Survivor: Edge of Extinction

Season 38 (38!!!) of US Survivor starts Feb 20 in the US, so as usual we will get it on the Thursday here – yay!
Having just rewatched Millennials V Gen X I am so happy to have the chance to watch David Wright play again. And Wentworth (one of the few female players to be bestowed the honour of “surname only” calls from Jeff Probst) and Aubry. Joe? Hmm, well he is very pretty but he has never come across as strategic.
I’m curious – are all of you who will be watching this new season familiar with the four returning players?



  1. I know and love both Joe and Aubry, but I agree that Joe probably won’t last (again) because he is just nice and not strategic. Aubry is one of my all-time favs – remember the bug getting into her ear at the very start of her first season?

    Wentworth was on some other returnee season i have watched but didn’t take to her – seemed like a bit of a filler to me. The other guy I don’t remember, yet I saw millenials genx, so I expect I will remember his face when I see it.

  2. I haven’t encountered these people in my survivor obsession (other than Aubry in game changes), so it will be interesting to me!

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