I’m a Celeb – Daisy’s recap

Tonight we start with Shane. I wonder if producers have chosen their winner and are pushing that person. Am I just being suspicious?
Did I already mention that I will be glad to see the back of Julia and Chris? I thought the same as Natasha; that Brooke getting upset just meant she was serious about being there. That little encore farewell from Brooke was a bad idea.
Angie and Richard have a heart to heart. Angie has only ever been the dropper not the dropee because she doesn’t want to get hurt. (Mmm, what’s harder?)

Later, Jethro and Richard amuse us with a little dialogue from New York. I still think Justin is brighter and funnier than we realize and that his Adonis character has been slightly put on for amusement. But whereas Richard and Jethro were running over with words, poor old Shane ran into a verbal dead end. Verbal constipation if you like.

Tucker trial time and Brooke had chosen Luke, Angie and Evie. It’s an eating trial dressed up as an episode of Playschool. They had the usual range of disgusting things to eat, from raw hearts, to raw brains, to impala tongues to a slushy of eye, nose and mouth.

Later Natasha gave some more campside war stories. Always deep. Then Tahir pi**ed off Richard by dicking around and dropping dinner. He managed to recover it though, lucky for him or they might have thrown him on the pan. Then came the choc milk challenge. Justine won a guzzle.

Finally it’s elimination time. No not tok tokky. It’s the bottom three…..Justin, Dermott and Natasha, and the evictee is ….Dermott.

And ……

Don’t ask.



  1. I agree with Bobi and Brussel that once he was over competing in the locker room with Shane, Dermott seemed okay and even began to be interesting when he was more reflective.

    The only reason I didn’t add his pic was because it was getting late.

  2. Thanks Daisy. Can’t say I was too upset to see Dermott go.
    That tucker trial was really revolting.
    Can’t believe a football player couldn’t get that ball throwing challenge.
    For those of you hoping to see the goggleboxers comments on Angie & Yvie, fucking foxtel have thrown a dummy spit & they won’t be seen on it. Apparently they’re not happy that they went into the jungle. Fuck you foxtel, I already hated you now you’ve given me even more reason to hate you. That’s what we’ve all been hanging out for.

    • Ooohhh! I was so looking forward to seeing other googleboxers reactions!
      Also I would get Foxtel being annoyed if they aired any comments from Angie and Yvie about how the show works but unless I’ve missed anything, nothin mg has been said.

  3. Just a clarification, the “dropping the food from the frypan” was a gag set up by Tahir and whoever else. The stuff he dropped was the offcuts not real food eg the stones from the avocados. Got the exact reaction from Richard that he wanted.

    Not surprised Dermie went (I don’t think he was either). What did surprise me was the grasp of current affairs etc he showed. I suppose you don’t get to 54 without learning something of the world, and I am still stuck with the Dermie who was my football hero when I was a teen (who I am sure had no idea that a world existed outside of Hawthorn).

  4. Also, I thought the best part of this episode was Luke’s morning orders of what he would like for breakfast. Cracked me up.

    • Oh yes, that was hilarious. And he went back & said it was 20 days since he placed his first order & he was still waiting. I would be ordering eggs benedict with smoked salmon.

  5. I had been thinking how nice Julia looked last night in the red dress…until she did the thing shown in the photo above. Not at all graceful.

  6. There have been comments about how nice and fun the contestants are and I agree the only problem is that now I have about 5 of them I really want to win: Justine Natasha Luke Yvie Shane

    • I’m not a fan of that circus tent, but it’s like when I hate winter so much that I daren’t complain when temperatures soar above 40°. Julia has gone from one extreme to the other.

      • I quite like the kaftans if they are featuring local textiles and styles. But they do take away all sense of feminine curves. Like Mma Ramotswe would say, they are made for the “traditionally built” woman (which, of course, Julia is not).

  7. Sorry I didn’t manage a nightcap tonight ppls. I will say, apart from trying to annoy people, Tahir was a pretty good camper. Nice and upbeat.

  8. A lot of Tahir’s end-clip seemed to show a lot of crazy, fun things that we didn’t see.

    It’s good that the public is nominating Justine for the Bachelorette.

    • Daisy that’s what I thought – they should have shown that fun stuff even if they repeat as part of the exit clips – I don’t think I saw enough of him compared to say Angie . It seems to be the Angie show most times – not every conversation she has with Richard needs to be aired

  9. I noticed that the campers were genuinely shocked and upset at Tehir’s eviction so I am assuming that there was more plain talking that was edited out. There seemed to be a special rapport between him and Natasha and yet not one conversation that I can recall made it to screen. I wonder if that was a mis-step by the producers?
    They do keep saying how close the voting is. I never know whether to believe them

    • I know Bobi – I automatically mistrust those manufactured lines, but possibly it is true in this case and it really was close? I wasn’t a huge fan, I think I would find the violin totally annoying, not funny, for example. But some of the joke stuff was funny and I might have had a different view.
      I think they are definitely gearing for a Shane win, but really and truly another sports person? I would love it to be Natasha, Justine, Yvie or Luke – I don’t dislke Shane, but it is another ho hum win if he takes it out.
      I am worried that the whole Angie-fest will give her more votes. .. .I thought both she and Justin came off like spoit brats in their spat and I was quite surprised at how sympathetic the whole camp was to her. Maybe a little of Justin goes a very long way. . .

    • I missed last nights episode (except for the eviction) and there are no “journalist” recaps.
      So Justin and Angie had a blue? I would automatically blame Justin. He doesn’t know how to leave a subject alone. Angie’s choice of words can be a bit inappropriate but she tends to be kind and genuinely interested in everyone in the camp. Justin is interested in Justin.
      But happy to be corrected. I still have a passing fondness for Justin but I am just over him.
      It has just occurred to me that maybe Justin is an example of hover-parenting and participation ribbons. Lord help us.

      • Maybe Justin was a pageant baby all his life. I still think he’s a combination of tongue-in cheek humour and tantrum. Toddler in a tiara.

  10. Angie was correct thou, it doesn’t mean everyone is calling him wheel of emotions, just means 1 person has used that line. I thought she was pretty clever with her words.
    I think someone mentioned it the other day they thought tahir would actually be able to play the violin. I was expecting that too.
    I never believe when they say how close the voting is. They used to use that line on BB too.
    And there is HEAPS we aren’t seeing. When you take out the Chris and Julia crap and the trial. We would be lucky to see 20-30 mins of camp life a night. Very easy for producers / editors to pigeon hole the Celebs to one personality type character for the series.

    • Angie was correct, but she has so much sneering contempt (behind his back) that she’s not the best one to pull Justin into line. Justin is a vain 4 year old, and probably wouldn’t have taken it. Rules of thumb; 1.don’t tease someone you don’t like. It’s going to have underying malice. 2. Don’t correct someone you don’t like. It’s going to have underlying malice. Ideally let someone correct you if they have your back.

      It’s funny how they all know that Justin is a vain baby, but Angie is the one who can’t let it go. It’s as much her issue as it is his. She is so judgemental of him, and that’s OUR job.

      Justin realized he was being what the sign said without Angie’s help. But she was right. And wrong.

    • In an earlier ep, Justin was described by the group as the most vain. While all the others considered it a no-brainer (to the point of being funny) he seemed genuinely surprised and hurt. It seems he has very little insight into his own behaviour.

  11. Maybe the top 3 we should wish for should go by their charity.
    For laughs and entertainment my top 3 are Justin, Yvie (I finally got that spelling right), and Richard.
    For being a decent person; Justine, Natasha, Luke. I was thinking maybe Yvie but Luke has more acceptance of others.
    I am scared that Justine will go next, or worse still, Justin. Who will make the outrageous comments with Justin gone. It might turn into one pleasant Koombaya.

    Please don’t let the winner be another sport star with the personality of a zucchini.

  12. Okay, so The Daily Mail is not a great source but this article would explain why all the celebs were on Angie’s side after the spat.
    I’ve had the impression (for the last few episodes) that Justin’s has been wearing very thin on the rest of the celebs. I am biased though, I don’t see the endearing qualities some of the rest of you do – I just see a spoiled brat that sulks whenever he doesn’t get his way or isn’t the centre of attention. Especially annoying given that he’s 28 years old and not a small child.

    • Jayblossom, I also don’t see the endearing qualities. Maybe it is a matter of some traits being more annoying that others depending on your point of view. Justin reminds me a lot of a previous contestant whom others liked but I couldn’t stand.

      • That’s exactly it Jayblossom. I think past experiences affect our reactions, especially if behaviour, even slight things, remind us of certain people.

    • That doesn’t surprise me. I read somewhere the main reason they got him on the show was because of his diva behaviour on Love Island.

      • If that’s the case, Carole, that would explain him deliberately talking about his looks. If it got him the gig, then it explains why he would keep doing it.

  13. Sad to lose Justine last night. Her exit comments about the food were funny – she was almost a bit manic about how difficult it was for her. I suppose when your career revolves around food, deprivation is very hard. She commented that she was surprised how little basic food one can survive on, and that is probably a valuable lesson for her.

    I would like to see Angie gone soon. Would love for Luke to win, not just for him but to vindicate Andrew Daddo (and all the underappreciated gentle men of the world). But I would be equally happy for it to be Natasha – loving her dry humour and seeming lack of attempt to play up for the audience. Just as long as she doesn’t win as some kind of women’s lib point.

  14. Nooooo. Wrong person left.
    You would hope that it’s a typo on behalf of viewers and all will be made right at the next elimination.

  15. That was hilarious when Natasha said she had trouble with that challenge reading the autocue & someone thought she was serious. She was a fucking newsreader, of course she knows how to read an autocue. All that stuff they poured on them looked disgusting.
    That was cute what they did for Angie’s birthday. But when someone had a birthday a few years ago didn’t they give them all a party with cake & everything not just for 2 people?
    Great news it is coming back next year. Thought this year was the last one.

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