• In one ill-expressed sentence, she went a long way to reversing all the sympathy from the spat with Justin. I wish she hadn’t spoken at that point.

      • Hi Fijane are you referring to her statement that she is only attracted to slim men?
        I was thinking, but dont you want a world where size doesnt matter? See, how that works for you.

      • No, sorry, I was dipping in and out, and I didn’t hear the one about the skinny men. The one I heard was after seeing Ajay Rochester do her radio stunt. The whole conversation was a mish mash of “good on her” and “why would you?” but Yvie sort of spoke a bit sourly along the same line as she had at the weight session. It is hard to put your finger on, but it felt wrong.

        • I was conflicted by AJ showing her butt.
          It was not a pretty sight (judgey face) but how sad that she needed the money that much. And good on her for taking every opportunity to keep her profile high. I am sure she needs a job if she is trying to get a job and she still needs to support her son.
          Could I tear myself in more directions if I tried?

          • I am as conflicted as you Bobi. It feels awful that she needed the cash that badly that she allowed herself to be exploited. . . But it is her right. But. . . oh dear. it is hard, hey?

  1. Can you believe people who lay around and fart, or just wear a nose ring surpassed a witty woman who had worked in war zones? Or a lovely girl like Justine?

    • No…and yes. If over 1 million people can think that MAFS is a reasonable show for an allegedly civilised society, then it makes one realise that most viewers out there are not logical, or reward quality achievement. Of course, that is what the producers are relying on.

    • To be fair, if your guts are playing up there are only two ways to go: you can be uncomfortable and embarrassed by normal bodily functions, running from the room at every opportunity or you can go with the flow and remember that fart jokes should be funny.
      I am assuming a diet of beans is not agreeing her, in quite a severe way.

      • I don’t mind the farting, but it’s not a skill nor should it outshine good or humourous conversation. Mind you, I would mind if she was farting next to me. Anyway, beans and rice =wind.

      • Oh it’s not the farting. Sure, you’re going to fart. I am being a bit sarcastic. It’s the overall repertoire. I think Natasha offered more.

    • Agreed Daisy – but then I’ve never voted – I just express outrage on the results on these webpages.
      Has anyone here voted?

      • Me neither. I probably would if it didn’t cost money.
        Probably explains why our favourites don’t last to the end – Lol.

      • I have voted on occasion. The season before last, I tried to stop Brendon Fevola winning (see how that worked for me) and I voted for Natasha when it looked like she might go early.
        But I doubt my couple of votes go very far.

    • I had an interesting discussion with my young adult DS, who was saying the same thing about gaming communities – not that they are not on fb, but that they much prefer sharing via the game messaging because nobody gets nasty or attacks other people.

      We were speculating that maybe having a common interest focuses the discussion and makes people not want to jeopardise relationships. Certainly true here, and also on book forums I use.

      Just shows that the benefits of the internet are greater than the limited world of fb.

  2. I just saw on another site that Luke went home last night too??? When did that happen? Last I saw was Angie going, and Luke was still there.

    I suppose it must be true, but that means I no longer care who wins, and probably won’t watch the final.

    • They are a really nice bunch this year which can mean that there is no tension in the final decision. I would/will be happy with any of them winning, so I will probably swing in and out of the final show.
      I am sure that I will see you there. You won’t be able to resist.

      • Oh dear… you have rolled me. Much as I want to vote with my feet, often my feet betray me!

        Unless of course the family offer a board game instead – Ticket to ride or Codenames will win hands down.

  3. I am not unhappy with either of these two evictees.
    I didn’t dislike Angie as much as everyone else seemed to, and nor did I like Luke as much as everyone else seemed to, but overall they were my two least favourite of those that are left.
    There weren’t layers to Luke. Not that I mean that he’s shallow but he was kind of one dimensional. And I think there might be more to Angie but she was a little guarded about sharing too much. For someone who talked so much, I still didn’t feel like I got to know her. Or maybe she’s not my kind of person.
    I did have a momentary tear when Richard was talking about Justin, and Justin said the Richard was his only friend. I think that Richard is old enough to know that the friendships built in the camp are only fleeting and the whole thing is sad.
    Just passingly, Richard looks exhausted. His exit interview could be interesting (although from memory, the penultimate doesn’t get much of a chat).

  4. I was out last night (at the cinema watching Green Book which I enjoyed a lot while it was happening but didn’t leave me with deep impressions) so I missed it.
    So Angie and Luke gone.
    I am continually assessing who I want to win.
    Dying to watch the recording now to see what Angie said about blokes. Or was it Yvie? I need to find out. . .
    Doesn’t sound like a super interesting show for a double eviction though.

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