Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway

Ten launched its new show on Sunday, choosing to continue the pairing of I’m a Celeb hosts Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown.

It’s over to Daisy for her thoughts on the premiere (thanks, Daisy):

I only watched about half an hour of Sunday Night Take-away, so my opinion might be worth peanuts, but I thought I would give it a thread just to give others a chance to comment.
Before the show even began, I noticed that on FB, under the show’s own posts, 90% of Australians seemed to be crying out, “Not Julia Morris! 😭”. About 80% were crying out, “Stop ruining yourself, Dr Chris!”. They weren’t even trolls. Just normal Australians saying that Julia is a shocker, and together they make a dismal team. The “yays”, were minimal. On the shows on post!
But I thought, why not have a peek at what probably might be another Julia Morris train wreck, and so I recorded 30 minutes, until I realized it was up against mafs and Would I lie and a couple of goodies.
So here is my take. Thankfully, Julia had reined in some of her physical antics and sexual inuendo (I’m not against sexual inuendo if it’s funny), and mostly run with the eye-crossing and strange mouthing. Part of the problem is that those things aren’t funny to most of us. The other problem is her history of rat-nursing, floor-rolling and kangaroo hopping is still too fresh in our memories. Chris’s problem is the professional crime of being Julia’s unfunny side-kick. Please channel 10, stop letting these two embarrass themselves, and give them some straight roles.
The show itself had me confused. I wasn’t sure if I have been so accustomed to bad rtv, that I will watch anything, or if my feeling that I was watching a type of telethon (WA’s annual tv fundraiser comprised of professional and amateur acts and hoc production) was accurate.
I saw people from the audience surprised by Chris chatting with them, and divulging a little tidbit of personal information; some guy waxed his legs, and a girl used her boyfriend’s credit card and spent $500 on a dreadful Bali-do and some eye-lashes. There was Justin who surprised his girlfriend…but not us….with an on air marriage proposal. It was obvious where that was going, but well done Justin. The girl looked stunned. Hard to say no. They had big screen filming of random families ready to join in some game, which turned out to be singing lines to a song. I can’t recall the band or song, but Dave will know. Oh and there was a white couch on a beach somewhere that a “lucky viewer” could win $2 000 by finding and sitting on it. I got no further than that. Add to all that, some cross promotion with other channel 10 shows. No wait; I forgot the Little Julia and Little Chris segment, where six year olds dressed up and replaced the shows hosts for 10 minutes. Hmm …that one writes itself. 🤔
My overall assessment; not for prime TV, but if you woke up at at 3.00 in the morning and couldn’t get back to sleep, it would look good next to a channel selling exercise equipment. Australians are being so dumbed down by the main commercial stations, that they might swallow this show as good entertainment, but it’s the MacDonald’s of TV IMO.
Comments anyone?



  1. Thanks, Daisy. The promo clips were enough to put me off, so I didn’t watch. Your recap pretty much confirms that I made the correct decision.

    I’m embarrassed for Dr. Chris. Julia, who is a not-bad comedian and a good actress, seems to be trying to ruin her career.

  2. I flicked over to this a couple of times. Once, when Dr Chris was in the audience seeming to give away holidays to four or five people. At another time Shane Warne was speaking, and another time Grant Denyer was about to be brought on, so in both instances I switched off quickly, so I really can’t say what the whole show was about.

  3. I watched the whole show. It was seemed like they were trying too hard. Beau Ryan needs to learn some of his lines so he doesn’t have to read off the autocue, eg. looking straight at camera (reading) “So, xxxx tell me about …..” instead of looking at the guest!

  4. I, too, slipped in and out of this one. There’s not enough in it to hold my attention for more than a minute (and Shane Warne is an immediate turn off for me).
    The couple of times I saw Julia she was being funny, so it seems the format suits her.
    Grant Denyer is still not for me even toned down.
    But the audience seemed to be having fun.
    I doubt I’ll be back.

  5. I don’t mind these two together, as long as it doesn’t get out of hand, so I thought I would give this a go. Lasted about four minutes until they trotted out Shane Warne, and that was the end of it.

    Ch 10 are sabotaging their half-way interesting ideas for new shows by their inability to 1. find previously undiscovered new talent (real talent that is) – the presenters on ABC Breakfast (beyond the two hosts) show how to identify great newbies, and 2. match their existing talent to the right type of show. And then, when they accidentally find a great new combo (Mark and Doc on Pointless) they sabotage the show itself, by scheduling poorly. It is enough to make you scream in frustration.

    • I absolutely agree, Fijane. New talent please.I feel like it’s, “Well you didn’t eat your dinner last night, so I will keep bringing it out until you do”.

  6. I might not know the band ,daisy, because I didn’t watch Sunday Night Throwaway.

    Thanks for the recap and I salute those who watched all or even parts of it.

    Julia Morris has made me laugh many times. Like latter day Elvis in Vegas , she’s workin’ just a bit too hard, man . I’ll watch Bondi Vet. Comedy duos never really did it for me, Kennedy/ Newton? The Two Ronnies were great. Karl and Georgie? How about the comedic chemistry there?

    Throw in Shane Warne and Grant Denyer, They ‘re the real room clearers for me. A meth head and a sex addict share their take on life. MAFS wins again..

  7. Ok I seem to be alone here, I really enjoyed it. i really like Julia & find her really funny. Grant’s segment was hilarious. They did like Ellen & Hamish & Andy have done. He had a ear piece while Julia & Chris told him what to say & do. The end was great when former contestants of I’m a celebrity got their revenge on them.

  8. I watched Hughsie WGAP last night for the first time and I had lots of lols. He had Kyle S, and 3 other guests. I used to like Kyle way back, but last night he just seemed conceited. But the other guests, whoever they were were very funny and quick witted. That’s what I love, off-the cuff, natural wit. No trying, It just happens.

    • Oh yes I love Hughsie’s show. He’s hilarious & has some great guests. Some people’s problems are rather mind blowing.

      • I remember when Kyle was on Celeb Big Bro and he was actually likeable, without the radio star facade. I did flick over to Hughesy just as Kyle was saying he had an animal rescue farm with 100 animals. I had not heard that before.

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