that he means it, is what makes it so funny.

    I think the chubby gogglebox girl will outlast the pretty one. She is funny without having to talk about poo.

  4. Justin is a parody of a male model. That’s what makes him so delightful. I wonder if they put in that tweet about Luke’s pretty face to get a rise out of Justin. No subtlety.
    Luke’s a sweetheart, so I imagine he’s not long for this show.
    Also Angie is getting too much screen time to last long. That’s the way it seems to work here.

    • I am several episodes behind but can’t resist seeing what you all think! very excited to hear that Justin continues to delight. I’m a sucker for a clueless and delusional reality contestant. Excellent.

  5. I love that the campers call Justin Zoolander. But I think Jethro Bodine fits too because he is such a doofus. It’s like he has never lived in the world before.

      • 👍 Thanks, Dave. BTW rememember when you were a kid and thumbs up meant, “Up yer bum”. We didn’t understand the connotation of that in grade 1 in 1960. Now 👍 means something good.

        Although, on second thoughts, some people think, “Up yer bum” IS something good. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Justin is such a dick, but I still love him. Maybe he is just cunningly clever and pretending to be an oddball narcissist.

    I think Sam will be out first. If the journo doesn’t get some more airtime, she might follow him.

    • There is a lot of love for Justin on social media. Everyone treats him like a dim cousin who is so naive you can’t help but love them

      • Justin could win, not of in spite of his narcissism, but because of it. But it’s not that alone. It’s the clunky way he talks naturally about it.

  7. I don’t know if Justin is as dumb as bats**t or whether his brain has been hardly used, but it’s fun to watch his face as the wheels turn slowly. He is the gift that keeps on giving.
    And yes, I agree with you Daisy, I think Sam will be first to go. There is just something that makes it difficult to connect to him. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s that feeling that he doesn’t seem to forget that the cameras are on?

  8. Sam has a creepiness, like he is the guy in the room who farted a really bad fart but who won’t own up. And yes, he can’t seem to forget the cameras.

    Luke is adorable. I would go to a party with Luke on one arm and Justin on the other. Mind you, Justin would absndon me immediately to preen for admierers. Luke would find me a chair and buy me a drink.

  9. I am worried that Richard Reid who is my favourite will be the first out, as they seem to be frantically showing as much footage of him as possible the last couple of nights. May it not be so!

    • Nahhhh, Tina. RR will probably last a good while. He is being cheerful and outgoing so I expect him to outlast quite a few of the others. He has some stiff competition though. There seems to be a lot of likeable characters this year, but RR won’t go early.

      Footy legends seem to last with no effort though. They must have a lot of fans because they could sleep through the entire thing and still win.

    • The thing about IMAC is that it has a positive voting system. So if you hate someone with a passion then you have to vote for 11 other people in order to register 1 Getmeoutofhere vote.
      So generally early on, those who polarise tend to stay whereas those who go under the editors radar can go home.
      And then a community needs to get involved, like sporty people. Sam might stay if all the AustralianGreeks start voting (and there are a lot of them). Luke might stay longer because he has mentioned his charity and his Dad (brain cancer) a couple of times and this is the latest big thing.
      So my guess is Natasha/Justine/Sam because viewers don’t really care one way or another, and then Luke because he is a bland, although pretty, boy. Middle of the road doesn’t work on this show.
      But they are going to have to do mass evictions soon: 13 celebs and 4 weeks equals panic.

  10. Tahir getting too close to people is something they are usually asked to do as a secret challenge.
    They haven’t done any of those challenges this year where 2 of them go off & bring back that big box with a question to win a snack.

    • I much prefer theses challenges where they can all participate and react.

      Jackie can get annoying in challenges. Kind of in-your-face.

  11. *No spoilers here*
    Well that surprised me.
    I’m disappointed. I wouldn’t have said that a couple of days ago but now …
    Truthfully, I’ve grown to like them all.

  12. I haven’t watched yet but I hope it’s not Natasha – she has a really dry sense of humour that appeals to me.

  13. I haven’t got time to watch the whole thing. Does the elimination come toward the end of the show? I can always find out here who went, but kind of like to see the reactions when the announcement is made who will be booted. That’s not very nice of me, I think.

      • Thank you, Erin.

        I got into a cleaning frenzy about 5 and can’t stop to watch tv until I finish most of it. Tv is on, but so is my very loud vacuum. Having a little break now because it’s very humid and I need a rest.

  14. I wasn’t expecting that elimination. I thought ******** would be more like about 4th on the list to go.

    Didn’t RR do a great job of ad-libbing the elephant scene. Evie did well for someone without Richard’s years of tv experience.
    So who is coming in tomorrow?

  15. I looked on another site, and I am surprised that you all seem surprised. Seems like a change of heart since the first episode?

    • My surprise isn’t like, “Wow! Did yoy see that baby carrying a man?”. And it has nothing to do with me liking or disliking Ajay (I had no strong like or dislike). I just thought others were less colourful, likeable or got less airtime than she did. I thought Sam would go first for being a creepy tryhard.

      • Amen to that. If Sam thought he was going to be suddenly likable and interesting by airing his vulnerabilities. . . .guess again.
        He comes off as SO dodgy and sleazy. YUCK.

  16. We did have a change of heart. **** (assuming there are those who are going to watch the replay) was nails down a blackboard for the first couple of days and then was vulnerable, and open, and articulate and genuinely interested in the other camp mates. I am now a fan.
    Btw, their wiki page makes interesting reading. Who knew?

  17. Aw how cute was it feeding the elephant? They must have read my comment. I was just commenting on that yesterday. I love elephants, but I would have been freaked out doing that with no handler anywhere in sight. Elephants have been known to trample people.
    Gross food challenge was hilarious & revolting all at once.

  18. The mood in the camp has suddenly changed with another footy player.

    Photo: from the movie Women in Love, Alan Bates and Oliver Reed. (When I saw this movie, I thought it was a wrestling scene).

  19. Well, I’m watching the first hour tonight.

    In chores allocation, is Justine always so precious? She looked really pissed off when she thought she wasn’t cooking, as though she doesn’t want to do anything that isn’t easy for her. And Sam calling her a world-class chef, uh, no Sam, she isn’t. I don’t like Justine anyway, so am not giving her any benefit of the doubt.

    Richard and I-already-forget-the-other on toilet duty made me laugh. I doubt anyone would want toilet duty, but it’s a job that has to be done. None of them seemed accepting, much less ahppy, with their assigned job. Big babies.

    • I still have residual Justine positive thoughts from Masterchef as she was Seriously talented, and when that is your shtick and there is not enough else to do, food is pretty important when you are bored (and when you are not, lol) so it would be hard to see someone else cook.
      But she was very pouty when she thought she wasn’t going to get the gig!

    • Agree completely about Justine. I can’t take to her. She comes across as entitled (Similar vibe, for me, as the guy who married Anthony Calleja), condescending and ingenuous.

    • I must admit to being a Justine fan, but I also think it’s because I took a liking to her on Masterchef. She was always cheerful under pressure, unlike me.
      And I wouldn’t like it if they took the cooking off me – not a lot of thinking/preparation time goes into cleaning the long drop.
      And I love the way she doesn’t take a step back: Justin suggesting orange in rice (gross) and and who knows what Jackie was trying to suggest the other night. I can’t tell if Jackie is trying to get a rise out of people or whether (sometimes) she is just a little OTT.
      The thing that does annoy me about Justine tho’ is, how can she be such a good cook and be that thin. It’s just a serious injustice.

  20. I used the word “pinned” above, about the picture, as a wrestling term, not as innuendo of anything else.

    Stupidly carrying on a weak joke turned offensive.

    I apologise.

  21. I find I have to watch it on tenplay after it has aired – between JM’s horrendous jokes and dress sense and Jackie’s sulking and negativity whenever she doesn’t get her way, the ff button is essential. I find Jackie a really poor sport – I’d be happy to see her or Sam go next.

  22. Sam’s reaction when he thought he was doing the cooking was hilarious. That challenge was ridiculous & practically impossible. She was lucky to get that last balloon.
    The guys skinny dipping was funny. But what were the black things they all had around their waists?

  23. I haven’t watched last night’s yet. I look forward to seeing which side of Justine I fall, or if I remain “whatever”.

    • Me too. I watch Everyday Gourmet, three or four costume changes isn’t rare. It’s all about cooking, I think she fancies herself as a bit of downunder Nigella. Hence the leopard print tight tops. Would Ian Hewittson do that?

      You could say I’m a fan, however , I don’t think she’s a real chef but what I call a “celebrechef”, ie someone who’s been spewed out of the Ma$terchef/ MKR machine and gets an el cheapo afternoon show on Ch 10. I know she did some work experience “under” George Calombaris. Got my sympathy for that.

  24. I think there are so many costume changes because the current run of programmes is a compilation of past series. I think she’s great.

  25. I am really liking some of these new challenges. They are more inventive and less based on just always eating disgusting food.
    Challenging but with a little humour, and not so repetitive and tedious.
    And I am really liking Natasha. I might even vote.

  26. Struggling to really get into it this season.
    I have noticed hardly any challenges with snakes, rats or creepy crawlies.
    But i do wish there were more group challenges and sunday nights used to be an all in which was always fun to watch.

    • Memories. 🎶 I had forgotten the all-in. They were fun to watch. Maybe that’s why I liked the zap challenge, because it was four of them, and not only blokes.

  27. Aargh our aircon has fritzed (it’s 46 here) so we have decamped to the next suburb. Luckily a rellie is away so we are waiting for aircon no. 2 to kick in. Poor Mr Juz is at work physically hosing down the wall of the computer server room. I guess I should feel lucky we have power. 25,000 homes in blackout at the moment. BDD, if you are reading this I hope all is well with you

    • Yeah, my A/C died. I saw an ingenious solution on the news . get a cheap kiddies pool bring it inside and just lie in it all day. TV and music on tap. 47 degrees in the next suburb to mine. Adelaide and SA breaking dozens of heat records. Iggy and myself are through the worst of it. Thanks for asking, Juz.

      • I have been lying on the couch with a wet towel on me, channel flicking. Stumbled upon The Conners. Very strange watching knowing what happened with Roseanne

    • Oh you guys are making me feel guilty. It’s ‘only’ been about 29 here on the Gold Coast. Really feel for you.

  28. Eeek! We have 41 today and 44 tomorrow. My office building was leaving the aircon on all night to hopefully allow for a cool office tomorrow too. I hope you are keeping hydrated and can get some sleep – i am expecting a few grumpy-no aircon at home-peeps tomorrow.

  29. We are just watching the start of last nights and I am with Angie when she said, “Look how much one new entrant changes the camp”. That only happens when the extra player is an, “Oof oof ooof”, male sport star. I hate the way those alpha male footy stars completely take over.
    And I was with Justine on the conga massage line. I prefer my fun less forced.

    Footy guy; “So, we have chose….”, he won’t be winning any literature prizes. The more I see Der mott and Shane together, the more I like anyone but Der mott and Shane.

  30. These guys were funny together, and I loved Natasha’s punch line; “and eventually I will share there enthusiasm”. Jayblossom, I see what you mean about her dry humour. I love a wit who can pull a joke off without cracking a smile.

  31. That challenge was so hilarious, especially Richard. I assume those zaps weren’t too painful, that would be a human rights violation. Another taste of Big Brother, Alex did that on Big Brother.

    • I’m reading this as a Bold (underlined) A lister.
      B&B is filmed in LA and Brooke is definitely A lister on the show. There was an interview with the cast this morning and she wasn’t there.
      I just can’t imagine that they could afford Pamela.
      But then she would increase ratings.

      • Brooke will come in with contraband lemon bars from Pam. Kaftans for the girls. KKL has a sense of humour I’ve seen on TVSN.

        I agree that as in many life situations, footy boofs are running and ruining the show. Not so inspired to watch the encore today. This happens on Big Brother, too, where a clique of muscled meatheads inevitably set the unwritten rules.

        Der~mott and Crawfraud are A listers ~on the “Arsehole List”

    • Sara, Brooke not A list. Wash your mouth. 😜

      I reckon she would definitely do it, but might have agreed to a short stint.

  32. Bear with me. It’s 38 degrees, the girls are playing in buckets of water and I’m bored.
    I am intensely disliking the blokey atmosphere in the camp at the moment.
    One: bringing footy leadership skills to a bunch of fully formed adults is a bit naff. For goodness sake, they are not children who have just left home.
    Two: too much touching is not reading the room. Like, eww. Inappropriate, particularly, in the current environment. Have these men seriously been ignoring the news? Or do they just not understand because they never actually talk to women?
    Three: men swimming naked means that the women are excluded from the waterhole, which seems to me to be the best place in the jungle. Entitlement much?
    Four: So are the women are forced to stay in camp? Doing women’s jobs? Or just contemplating their place in life?
    Five: if the women are excluded, there is no bonding with them, no meaningful conversations with them, no decisions with them, no taking their concerns into account. Best way to marginalise a minority group.
    Six: all the bottom touching by Shane and Dermott is making me seriously uncomfortable but I suspect that’s more on me.
    I could go on but as you can see, from my point of view, this is problematic on so many levels I could write thesis on it.
    I can’t wait for Dermott and Shane to go home but it is unlikely to change things. I think this is a reflection of Australian society and I am only representing the concerns of the few.
    Unless Jackie gets up in their faces. That would be good. But then it is unlikely they would listen. They would just call her a femo-nazi and dismiss it all out of hand.

    • Ditto, ditto and a whole bunch of dittos, Bobi. We have seen this before, but perhaps not to the same degree. The only thing I don’t think they have done is snapped each other’s naked bums with a teatowel. It’s good they they are coming out of the closet, but it’s the way they dominate the group with all their (their😄) alphaness that is so annoying.
      And PS, Dermott is more vain than Justin. And how was his careless reaction to stomping on someone’s head? I just hope they both go out asap so we can lose the sense of ‘head boys at an all boys’ boarding school’.

  33. As soon as Crawford entered the camp, the crowing began and the top dogs started marking spots all over the camp to out alpha each other. Sam is trying to fit in with them like a puppy dog.
    Angie, I think, noted that the camp dynamic had changed. It shows that they don’t fit in and consider others, but expect others to be their puppets.
    Oh, and does it show that I don’t like them? Dickheads.

  34. Richard Reid was bitchy in CA but he had held it together until last night, when he started getting irritable. What’s the bet that the testosterone overdose of the top dogs isn’t understandably getting on his nerves. He barked at Sam for suggesting the circle, but who invented the camp conga? Crawford. Sam, stop carrying their bags and doing their homework. You will never be one of them.

    • I don’t know if you would like him or not, Littlepetal. He is a combination….a fine balance of goofiness, vanity, innocence and vanity. 😄 He is like Charlie Brown if he was a male model.
      Did anyone watch Sat night IAC? I crashed early.

    • He would probably make a better contestant on The Bachelorette, rather than being The Bachelor. He is a producers dream giving them plenty of content. But i think they need to go with unknowns for this year. Viewers weren’t that receptive to Ali or Nick in the end.

      • He is the only “known” I wouldn’t mind on the Bach. Yep, plenty of rtv fodder, but the Bach would make us hate him. Too scripted. Remember how they ruined Matty.

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