• I agree with the hosties – it was smart and clearly no one else has thought of it , it does give them an advantage but it does seem the rules have loosened up about the set up this year. Josh needs to let go his concern about Ibby owning restaurants, clearly the producers knew so he needs to take it up with them instead of boring us with his incessant whinging about it.

  1. I really think Josh is there to act the part and stir the pot.

    I can see they may not serve anything in the next episode to create more fake drama with Manu acting out his scene as being angry.

    Then more promo about whether these 2 can cook or not when they go into the elimination with big B##bs. And then they surprise us with some ability in the cooking department.

    • You’re probably right LP but I just find it so boring. The bitching and sniping has been done to death in previous seasons and I’m already over it this year. I could really do without the constant “It’s not fair, Ibby owns restaurants” so repetitive and dull.
      And as I said on a previous thread at 21 and 25 where Josh and Austin went to school is irrelevant. What have they been doing in the 3 and 7 years since they finished school? Whatever it is it certainly doesn’t involve social skills. And while I’m on a rant and being repetitive and dull myself has anyone noticed that at least once an episode they refer to a children’s movie. It’s like the producers have told them to act like 7 year olds.
      Rant over.

      • I noticed the kiddie movies as well JB. Maybe anything rated higher than PG isn’t allowed?

        While ranting about the boys I can’t help notice their open contempt for other cultures displayed by their constant mocking of accents and customs. I don’t understand where that comes from given that they’ve been exposed to other cultures during their parents missionary work. From what I read of their back story they were home schooled because their parents were going from country to country doing missionary work. That kind of upbringing should have resulted in a respect for other cultures. Or did Mum and Dad instil a sense of condescension and superiority over the “heathens” ??

        • Yes I’ve thought that too. I think you’re right about the sense of superiority because of their ‘Christianity’. Why is it that those who bleat the loudest about their Christianity are so hypocritical when it comes to their own behaviour?

        • I think it’s that ridiculing that really rubs me the worst. It’s so juvenile and deliberately hurtful, it’s ugly to watch.

  2. Bit of custard and some fruit – nothing special here – says the woman who boiled condensed milk and slapped it between two biscuits.

  3. So Ibby and Romel can actually cook? Darn. That’s almost disappointing.

    Anyway, Sunday night is Josh and Austin, and they’re advertising that it’s going to be a total disaster. I almost don’t even want to watch. I feel like I’d just be enabling channel 7, at this point. Like, these boys aren’t cooks. They don’t want to be cooks. They don’t know how to. They didn’t even know the show existed until the producers found them on Instagram and specifically asked them to apply, twice. Like, the story’s out. So obviously they were just cast to be the assholes who can’t cook and get kicked out in the first round. Like, that’s it. 7’s just taking the audience for a ride.

    It’s not fun watching the assholes fail when they were deliberately engineered to be the assholes who fail. *sigh*

    • They say they were asked twice but do we really know that? I just feel like there would have been plenty of assholes that actually applied for the show. It could be face saving for them to say they were head hunted – they’ve behaved badly and likely can’t cook. We were head hunted makes a much better story than we would do anything for our 15 minutes of fame.

  4. Did they buy a shawarmah pre-made flavour packet? Is that allowed?

    Coles brand stuff goes into the trolley, until they get to herbs and spices, when it seems only MasterFoods will do. If the country of origin is the same, I always get the cheaper one, but these dudes probably don’t shop to a budget :).

  5. Well. I don’t know what’s got into me tonight. Seeing a genuinely happy smile on Romel’s face a few times, at the judges’ critiques, had me smiling along with him instead of rolling my eyes. I’m pleased they can cook and am glad they did well.

    And…I had a tiny, tiny moment of sympathy for Josh after he asked if camels have udders and everyone laughed at him, and gave him ridiculous answers. He deserves as good as he gives, but I wonder sometimes at his unworldliness and stupidity.

    • Woah, that’s as bad as the contestant who thought milk came from the supermarket. No udders involved , either.

      I could have some sympathy for Josh because he’s just destroying his reputation. The fool that rushes in where angels fear to tread. He must have read/ been ear bashed about the circles of hell and where slanderers end up for eternity.

      All for fame.

  6. Ibby and Romel were smart to hire the designer. Who knew that this was permitted? Wonder if next season other teams will do that. Even though Pirate team hated the dessert I thought the score of 6 was too low. Andy was critical of everything which was to be expected because she has been like that with the other teams. She is very irritating, even more irritating than Josh.
    Josh and Austin were cast to add some additional drama and to stir the pot. They are actors, albeit not very good ones.

  7. What a night!!!

    The best part was that it does appear that the born agains are up for a fall from grace!

    I’m going to go against the Peruvians and say that middle eastern food is better than peruvian… although the judges gave them 10’s for the dessert it’s a shame they have a few immature palates amongst the teams that can’t handle a slight bit of rose flavouring in their fruit.

    Peruvian’s continue to sh!t me… as said.. they just boiled a can of condensed milk and make shortbread… and last night was obviously a tact to ensure they try to stay on top. Would love to see her critique her grandma’s food… because she critiques everybody elses… I think she’s grating and if she thinks she’s going to get an after MKR gig from this as a food critquer or her own tv spot.. she’s not!

    I know it seems like it wasn’t forbidden.. but it also doesn’t sit right with me about the whole interior decorator thing.. surely in the past someone may have tried to push that loophole and got knocked back… possibly the producers allowing it this time just to let Born Agains go ape sh!t again and have more pot stirring!

    So in summary… I can’t see Peruvian’s, Restauranter, Born Agains going to well in the team challenges post instant restaurants… just don’t think they’ll have the mettle under those circumstances…. but then again I could be wrong!

  8. Before the time was included in the setting up of the restaurant. Of course the producers knew whether they were allowed to get a decorator to set the table. They need to organize all the props. I am sure the producers organized for the decorator to set the table.

  9. I just finished watching Ibby and Romel. I like them. No dramatics, just got on with the job. Ibby is a sweetie and I hope they stick around.

  10. Gary Mehigan has sold his soul, lost some weight and pimping a weight loss program. Fail. He must have had his jaws sewn together. Won’t be long before he’s taking crocodile sized mouthfuls on Ma$terchef. No grumpy Gazza in the weight loss sham ad.

  11. Usually I can warch at least the instant restaurant rounds. But this time I could not even make it through the very first episode. Those brothers were so awful, I could not stomach it. Very un-christian behaviour. Guess born again Christians missed the part of loving thy neighbour and such. So I switched on Netflix, watched the latest Drag Race episode (ffs, whyyyyyyyyyy? My fave got the chop) and then could not decide what to watch. I wanted something stupid, so I landed on Yummy Mummies. It is… I don’t know, like those Real Housewives shows (never seen an episode of those, but I saw the plastic surgery accidents), crossed with… brain injury… crossed with… I am lost for words. It is so bad, I needed 5 tries to make it through the first 15 minutes. Guess you really cannot buy class with money. To say the women on the show look like overpriced trash is an understatement. And yes, I am bashing women as a woman and I do not care.

    Well then I tried Mary Kondo, wanted to know what the hype is. It is meh. I do not own clutter or a lot of stuff as I regularly clean out my wardrobe etc.

    Ended up reading a book. Felt like my brain cells started to recover.

  12. Those boys are doing a good job of acting like the popular view of home-schooled christians. Pity they bear no resemblance to the real thing. Need some more acting lessons to be convincing.

    Looking at the promos for Sunday closely, I think all the drama and nastiness from Manu is because they are late serving. If that is the case, it would have to be hours and hours, because we have had some very, very long waits before.

    • Maybe they decided not to serve anything! MKR history. Just to get a a new fake drama. Manu need to stop acting.

      • I think MKR history has to do with the first time “holy water” is served as a dish for entree, then followed by the body of Christ for main… and to finish off Mary Magdelene’s honey for dessert.

        • “I think MKR history has to do with the first time “holy water” is served as a dish for entree…”

          I imagine if that happened, half the contestants would spontaneously combust. Although it’d be great for ratings.

      • Manu is not a particularly good actor. After he scowls, I keep expecting him to break into a grin and say “Ah, just kidding…”. It feels like there is a twitching smile lurking.

  13. Hey Ms Littlepetal thanks for the info re: the boys menu being on Ibby’s restaurant.
    I have read that elsewhere too since you posted it.
    Maybe it’s just me, but I’d be p**sed off if I was just a ‘home cook’ and the producers are now letting restaurant owners cook meals from their own damn restaurant!! He’d clearly know what sells, what’s popular, and now obviously he knows how to cook it.
    Mind you I’ve never really understood how you wouldn’t just think of what to make, make it loads of times for 16 people and nail it. But i’ve heard over the years that it’s different ovens, houses, pressure, menu changes by the producers at the last minute etc…
    In saying that, I still enjoy watching MKR and have never missed an episode! Never missed an ep of MAFS either. I’m a reality tv junkie. 🙂
    Enjoying your comments everyone.

  14. I can’t even bring myself to care enough about this show any more. It has lost all its credibility. It stopped being a cooking show a long time ago. I am surprised that Manu and Pete put their name to it.

  15. I finally watched this episode, fast forwarding through the dinner table chat. There was actually a lot of cooking in it – yay! Food looked delicious and I liked how supportive of each other the boys were. I could tell Ibby had not had too much coaching by his use of a tiny frypan for his mirepoix. Lots of people who are cast on MKR and MC spend weeks before filming starts in professional kitchens, picking up tips. Doesn’t worry me.

    • They were not cooking in their own home and have to make do with what is available.

      Lebanese food always have lots of flavour and delicious. It’s a pity in the last series the girls got kicked out. In their instant restaurant, they actually scored higher then Ibby and Romel.

      Because they focus so much on the controversy of Ibby owning a restaurant and 2 cafes make me think they can’t win ( by producers manipulating the results). Just like last year with the 2 Italian boys.

      • As we know some great cooks don’t do so well in the public challenges, but I would expect them to at least make it to final eight

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