• Remember, he’s done so much for Elizabeth.

      I wonder how faking a funeral and literally fleeing the country was for her benefit?

  1. So Sam I Am feels all powerful telling Elizabeth go get stuffed. He is a horrible man. Actor or not, hope his career is destroyed by this. Elizabeth has been bullied by the producers and him.

    WTF- Bronson tells Ines she looks good. ‘It is one of the bridesmaid dress. I had to take it because I look better in it.’

  2. How much are the producers paying Bronson? Nic asks Sam I Am if he is involved with Ines. He lies straight to Nic’s face and Bronson fist pumps Sam is some sort of brotherly solidarity. FFS.

  3. The ever perceptive experts are giving us nothing but a blizzard of cliches. Any fool can see this train wreck of foul, toxic drama unfolding. Isn’t it great? A feast of lies.

    Yeah Maz, Bronson is being played like a violin on steroids.

    • As if Bronson is still holding a candle for someone who once screamed at him to F—- off and jump overboard from a speedboat

      • As much as I feel for Bronson, there is a part of me that realises he is definitely playing the game as much as anybody else is. He tells us, unironically, “Ines is honest. I trust her.” Like, even if he hasn’t been watching the footage, just the way she’s been treating him for the last few weeks should be the clue that she’s not a very trustworthy person.

        Which means he knows exactly what an a-hole she is, but if he can run with the “poor cheated-on husband” thing, he gets something out of this too.

        • Of course he’s in on the script. “Get rid of that brow ring”. “Shut the fork up”. Separate apartments. Everyone knows about Ines and Sam bar him. It’s in his contract to know. Or to not know.

          And every time Elizabeth fought it out with Ines and Sam she was almost laughing. Even her hideous clown-face make up is staged, imo.

      • I think Bronson’s holding something……but it’s not a candle.

        The hideous back tatts make him look like the serial killer in “Kiss The Girls”

        He should live up to hos bull terrieresque name and rip Sam to shreds. I want Jack Trimarco and his polygraph on board here , to sort this lot out.

          • Not sure what you’re getting at but I’ll give you a “like” anyway.

            Is it the “hos” thing? I’m trying to watch Dr.Phil here. He’s in an insulting dirty , dirty mood today. You’ll love it.

          • Oh. I see. How come no haemorhroid (can’t spell it) er plies ads?

            They’re real pain in the arse.

            Gee, the second guy looks like he’s got a bad case of crabs. Give this man some A200. What’s the point of abs if you’re riddled with crabs?

          • I’m having a shit day. Can’t even spell “piles”.Might as well have scratched my arse.

            He’s had his lawn mown and it’s itchy. Get it lasered, mate. Canesten will kill the rash before you give it someone else. If you’re not too dusy at the fym.

  4. I admire eye candy as much as the next person, really, I do.

    But I wish, at some point, they’d let Bronson put a shirt on. I mean, the poor man’s gonna catch his death of cold.

      • I don’t mind beefcake. But I feel like Bronson is just on the line. Any more inflated, and he’d be a turn-off. But he’s just on that, big-but-not-too-big threshhold.

        • We have pool toys less inflated. If I was 18 and dating, iI would go for fit but lean, like a surfer or snow boarder, a more natural body. Not a guy who got his physique from inside the 4 walls of a gym.

          • I don’t mind beefy guys. Or lean guys. Or swimmers, or surfers, or mechanics, or nerds.

            I don’t date a lot. Can’t you tell? 🙁

  5. Someone on FB just posted a picture of Dean and Bronson doing a male strip act together (not that kind of act. Although that would be aesthetically pleasing…).

    Geez, I joked before, but channel 9 really doesn’t cast their net wide, do they? I can literally picture the producers walking into a random seedy strip club and asking the first male stripper that they see, “Wanna be on TV? Got any friends with severe emotional issues … or who want some?”

    • How was Ridge’s guess of Phoebe’s birth mother’s occupation yesterday~ “A stripper, a drug addict?” Sorry about bringing in B&B material to this thread , but’s it’s an educational show.

      I always thought Exotic Dancer sounded better. Like Marg Helgenberger on CSI.

  6. So Sam is from Home and Away, and I recognize Dino from First Dates. Fluffy hair girl is a dj. It will be interesting to find out who else has worked on tv or radio.

    How much money do you think you would accept to make an idiot of yourself to go on this show, including the sexperts? Mmmm, if they gave you $5million you could go live in hiding in France.

  7. Mike has a secret thing for Grouperlips. I think he wishes the script called for a night of cheating between him and her.
    Ines poured a giant carafe of red wine for herself. There are no gentlemen there to pour her a drink, and she clearly hasn’t ever been treated like a lady.

  8. I know I shouldn’t expect any correct pronoun usage from this lot, but Ines thinks she is speaking correctly when she ends her sentences with “Sam and I”. She must be a valuable asset at the law firm.

  9. It’s amazing how, inspite of cameras following this trailer trash around, that these phoney sexperts have no idea what’s been happening. They cluck like 3 chooks on a roost. And yes, Juz, Ines is such a prize that Bronson is into her after she dragged him through wedding woefulness and honeymoon hell. It’s hard to decide who is the most vile of these people but I’ll go….Sam, and from the girls, loud girl who’s gagging for it. Dino’s girl. She’s is doing all she can for camera time, but she’s gross.

    Runners-up; bald guy and Elizabeth.

    • “loud girl who’s gagging for it. Dino’s girl. She’s is doing all she can for camera time, but she’s gross.”

      Yeah, I don’t know what it is about her, but while she’s not Ines (thank the Lord), I find something really gross and obnoxious about her. I can’t put my finger on it, though, but evidently, neither can her husband.

  10. Sam is filth…. oh no this is too full on! You idiot you signed up on a show to have a fake marriage at first sight! You lucked out with your “wife” and then find someone you are attracted to whom is attracted to you… you and Ines both are from NSW so no need for long distance r’ship… so just tell her you’ll take it slow…. me thinks Sam doesn’t really want to leave because he wants his 15 mins… he will “stay”.

    Ines is also in need of mental help… all that gruff exterior she has some big emotional demons she needs excorcised!

    And for the other scum couples… now they’re all perfect because they don’t have their other cheating on them..

    And curly hair emotional wreck girl…. fark me… did he really stuff up that match by having a quick word…

    • It was probbly already decided by production that there would be a cheating couple again this year, and that it would be Ines and Home and Away Sam. Ning Nong was probably told to be a rude biatch, and Cyrell and Crazy Horse girl were probably told to be as trashy and loud as possible. For all we know even Julie Andrews and cricket guy who doesn’t know his own hat size are probably also staged.
      As if Grouper mouth likes Chopper Reid guy. She’s bad, but without the giant lips, she still isn’t going to sell herself that short.

  11. was trying to check the credits for the disclaimer “everything depicted in this show is fiction…”… I’m sure it’s there somewhere.

  12. I’ve decided I dislike Mike the most. He’s a gas-lighter.
    Sometimes I think that gaslighting is worse than physical abuse. You can get over one but the other plays with your sanity.
    And just a reminder: Mike is the one who wants a woman who can embrace his sensitive side. W***er.

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