I’m a Celeb – Daisy’s winner picks

Before you watch another night of jungle antics, check out Daisy’s recap of how the celebs are tracking thus far.
Sadly the end of the season of IAC approaches, which to me is a shame. This is when the show now has the potential to get real, to get interesting. The pretenses can slip as guards come down, celebrities forget the cameras, and we start to see who the biatches are, who are the uplifters and comforters, and what other hidden flaws, foibles and strengths of the campers. It seems we only have about a week to discover more about the campers, but here is what I note so far (others, of course will have a very different perspective so feel free to make your own list):

Justin: is popular with viewers, says what he thinks without thinking, is like a fourteen year old, seems kind to others. I have noted how he helped Jacquie and put his arm around someone to encourage and comfort. I like Justin. He’s a doofus.
Dermott: not much I can say about Dermott because I haven’t seen many dimensions of him. An ageing lad, perhaps. He has been a big shot in the past, and a bad boy. Dermott is all Y chromosome. Kudos to Dermott that he has been authentic.
Richard: certainly reigned in his inner bitch. He probably saw how nasty he was on Celebrity Apprentice and wasn’t going to make that mistake again. Richard has been fun, funny and supportive of other campers. He has been a bit intimidated by too much of the Big Shot Boys running the camp. Richard is interesting to watch because in him you do get the proverbial onion; lots of layers.
Jacquie: it’s hard for me to figure her out. She has strength, honesty and wit which are characteristics I admire. She is bloody fearless. But I wonder about her brashness and her inability to gel socially with the rest of the camp. I haven’t seen her being able to form any friendships.
Shane: boring. He has had way to many digs at Dermott for it not to be passive aggressive behaviour. He is the younger male stag who entered the forest to fight the head stag and establish his own superiority.
Luke: just cute. The fact that Angie and Richard both had him on their “friendliest, most talkative” lists, says that Luke is a very open, friendly type. Very likeable.

Justine: like Luke, she was on Angie and Luke’s “most likeable” lists, and you aren’t going to get camera time for that. So I am assuming Justine is a nice person. Also, I like her manner when she says things like, “not the circle game”. I would be with her on that.

Brooke: newcomer Brooke hasn’t had time to fully let her guard down yet. I think she is still protecting her image. She looks good for 57 but I see hints of an eccentric cat lady in her hyper-reactions to surprises.
Yvie: fun, funny and a good sport. Seems genuinely nice.
Angie: socially adept, able to get along with the different personalities. Has tended to box Justin in with simplistic political labels, rather than for who he is as a person. We need to see more of Angie.
Natasha: smart, open to others and interested in them, witty and insightful. Very nice.
Tahir: a good bloke. He has been light-hearted and has looked out for others. I doubt he will win just by being nice.
If I have forgotten anyone, then I doubt that person will win. But who will win? It’s hard to say. I think we might see Evie and Justin in the top 3, and based on past seasons, Shane, just for being a football player.

Feel free to do your own list. You might see it totally differently because we all stand in different places and get different views. Who do you think will win? Who do you want to win?
I hope it’s Justin. Is anyone bothering to vote? I confess I don’t.



  1. Thanks for the summation Daisy.
    Interesting that they are now going to go down the track of one elimination a night. It’s not going to give any celeb time to redeem themselves if they are in the bottom three, so I am guessing it’s going to start getting predicatable fairly quickly.
    My bottom three for tonight are Brooke, Dermott and Jacqui. Jacqui’s been a bit quiet since the bounce on her noggin and there’s not much chit chat between her and anyone else (unless she always has her barriers up).

  2. Gotta love Justin.
    “One word, no two words. Hurry up and just cook it.”
    I think I’m a little over him. He’s starting to be a bit King of the Castle.
    I’m happy for him to stay for a while because he’s of still some entertainment value but I hope he’s not final three. He would be unbearable,

    • Just had very similar convo with my friend. He is a producers dream but i really hope he isn’t in the final three.

  3. I sent in a nightcap for tomorrow but here’s a pic. Angie needs to be a little…no a lot more gracious when someone wins.

    • I may be too forgiving here but I wonder if, like for the rest of us, Justin is just wearing thin on the camp.
      This is a man who has taken boasting to a new art form. He can gloat for days.
      Or maybe they’re all hungry – I am sure there’s a humble pie joke in here somewhere if I could just find it.

    • Hey I knew we gave Indonesia $300 million and that Turnbull had borrowed it to give away, but I didn’t know Indo brought war helicopters with it.
      Who said IAC wasn’t educational?

      • Be wary of the educational! She might be right but I’d want to hear it from elsewhere first. Also, she doesn’t mention that aid money helps prevent having those things turned against us.

        Amazed, though, that Dermie was knowledgeable enough to carry his side of that conversation. Wouldn’t have picked him for someone who notices much politics.

  4. Last night was my first full episode (actually more than 5 minutes) and by the end of it I was heartily sick of Justin. I hope Jacqui is not correct.

  5. I read today that the finale is on the 17th. I thought it would be next Sunday as I thought it was only on for 4 weeks.
    That pavlova was so close, they were opening it when it exploded. I really hate it when they ruin good food like that.
    I was surprised to see Jacquie go, thought she would be in for longer. I wonder who will go tonight.

  6. I’m going to cheat here and nominate my bottom four: Brooke (she always screaming), Shane (we’re over his footy blokey bonding crap), Luke (he’s a nice but a bit boring), ….
    On second thoughts, let’s leave it at three. I was going to put Dermott on the list but I like the way he is very gentle with his opposition to things that people say. Like when he disagreed with Jacqui on gender assignment and he was saying that her view was not possible because some people are just not born either male of female. She didn’t listen, of course.
    He does that a lot. I think I’m starting to notice him and I quite like what I see.
    Okay … maybe I’ll put Justin on the list as fourth. I am Josephine Average, and if I’m getting sick of him then so are a bunch of other people.

    • Hello, I just read articles on the conversations between Jacqui and Dermott, and they have a different view of the conversations to me.
      Maybe I missed something during the dipping in and out but it just looked like he was letting her talk, not necessarily agreeing.
      If I’m wrong, then there goes everything and Dermott’s next to go.
      I think I need a break from this show. I’m just keen to watch it because I think we will never see it again. We have no more D-listers left.

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