1. We are.
    I like Amanda Keller too. Dancing Stars is not really my favourite but I don’t mind it as wallpaper. . .

    • I have never watched it before but it may be refreshing to see a show without backstabbing narcissists. Sometimes we all need a bit of fluff on the screen

      • Sorry to disappoint but there are judges attached to this show, speaking of back-stabbing narcissists.
        But still fluffy.

  2. I, too, like Amanda.
    Grant is not my thing. I find the constant baring of all his teeth to simulate a smile a little off-putting, but I will push through the pain.
    I would love to be able to dance and I dream of someone paying me for the privelege of learning. Yes, yes, there’s a charity attached but we have already established that I am as shallow as tempered chocolate.

    • No, Grant Denyer is like poison. As much as I’d like to support Jett Kenny (who purely is there just to take his shirt off while he’s dancing), I don’t think I could manage it.

    • I love Amanda but I am not sure I can’t stomach Grant. Agree with the grinning smile. Also they have change the format and both hosts have equal exposure 👎🏼for Grant. I may have to pass. I have watched every season of DWTS but I just can’t watch Grant

  3. Yes, I will be watching it – if only to see Courtney Act as a boy! (and Jett Kenny without a shirt!)
    I hate to nitpick but she said they would be the first same sex pair dancing – but if you are dancing as a female character, is it really a same sex pairing?

  4. Don’t think it will be my cuppa tea. Unlike most, I really like Grant but Amanda and Miguel both are turn-offs for me. The Living Room is a show I avoid quite vigorously.

    I didn’t watch DWTS on the other channel anyway. I think I have an aversion to watching amateurs trying to do what professionals take years to learn. As a big fan of theatre and musical theatre, dancing and singing competition shows are an irritation. But I love the ad, just close my eyes and listen to the fantastic opening bars of The Greatest Showman.

    • I can’t deal with Amanda on “Have You Been Paying Attention?”, but I generally like her on everything else.

      Grant is, no, unfortunately that’s a whole other story for me.

      • I haven’t seen her on HYBPA (I don’t watch it), but I liked her on Talkin’ Bout My Gen. If I watch Dancing, it will be for the dancing, but Grant will make me turn off if he is like he is on FF. He’s bloody unbearable.

  5. I’ll probably watch it occasionally, depends on what is on opposite DWTS.

    I like Grant. Amanda I can take in small doses, so on this she’ll be okay since she won’t be talking much. Miguel I only know from Boys Weekend on SBS Food Channel, where he was usually overshadowed by the other chefs.

    I agree with Juz that a no-brainer show that is a bit of fluff will be a nice change.

  6. Love Amanda, but not Grant. Might have a quick look but tts abt it. Mrs Karl really giving him a serve – 2 sides to every story Cass.

  7. I love Dancing with the stars & am curious to see what they do different to 7. Be nice to have Neighbours & other ch 10 celebrities rather than Home & Away & 7 personalities. I wish they had got the same judges. Haven’t heard of any of these ones. But then apart from Paul Mercurio I hadn’t heard of the 7 ones either. I guess I’ll get used to them. I wonder if any of the professionals from the 7 show will be back.

  8. This show feels like it requires wine.
    Too much talking, and Grant needs his face washed.
    But the crowd is enthusiastic and so am I.

  9. Samuel and Constance did well and given her arthritis etc Denise was graceful in the “Vietnamese” waltz. The jive seemed a tough call for week one

  10. I haven’t watched dwts for a few years, but I thought, in spite of GD, I would watch this year. So after having showered off the MAFS smut, I settled in for the more high brow Dancing. Well blow me down; I didn’t hate Grant Denyer. Did someone tell him if he wanted the gig he had to take it down from a 10 to a more sedate 1? He totally behaved. I just hope he can maintain his composure.
    The jokes between Amanda and Grant were clearly written and rehearsed, but at least it was no Julia and Chris. They were well ‘performed’. But it was a situation where preparation was required.
    I am still watching, but so far I have enjoyed the chef, that very pretty actress and Denise Scott. Denise did very well for a heavy woman, and she was hilarious. I can’t help but love Jimmy Giggle because it’s Jimmy Giggle and he goes on tv in his pyjamas.

    • When they were promoting “Jimmy Rees” being on the show I was wondering “is he a magician or comedian? But when it started it dawned “oh, it’s Jimmy Giggle!”. It must be a relief for him to speak in a normal voice.

  11. I liked Constance. I have a couple of ‘off the main track’ hippie chick friends and I really like them. Constance reminds me of them.

  12. I liked it, the dancing definitely got better as the show went on. I know ppl don’t like it when the celebs have had dancing experience but they need a few who can actually dance so people will watch. The professionals are doing a good job of trying to make them look good!
    My faves are Sam Johnson, Courtney Act and Denise.
    I’ve never liked Constance since BB but she might redeem herself if she can dance!

    • I follow Constance on Facebook. She helped found and continues to fund a school for girls in Africa and does her best to empower women to lift each other up. It doesn’t always come out right but the good intentions are there. She is the subject of some horrendous abuse online because of it. It is shameful to see how viciously some cowards troll her

  13. I don’t know most of them by name yet, but there was cook, surfer dude, really tall guy, guy who played Molly, tattooed hippie mum, pretty lady who was in that footy series and Karl’s ex.

    Names I know; Jimmy Giggle, Denise something (I didn’t know her before), Courtney Act….mmmmm, I think that’s it, but that’s OK. Oh, that Michelle something. I have never seen her on tv before but I recognize her. I don’t need to have knowm them. I enjoyed last night.

    • The really tall guy is Curtly Ambrose, one of the greatest fast bowlers ever.

      Am I the only old cricket fan who remembers him? I watched the re-run tonight and I will barrack for Curtly. I don’t know how his dance went; I was too flabbergasted at Curtly Ambrose being on, let’s be real, a silly dancing show.

  14. I really enjoyed it. But that fucking ‘nasty judge’. What a wanker. He was worse than Todd McKenney, at least he was funny sometimes. It was the first show, he could have said SOMETHING nice & those low scores were just mean. I liked the other 2 judges though. I had read that Bruno was going to be a judge. Disappointed he wasn’t, he’s hilarious. Was funny when Denise gave it back to him. Complaining about the booing. Get used to it mate. If you’re going to be an arsehole people will boo you. Was nice to see Helen Ritchy in the audience. I hope Miguel stays long enough to do the pase double. Being Spanish it will suit him.

    • It’s just part of the formula, Carole. They know he plays a villain, and that is exactly what he is hired to do. If it wasn’t him, it would be another villain. Every rtv show has to have a villain. He’s going to be horrible to all of them and they know it. The one I have trouble with is the guy on the right. Even all my years of watching Taggert didn’t help me translate. (I know, he might be Welsh or something).

    • I liked Todd McKenney on the other show. I didn’t realise Amanda was one of the hosts. Ha, here was I thinking she wouldn’t be talking much.

      I watched a few minutes last night. It was the Michelle Bridges segment. When they danced, something about the way her legs moved was weird. It’s as though her legs are attached to her sides, because there is way too much space between them. I know how silly that sounds, but I found it so disconcerting that I changed the channel.

      • To me the chef was better than Michelle. He understood dancing is something you feel. It’s not just where you put your arms and feet. I immediately said to hubby, “She’s too stiff” The movements didn’t flow from her body.

    • Hmm. It sounds like she conducted herself with grace. I mean, it’s not that difficult to bag out Karl, but she was classy. Good for her. Now, about those hair plugs…..

      • Well, it’s the first time she was classy, if that’s what it was. She has made publicly quite a few disparaging and nasty remarks about her ex since they split, airing family dirty laundry without consideration for their children – or her self-respect for that matter.

        I don’t need an apology from Mooney. He expected trash talk about Karl, not surprisingly, given her recent shit -hanging. But suddenly she is oh, I’ve moved on, it’s only about me now. Pfft to both of them. I don’t care about her marriage breakup or Mooney’s ratings.

        • Ah wellit shows how little I follow the news and gossip columns. I hadn’t even heard of her before. In fact I hadn’t even know Karl had a wife.

        • Von, you are spot on. Most people were very sympathetic to Cassandra when Karl moved out. Karl did the right thing by not saying anything to the media and that was supposed to be the agreement in their divorce settlement. Also she did get a good divorce settlement.

          But since she keeps making those nasty remarks about Karl for months, many people have changed their opinion about Cassandra.

          She should just move on and do what she is best at and don’t mention Karl. Also on DWTS, please don’t keep reminding viewers that she is Karl ex. Maybe not, she was famous for being the ex of Karl.

        • I have heard and watched a number of interviews with Cass and she has always declined to trash Karl. All the trash talk seems to be written in magagazines and seems to be along the lines of, a-close-friend-said or someone-overheard-her-say.
          In any case, I am the last person to criticise someone for making a nasty comment about an ex. I’m not a saint, and, anyway, my ex deserved it.
          And pardon me for being suspicious of the media?
          I am not a fan of Karl but there does seem to be an unholy desire to pile on the guy by some parts of the media. A genuine dislike? Jealously maybe? Or publicity? Mr Mooney seems to be just a nasty piece of work and in his own category.

          • It would be very hard not to trash Karl. In fact I have trashtalked him on many occasion. He is my least favourite tv personality, and I hate having to use the word “personality”.

    • Wow, I’ve always liked Laurence Mooney but he was a real arsehole there. She should have been praised for being classy. I love his impersonation of Mal.

  15. Beyond watching the shows, I know nothing of celeb’s lives. I know that Karl Lagerfield died today. That’s another world of which I know nothing. I’ll wait for the doco.

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