Daisy’s Bold recap

Thank you, Daisy:
Things have taken a very dark turn at Forresters. After telling Stephie that their babies couldn’t play together, Hope flew to Catalina where her baby was delivered stillborn by a shady Dr Hooks. Now Hope is grieving, but Dr Hooks has mysteriously been forthcoming with a brand new baby girl to sell to Taylor. We were all thinking the very worst, until ta da! Florence appears to tell us that the baby isn’t Hope’s child, stolen from her womb by Dr Hooks afterall, but her baby that she is willing to sell. I’m not sure how Dr Hooks gets $200 000 out of this.
While Hope grieves on her mother’s shoulder, Liam turns up at Stephie’s to find solace in his other daughter; baby Kellie. It’s all become very complicated.

Liam does some unconvincing acting, with what looks like a big mozzie bite on his forehead. Couldn’t make-up have fixed that? Brooke has done a much better job of crying.

Anyhow, where do we go from here? Is Florence reeeeally the mother? Who really had the stillborn Hope, or Florence? Afterall, Dr Hooks did send Flo off from the hospital with an, “It’s not your fault”. Will we see Stephie raising two daughters? Will Hope get suspicious and try stealing ‘Beth’ back? Will Florence come and blackmail Dr Hooks? I am suspicious of the Florence story. Taylor should know this is not a legal adoption. Craig’s list?

After Bill telling Brooke, that he “Got her message loud and clear”, will he stay away? How will Brooke’s absence be explained when she disappears into the IAC jungle? Will she return smelling of fish and scrotum so that neither Bill nor Ridge want her?
Well that’s all from me for now. I hope you enjoy February. And for those of you finding the February heat too much, wishing you cool nights.



  1. No, but seriously, do Zander and Zoe actually do anything else other than have sex in that fitting room all day long? They don’t actually have a home with beds to go home to, do they?

  2. “The man who dies with the most toys wins” Ha ha.

    Bill’s being such a great role model to little Will.

    Thanks for the recap and happy snaps , daisy.

  3. In one scene Liam tells Wipes he’s not stupid and “knows medical things”. In the next scene, he’s stupid enough to go with Stephie to meet her newborn baby. Yeah, I think Hope will be ok with that. There just aren’t enough questions being asked here.
    As for the recap; my pleasure.💖

  4. Today’s episode was so riveting that I drifted off. What was Sally’s plan to make Hope feel better? I missed it. I shut my eyes and next thing I knew, it was the channel 10 news.

    Although I did catch the part where Wyatt related how he’d been married to Hope last year. Honestly, these people…

    • I kept nodding off too but that was the swim, the summer weather, the drugs….
      I did get to see Thorn looking anything but thrilled that Bill was joining his happy family for dinner. They sat on the floor in the loungeroom. I suppose Katy doesn’t have a kitchen.
      Hope feels like Beth is still alive (and living in LA).No spoiler there. Still there is a long shot that the baby Dr Hooks is selling isn’t Beth.
      Sally gives Hope a puppy to replace Beth. Oooooo bad move. Besides which, Hope would be cleaning dog poo and wee all day.

      • The highlight was watching Lurch’s face when Bill was invited to join them for dinner. It looks like Katy is all in on the idea of an inclusive, extended family.
        Hope threw the puppy back in Sally’s face. Wipes did warn her. Let’s see 1 puppy =1 lost baby. Mind you, there might be some people with adult children who think they should have just had puppies instead of children. 😣

  5. Geez, that “Buy Hope a puppy” plan was a bit of a non-starter. Sally’s heart was in the right place, I felt. But when everyone was reconciling in the living room, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking, you-and-you are married, and you-and-you are dating, but you-and-other-you were into each other for a while, and you-and-other-you were married a little while ago, and gosh, it’s all just very weird.

    Meanwhile, Dinner With Katie And Thorn continues to be the most awkward dinner party ever.

    And I’m just like, who cares about this relationship crap? Just go back to the baby abduction subplot! Resolve that! That’s the one we’re all here for!

    • Never buy a baby from a broke Doctor. It can’t end well.
      There you go Windsong. That’s the baby plot….never buy a baby online. Never buy a baby from a doctor. Never buy a baby. Unless you are Angelina Jolie.

      Puppies, you can buy. 🐕

  6. Dave, if you missed it, it was fun watching Lurch squirm as little Will, flanked by Katie and Perfect Bill, raved about his wonderful parents.

    Sally took the puppy away, with her tail between her legs.

    • I’m watching Katie and Bill just about to get into bed , still talking about Bill. I forgot that Katie and Lurch got married. Yeah, Bill’s making amends. katie’s now doing burgundy bed ware.

      Wyatt is still supportive and proud of Sally’s gesture. Maybe a hamster would have been a better idea.

      Hope and Liam still miserable.

      Big day for fake LA orange tans.

  7. There seemed to be a lot of random shirtlessness tonight, so I didn’t really pick up on a lot of the ongoing storylines. Apparently LA full body wax clinics are kept just as busy, by the Forrester clan, as the family courts and divorce lawyers.

    Is it me or is Wyatt’s head disproportionately smaller than his body? It was distracting.

  8. Blah, blah, blah. Katy and Orange Lurch. Who cares. (Although I did notice that Katy, who only has one pair of bras, wears them halter style to pull her boobs up for cleavage).
    Sally and Porky Pig. Who cares.
    Just get to the bit where Supportive Liam leaves Hope the couch to dart off to be with Stephie to welcome his newborn step daughter. That’s going to make the puppy blooper look like a gift from God. Maybe Liam might want to rethink that plan.

    • Have you noticed that cleavage is Katie’s favourite accessory? It’s always fashionable and goes with everything, I suppose. Which is probably the Logan family’s personal motto, come to think of it.

  9. Dr Hooks is cheating with his recruited “birth mother”. The plot sickens.

    Hope sees no “Hope For The Future”. Boom tish

    Steffy “can’t wait to meet the birth mother” of this “incredible opportunity”. Boom tish again. Adopting a baby is like ordering a pizza in LA.

  10. Steffi: “And no red flags?”

    Taylor, you are buying a baby off some random blonde girl in somebody’s lounge room. There is — literally — not one single part of this that *isn’t* a gigantic red flag!

  11. We all kind of know where this is going, so move it along B&B. The only interesting bit was when Zoe stood up and had crooked shoulders.
    Oh, and how come a fancy restaurant like Il Giordinos allows crooks to lurk amongst the tables without making them deliver a drink.
    Liam and Wipes went on and on and on.

  12. Liam holds the adopted switcheroo baby and needs to be hit over the head with a sledgehammer to realise it’s not Beth. He beats around the bush til my sides are splitting. Idiot.

    Dr Hooks gets a cash down payment from Taylor like stealing candy from a baby. If it’s too good to be true……. Taylor and Steffy don’t care. The ring in birth mother decides to scram before Liam shows for a viewing.

    The crook’s trying to gatecrash Skeletor’s play. Dr Hooks is cashed up. He could be too late to see Skeletor’s knobbly knees capped. The sting is not over yet.

  13. My message disappeared! Ive been away for a few days but have caught up. A very cruel story lline so I hope ir will sort itself out very soon. We are almost caught up wit US so some interesting happenings are on their way.

    • It is cruel indeed, Sara. You will just have to remind yourself of what a smug cow Hope had been toward Steffy only weeks before, and hang on to the thought, that regardless of what you have seen or haven’t seen, it’s B&B and tables always turn.
      I don’t need a spoiler to predict a very distraught Steffy as she has to give back Kelly’s baby sister. Maybe she might just console herself with some non-artificial insemination from baboon Liam. I mean that guy obliges anyone with anything.

  14. Wow! How stupid are they all! Starting with Taylor. I bet she really won’t be invited to gatherings. And, “Here you go. Here’s $50 000 cash. Pfff. Don’t worry about receipts or paperwork”.
    And how is Liam going to console Hope now?

  15. So what’s the bet young Beth is going to need a transfusion and Liam will be a perfect match.
    But before that, Hope us going to kick that selfish fool to the kerb. At least it’s not the usual storyline.
    Oh…and the “Supremes” had better not give up their day job.

  16. Auww. They’re all rallying; casseroles, lemon bars.
    What happened to the cat fight between Donna and Quinn? That stopped dead in its tracks. Maybe they need all the honey for making honey chicken for Hope and….who is that guy again? Hope’s husband? Oh yeah. Liam. The guy snuggling up with his new family. Hope could be home slashing her wrists for all he knows.

    Mr charity worker has forgotten that Hope just lost a child. Or diiiid she?

    Sara, I’m ready for it to explode too.

  17. Daisy, such a sickly sweet episode today. Its so obvious what has happened, and Taylor just has to front with another 200k and all will be well, or will it. New babies in LA seem to be very advanced – “phoebe” able to hold her bottle and feed herself.

  18. Oh come on. $200 000 in a suitcase. And that’s not an illegal adoption? Just hurry up and get to the bit where Stephie’s new baby matches Liam’s dna.
    I am surprised that Hope didn’t lose it over Liam visiting his brand new daughter at Steffy’s house.
    For someone who wasn’t keen on breaking the law in a really horrible way, it’s interesting the Florence didn’t even want to discuss money.
    Chain of fools.

    • I loved Dr Hooks getaway~ “There’s a patient I have to see”, while Hope is starting to smell a rat. “Why did I black out, Dr Hooks?’

      Ridge springing open the suitcase of filthy Phoebe lucre was fun, too. Then he turned to water.

      • Man, I keep missing it.

        I’m gonna have to tie myself to a chair in front of the television, tomorrow, so I don’t miss out.

        • The cracks are showing but no one is noticing yet.
          A suitcase full of cash.
          The time line of baby death to adoption.
          No signs of that rare medical event having had any effect on Hope’s innards.
          Dr Hooks telling Taylor to keep his name out of it.
          It’s going to crash and burn any day now, my guess.

          • A gorilla could have had a light bulb moment about the whole thing by now, but no, these simple LA folk that run multi million dollar companies are clueless

            Taylor ~ “I don’t need a financial adviser, Ridge”

            It’s enough to make you have a placental abruption.

  19. This episode was 20 minutes of the entire cast having one long conversation about how amazing and quickly Stephy’s adoption was. Gosh guys. It’s almost as if, Doctor Hooks hearing Stephy wanted a baby and then selling one for $200K — literally — a week later is a but suspect, hmm?

    I also had to laugh when Hope was talking about the logistics of the Logan/Forrester tangled family tree. “Ridge isn’t my father, but he still raised me.” Gosh, Hope, do you even know the answer to that one? Multiple-choice question if ever there was one.

  20. Il Geordino’s lets anyone in. The clientele have gone to crap. No one is paying attention that thugs are there, buying and selling babies.

    And Stephie now has another baby to shove in a room.

    • But it’s a Forrester baby. Even thought she’s adopted, she’ll just sleep for a few years in another room and suddenly be in her 20s.

      • They need one child that smokes dope. Maybe it will be Will. Or maybe or the little cousins will get together to share a bong.

  21. Someone’s left holding the switccheroo baby. Hope.We know her intuiton kicks in and realises it’s Beth. Liam looks like a stunned mullet,weakly smiling. Fade to black. Baby Phoebeth is a bit of a yawn now.

    Dr Hooks is off to London with the cash. Bon Voyage. Who travels fastest,travels alone.

    • He gave the cash to the casino boss yesterday, so Hooks probably doesn’t have anything.

      The one character on this show who isn’t absurdly wealthy, I mean, that should be the first clue that something’s wrong here.

  22. Steffy’s really workin’ it, shoving babies at Liam. Now he is a father of two. 😊

    Phebeth went straight to sleep after one short lullaby. Why aren’t all babies so good.

  23. Just the person Ridge and Brooke want showing up on their doorstep; Taylor imposing her professional advice. That Taylor really is cuckoo or she would know not to poke.

    The acting from Charlie, Zoe and that intern was nails-on-a-blackboard bad.

    Phoebeth has fallen in love with Auntie Hope. Better check her bum for that Logan birthmark.

  24. Eric and Quinn encourage Hope to come back to work whenever she wants to, like anybody in this company ever actually does anything beyond get married and have torrid affairs with their step-siblings or in-laws.

    I haven’t watched the show as long as you guys, but the impression I got with Hope (before the whole baby switcheroo) is one I got a glimpse of today, that Hope is the golden child who everyone heaps undeserved praise over just because she’s there. I imagine that if Hope ever farted, the entire staff would form a line to tell her how much it smelt like roses.

    It makes the character kind of unlikeable.

    • Forrester Creations would patent and bottle the fart gas and release it as a new , exotic fragrance. The Hope Showstopper. Wear it at Il Giardino’s.

    • Heeey. You nailed Hope, Windsong. As did you, Dave. Eloquently as usual. 😂😂😂

      Otherwise, snooze. I was shouting, “C’mon Zoe! Find the baby monitor!”

      • The baby monitor has been stashed away. Terrible acting from Zoe today.

        Hope loses the plot making a speech. Bad flashbacks to Catalina and Dr Hooks exhortations to “push!” Katie cries and watches on. Tissues required at this point. The whole placental abruption/abduction is relived for our benefit.With echoes

        Steffy’s Joker lips are huge today. She feeds Brooke sledgehammer lines about grand daughters.

  25. Oh puleeease tell me the clues are unfolding. I can’t take much more of weepy Hope or gushy Taylor and Stephie. Hurry up with the “we need to tind a matching blood donor for Phoebeth”.

    Also the big revelation should be fun. “Give me back my baby!”

    I have noticed some atrocious acting between Zoe, Emma and the other girl. I had to really think just then to remember Emma’s name. Her storyline fizzed out.

    • Which one was Emma? Or was that the Forrester intern who pops up randomly, deliver awfully stilted dialogue, then disappears into the background again to fetch someone some coffee?

        • Yep, “Little Emma of the macrame dance outfit. Schmoozing her way out of her depth, into modelling. Well dancodelling. Zander is no prize but she was punching above her weight. She was offered some afternoon delight behind a filmy curtain right next to the bar at some club. She declined.

    • Agreed. C’mon and get on with it. It has to happen this week, surely, although I suppose Friday will be the cliffhanger moment.

  26. How much can we take of super sleuth Zoe’s wooden performances?

    Katie didn’t have to be such a bitch around the jigsaw puzzle.

  27. Sherlock Skeletor is cracking the case quicker than you can say “placental abruption”. She finds the dodgy adoption paperwork in a drawer in Dr Hook’s flat. She verbals Flo about the whole affair. I guess that cop Sandwichez will be back soon.

    We love watching Sally and Wyatt chug beer and throw popcorn into each others mouths. Bill would not approve.

    Hope is sticking to Phoebe like a barnacle. Liam and Steffy exchange looks that they think Hope’s crazy. It’s painful to endure.

    You’re right daisy, cliffhanger day tomorrow. The producers throw out the baby with the bathwater.

  28. I think unfortunately that it will go on for longer. So many clues – dont know how Steffi will cope with handing baby over, but they will play happy families im sure

  29. Sally and Wipes are dead wood. Does anyone care about these two who have no charisma either together, or as a couple. In a pool where the bar is very low, they still have no sparkle.

    Go Skeletor. Rip that gown open and expose Flo’s non baby bod. She has done a good job of rifling through drawers too.

    As for baby Phebeth, I am pretty sure that’s about a two month old baby. How time flies for Forrester children. And how is Liam, thinking it’s fine to go cosy up with his other family, leaving Hope at home to grieve alone. As a woman who knows about female tricks, I am onto Stephie drawing Liam into playing Papa bear to a string of babies. Hope has changed her tune about not playing happy families.
    Let’s hope Skeletor cracks the case, and Flo cracks tomorrow.

    I will start on new thread on the weekend. Hopefully by then, Stephie and Hope will have baby Phebeth in a tug of war. Whatever happens, Liam wins.

    Now back to the beer chuggers, they will get rats and cockroaches in their bed.

    • It’s funny that whenever we cut back to check in on Wyatt and Sally, they’re still barely-dressed and hanging around in the bedroom. Like, okay, the vast majority of Forester Creations employees don’t actually do any work, but at least they bother showing up to the office every day. Most days.

      i can’t imagine why the two girls spend so much time and energy fighting over Liam. He’s just a weiner, really, isn’t he?

      I just want Zoe to solve the baby-smuggling mystery so we can just move on with our lives.

      • In fact, between Katy and Sally, Wipes has slent so much time in bed that someone really needs to turn him over before he gets bed sores.

    • I reckon the baby monitor will be found today and all hell will break loose. Il Giardino’s will be booked out for weeks. ” No one must know about this”

      I know in advance the befuddled wiener look Liam will have on ice for this. This will be his biggest gig, playing King Solomon.

      Let’s move on and get back to people assaulting and shooting at each other and having affairs. Orange Lurch et al. RJ. Quinn. $heila.

  30. Read this.morning that Dr Chris was about to appear as Ridge’s aussie cousin but they realised he didn’t have the right visa. I think we have a long wait for the resolution of baby thingy

    • They got married. Katie seems quit miserable though. I guess another bitter divorce with Bill being master of puppets won’t be far off. Thorne thought nothing of marrying a recovering alcoholic. Katie got a man who’s always at the LA Solarium. Add Bill to the mix,it wasn’t going to last.

      Waiting for a postcard from London.

      Oh well, drag it out a bit more then, producers. Hope will be in a straitjacket pretty soon. We’ll still watch.Thanks for the Dr. Chris goss, Sara. He really doesn’t have an Australian accent or the brains to get a valld Visa . That will stand out in a quality production like this.

  31. I sat through the whole episode, and the big dramatic cliffhanger was Hope talking about a baby (that she thinks isn’t actually hers) like she’s about to wind up on the news?

    Meanwhile, I hope Wyatt and Sally at least change their sheets every now and then, I mean, that cannot be hygienic.

    And for reals, every time the camera cut to Liam attempting to look pensive, I started giggling. He just looks like he’s stuck on a particularly tricky crossword clue.

    • I sat through it all , too. Another acting Masterclass from Liam. Yes, his celebrated “where did I leave the car keys?” look for motivation.

  32. Will Phebeth take her own wardrobe when she goes home? Or will Hope decontaminate her of Steffy germs?

  33. Zoe is good at finding clues, but very slow to join the dots. To be fair, she probably isn’t expecting her Dad to be a baby thief. Even so, c’mon Zoe, do we need to paint you a picture.
    Do Sally and Wipes ever get out of bed? I’m getting a sense that their sheets and mattress cover need a daily wash. I feel I can smell the build up of tubbies sweat, sperm and farts.

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