1. Literally within 30 seconds of the episode, we have grandma’s cookbook.

    It’s gonna be one of *those* episodes. Sigh.

      • I’m surprised they didn’t name one of the llamas Grandma.

        Although they did name them Josh and Austin, which was just as hilarious.

  2. I’ve been trying to watch tonight because I was genuinely interested to see what Peruvian cuisine was like but honestly the bitching and sniping at the table is hard to take.
    I now realise that being a born again Christian means that not only means one thinks one is superior but is also carte blanche to say hurtful things to others without consequences. Thanks but I’ll take a pass on it.

    • Even Manu goaded them, at one point. It’s like, you all know exactly what’s going to come out of their mouths, so just stop enabling them.

  3. Once again we see tasting the rice and sticking the fork back in the rice – did these people never do Home Ec in grade 8? Did their parents not teach them basic hygiene? Clearly they don’t see a problem with it or they wouldn’t be doing it in front of the cameras.

    • On MKR it’s acceptable to double dip, lick fingers and then touch food or utensils, touch hair and touch food, etc. Disgusting, isn’t it?

    • hahah .. i worked in many good restaurants in melbourne and it is veey common… the difference is that you cant see it hahahh

  4. Oh come on! Someone please tell me her method of making caramel wasn’t simmering a can of condensed milk for 2 hours, surely i imagined that.

    • That’s how I make Dulce De Lece… it’s the cheats way… or you could just buy a can of caramel top and fill (already done for you).

      • I have no issue with making it that way – it’s the carry on about it being Grandma’s secret recipe that I couldn’t reconcile with it. Surely everyone’s Grandma did it that way pre top and fill.
        On a side note I once had a flatmate who fell asleep while making it, the can exploded and 20 years on I’m sure they’re still scraping caramel off that ceiling.

  5. I wasn’t a fan of the siblings but they totally lost me with their strategic scoring – so out of sync with the rest of the table.

    • Once again, the Designated Asshole Team (TM) are actually pretty fair when it comes to scoring. Indeed, Josh and Austin have been overly-generous in a couple of places.

      But of course, that just means their attitude around the table is just an act for the camera, which still leaves a poor taste in my mouth.

    • How can the score for tonight dinner be 6! It was definitely better than the other teams. Very strategic but make them looked bad because they should know the Peruvians will scores higher than them.

      • I was very surprised that the Hosties thought that Amanda’s and Blake’s restaurant was better than the Peruvians and scored them a 6.

  6. I tried to fast forward through the hosties’ episode today and, for the life of me, could not find the scene where the entree was served. I kept landing on scenes of bitchiness and mere glimpses of the kitchen, so I gave up.

  7. I hope the standard of the Peruvians’ food is as high as their opinions of themselves.

    I can only take about ten minutes at a time, so I may go wash my hair.

    My hair has never been so clean.

  8. This is my first post and may I say how much I have enjoyed reading everyone’s posts over the years. I look forward to them after the end of every episode so it has, at last, prompted me to join in. I don’t think I misheard Andy say near the beginning that Peruvian food was so wonderful because they used fresh produce all the time, unlike Australians, and then proceeded to open packets, tins and even used frozen peas. I am trying to find something to like about each couple but it’s proving very difficult, even the “engaged” couple and the “Columbians” constant use of babe and baby drives me crazy and I agree the constant airline references by the hosties were verging on the ridiculous.

  9. At least we can walk away learning that a caramel fruit exists! I have a chocolate fruit plant at home that I hope one day will bare fruit.. but I’m not sure the South East suburbs of Melbourne are the ideal location for it!

    What sly little Sh!ts the Born Agains are… there strategy now appears to be working.. but what I don’t understand is after last year why Manu and Pete just watch on and even appear to try to add fuel to the fire! If you want to be strategic against the Born Agains.. one would think that you would spend a few minutes on the internet looking up some words and passages from JC and his disciples on what it means to be a good Christian… and then cite them during the dinner.

    I know the Peruvian’s did well.. but is it just me that I don’t think their menu was that sensational? Must be because I don’t like sushi and duck is the worst meat ever (with pork)…. and I hate coriander and they bathed their rice in it!

    • I had been wishing that there was someone who had studied theology at the table but your idea is much better. Any of the contestants could have studied up and hoisted the born agains on their own petards.

  10. Nothing so special with the Peruvians biscuit. The way they all raved about the biscuits, I was so eager to get the recipe. What I saw was just like a melting moment biscuit recipe. What a let down

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