1. Last year, partner-swapping mid-experiment was the height of scandal.

    This year, I’m thinking Bronson will be begging anyone who wants Ines to take her.

      • I feel like part of me is supposed to be cynical about Bronson (entrepreneur + stripper = gigolo, sort of thing), but the poor guy has had such awful things happen to his family, while still remaining fairly cheerful and optimistic about his life … plus, they’ve paired him with anthrax-in-human-form Ines, and I can’t help but be on his side.

        • Strippers aren’t half as bad as the people who pay to watch them.

          Just an opinion, gice. I went to King’s Cross when I was 19 and saw things I’ll never forget. Glad I had a seat in the back row.

          • Yes. It has to be at least equal….but wait…..does that mean I’m as bad as Ines? Aaaaaaah! 😨

    • I think that Ines’ hubby is probably promoting himself for more exposure. I’m not criticizing him for that. It makes more sense than marrying a stranger.

      • He might as well get something out the experience, something other than a constant tirade of humiliation and abuse.

  2. We now get to an important part of the experiment, intones s-expert John, a bump in the ratings now that the swingers party has started.

    Ines is the first to throw her keys into the fruit bowl as scans the room for her prey. Her gaze settles upon the solo Elizabeth and a slow malevolent smile spreads across her face, “Is she divorced? Is she single? Is she married? Like, where’s her husband? Yeah, Elizabeth should have stayed at home. Why is she here?’

    “Honey, I am home!” Sam I Am mockingly declares after been read the riot act by the producers and promises of 72 skinny chicks after a booty call with his ex (sorry alleged funeral). Elizabeth crashing from a 168 hour sugar binge is angry and confused by Sam I Am ghosting and gaslighting her. Of course your phone doesn’t have voicemail as we cut to Elizabeth playing the message. The producers not content with the humiliation that Elizabeth has suffered and nixing her free trip to Thailand have Sam unconvincingly voice over his deaden glaze as he ignores her.

    Ines smells blood in the water and begins to circle, ‘In real life, he would never look at her, right? You know, he’s that hot, right? He’s that hot and he’s that charming.” And he is all mine, Ines crackles.

    Meanwhile, the bros before hos convention ask Matthew if he had done the deed, Blink once for no and twice for yes. Matthew can’t stop blinking as membership to the misogyny club is accepted.

    Drunk and upset that no-one has glared lecherously at her breasts for a whole half hour, Jessika decides to confront Mike about the ‘fake comments’. This is not the proposition that Mike hoped for and annoyed easily swats away Jessika. Feeling impotent, Jessika rages at the clueless Mick,Why don’t you pour yourself another f**king beer and f**k off!’ Hiccup.

  3. Thanks Maz. 😁 I don’t know how, but I have missed most of the honeymoons.
    Innes said, “A gentleman is not a striper”. Well a lady doesn’t behave or speak the way she does. She is a lot lower than he is.

  4. I rewatched the start of the dinner party arrivals and I think the comment that Jessika misheard and interpreted as about her being fake was Baldy to the Farmer, “You’re punching above your weight.” Which rhymes with fake… Although, he did mention her ‘Botoxed’ lips to the producers, solo, in a talking head. I agree, he’s wanting to trade in Big Hair for Pouty Lips.

  5. That was a cracker of a dinner party. Obviously we were expecting Ines to hit on some other guy. She must have been thinking one would hit on her, especially after her suggestive comments.

    • I watch enough nature docos to know that animals behave much better the alleged humans at this dinner party. Some of these folks are sinking lower than the Titanic.

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