I’m a Celeb – will worlds collide?

Here we are going into week three of Celeb and word on the street is the Hollywood A-lister going into the jungle is none other than the star of The Bold and the Beautiful.
Yes, Katherine Kelly Lang AKA Brooke.
I know many of you are fans of the show, so can someone please do a welfare check on Daisy if the rumour turns out to be true, in case she faints from excitement.



  1. Did not love tonight’s episode. Just a bit tedious.
    They tried to drum up some controversy by talking about moving Australia Day but it didn’t really go anywhere.

  2. The new celeb is a star from the Bold and the Beautiful, as expected. I hope her appearance is a thrill for the followers of the show here. ( Hi Daisy ).

    I don’t watch The B and The B, but, many, many moons ago, I would have been tickled to meet Susan Seaforth or Bill Hayes from Days of Our Lives. Not meeting-Morgan-Freeman-thrilled, but excited nonetheless.

  3. Yaaaaaaay. It’s Brooke. And she’s going to fart. Yaaaaay.
    She’s looking hot. Hopefully she’ll sell some kaftans to Julia.

    Gathering myself for a sec and back tracking to Sam. He just gives me the heebie jeebies. He’s like a creepie suck-up kid who tries to hang out with the cool crowd, but who is a sneeky dobber. My bullsh*t radar just says, “Nah. Creepy and slimey”. Also he loves Dermott. You can tell a lot about a person by who they like.

    Aside from Jaquie’s goose egg, not much happened. They might want to rethink hitting their campers on the head with boulders.
    Now back to Brooke. Will she sleep with everyone’s husbands. No, we are going to see the real KKL. Woo hoo.

    • It would be nice if she could have a fashion chat. Julia could do with some hints as she was looking particularly matronly last night (and not in a good way).
      I know that I am the last person to talk about someone’s battle with the pudge-creep but I do know how to dress for my shape ….. and the weather.
      And if I am venting, I would like to tell her to stop with the shiny black already. You should never, never wear black in the tropics in the daytime. It’s a rule.

      • I’ve already been telling tv Julia stop with the shiny of any colour because it highlights her mound. Agree, black is a winter colour, or for evening wear. And the tight dresses and short sleeves make her look like she has been stuffed into those frocks.

        But I have a theory that someone has been playing a bad joke on her. When you have had the advantage of seeing yourself on camera, and seeing what a shiny dress does to your tummy, why keep wearing them? Maybe the people in her wardrobe department are the ones having the laugh.

  4. I have agreed to recap a KKL Celebrity special, but keep in mind we Westies will be still in bed asleep tomorrow morning after everyone else has been up for 3 hours. 😁 My recap will have a little time delay.

  5. Oh no, I didn’t want Sam to go. I know I’m in the minority but i like Sam. I found him entertaining.
    They said Jacquie did something they had never seen done before when she was injured. She did exactly what Justin did so don’t know what they were talking about there. I thought she must have dived over the top of it or something. But that lump on her head was HUGE. So this show isn’t like Survivor. On Survivor if you have to leave to get medical treatment you are out of the game.
    Richard was hilarious trying to get up on that float toy. Those games where they have to whisper a sentence is always hilarious.

  6. You know what I admire. When someone has the courage to go against the crowd and not agree with everyone else. It’s hard to do. Jacquie has a very strong character to put forward her opinion when she knows full well she will be shot down in flames.
    Justin on the other hand will speak his mind, unwitting of the social expectations and conformities. “I don’t mind people being fat, as long as they don’t complain about it”. I don’t know if I don’t half agree with him, but a comment like that is open to interpretation. How fat? How much complaining? And are you complaining between mouthfuls of Maccas?
    Anyhow, just rambling and ruminating.

    • And btw, i am fine with the different views. I just don’t love those that are not open to a to-and-fro discussion at least. Jacqui seems a bit doubled-down-entrenched on one side.
      I was of the same view as Jacqui back in the day but ever so slowly I have been incrementally shifted. Neither side is entirely rational (that proposal to sail around Australia was just plain silly) but on balance it seems that there is more for moving than against.
      I am now in the camp of make-me-an-offer. Give me an alternate date that makes sense, allows me to have a bbq, and is inclusive (except for those Cronulla rioters. I don’t care what they think.). So still not all the way there but nearly.
      And then can we move on things that are might make a difference, like: climate change, aged care facilities, saving the reef, superannuation for women, the NDIS, health care for minority groups, domestic violence, the gender pay gap, logging, the Adani mine, fixed terms for Parliament, ………………………….. I’m tired.

      • As it happens, on the issue of Australia Day, I think be a peace maker and work toward better relations. Why not?

        • And another ditto….I hate that people don’t seem to be able to debate and discuss anymore. Even stupid topics like rtv can emote attacks. The world has gone MAD. Lucky we have a good ttv group.
          I can love me some Brooke Logan. 😁

          • I’d be happy to move Australia Day. It’s only since 1994 it has been celebrated consistently on January 26. Let’s just shift it, involve ALL
            Aussies in the celebrations and, as long as most people get a long weekend it’s no skin off their nose.

          • Yes to everyone here.
            And I’m in your camp (🤣) on Brooke. I reckon she’s going to shake those blokes up.

          • Seems to me that there has been less discussion about this than last year. I don’t think that everyone is happy just as long as they get a barbie, though. There are strongly held views for “keep” as well, and I think they are based on deeper issues of identity than just wanting a public holiday, and that any old day will do.

  7. I fast forwarded through tonight’s ep. some thoughts:
    1 that is one hell of a goose egg on Lambo
    2 Justin and the sock puppets!!!
    3 Yvie talking about her mother dying was heart wrenching
    4 KKL memorised eveyone’s names before she came in, which was kind of her

  8. So Katherine was stuck in that box for 22 hours drinking champagne. How did she go to the loo? Was she wearing an incontinence pad? Ha ha, these are the things I think of. It would have been bloody hot in there too.
    That bath challenge was insane. I would have been fucking shitting myself. But it was misleading, they said the bath would go over the edge.

  9. Ajay lost 10kgs in the jungle and she was only there for 2 weeks. It’s probably a better weight loss programme than TBL. I am watching yesterday’s Studio 10.

    • I can’t watch Studio 10 when it has KAK on.
      It’s not that she’s more right wing than Ghengis Khan, it’s more because she’s just ordinary, everyday rude. She shouts over the top of everyone, and if she asks a question and, unless the answer is not a simple yes or no, then she starts shouting again. I don’t love a shouter. I wonder if she’s afraid of listening? I wonder if she’s afraid to entertain another view.
      Truly, I don’t care. She’s full of herself and just not what I want to listen to in the morning.

  10. Jayblossum, you were very quick to suss Natasha. Not a “Look at me” wit, but a quiet underarm bowl. She’s good.

  11. A little secret; I am exaggerating my excitement over Brooke Logan just a little bit, but that’s not going to stop me. 😄😄😄😄😄

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