1. Shockin’ me right outta my brain

    It said “Twenty strangers” Juz. How many last year, I don’t recall.

    • The thing that really pissed me off was seeing an ad before, where they practically shouted at the audience, “the most tumultuous relationships ever!” It’s a relationship show, is the point to find people who make good matches? Outrightly admitting that the whole thing just exists to destroy and torture people on national television doesn’t win them any points.

  2. Based on the article this is my guess at the pairings:
    Lauren /Dino (Based on nothing else than everyone else had been paired off)
    Martha/Mick (She loves her fillers and he loves Jennifer Hawkins)
    Melissa/Mark (Matched on ages)
    Heidi/Mike (Matched on ages and they are both from the same state)
    Jules/Bronson (Desperate for children vs a Masterchef level sob story)
    Inez/Michael (based off occupations)

  3. Melissa is so scatty-brained and Dino was on First Dates, I think. I think Melissa might have her own mantra by the end of the season.

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