MKR Sun – Hosties cook

The blurb says: Flight attendants Chris and Lesley are planning to deliver a first-class night. But with such unruly passengers, turbulence is expected, and it’s not just Chris and Lesley who are in for a bumpy ride.

A bumpy ride? Lemme guess: half the contestants will be rude to each other and the other half are wondering what they were thinking by signing up to be on My Bitchin’ Rules.



  1. I feel like I have to watch tonight’s episode, ’cause the hosties are this year’s Sunshine Coast team. But I think they’re from the north part of the coast (so there’s little chance the typical “let’s go shopping” footage caught me in the background).

    But every time we cut back to the a-holes around the dining table, I have no problems quickly changing the channel.

  2. I’m trying to watch but it is so hard! I can’t watch MKR or I’m a Celeb without the benefit of ff and I tried watching MAFS but found it too cringeworthy. Might take Juz’s suggestion and watch the Fyre festival doco or the Roger Stone one on Netflix.
    The ‘Christian’ brothers and the plastic guy are all just too horrible but the hosties seem nice enough.

  3. That entire sequence of “Who’s had the dirtiest dream about Manu?” was just horrifying to watch.

    He’s not even that good-looking, gice. Like, maybe 10 to 15 kilos ago, but now?

    • 10 to 15 years ago, when he was on Ready, Steady, Cook etc. Before he sold his soul to say “to die for” about deluded contestants’ swill.

      He says he puts on 6 kilos every MKR season.

  4. Twelve minutes in, and I’ve heard enough riffs on airline phrases to last me forever.

    I like this couple, but wonder why they got dressed up before they started cooking. Aprons don’t protect you from everything.

    They left the rabbit sitting in the car while they did the rest of the shopping. Yuk.

  5. I think the empty gas bottle saga was ridiculous.

    I’ve lived where there was no town gas supplied. 45kg gas bottles were used for household use, not the dinky little ones usually attached to a barbecue. We always had two bottles. A spanner was kept nearby to swap the bottles over. We had a general idea of how long a gas bottle would last during normal use.

    It’s not only dangerous and stupid to carry a gas cylinder in the back seat of a car, it’s illegal.

    After that display of brainlessness, I couldn’t watch any more.

    • I agree Von: it was a stunt worthy of last year’s The Block. I have family living in the country, not on mains gas, and they have two huge gas cylinders which are regularly topped by a supplier. You would not run such a big oven/stove – and maybe other appliances – on a barbecue-sized bottle.

  6. We almost got an episode that focused on food… but alas with the downfall of their menu, we went back to spats and spits!

    I’m surprised it never happens… but awaiting for someone to throw the New Borns on their lap and give them a well overdue spanking.

    Looks like the Peruvian 3/4s (as one now is half italian) can actually put their money where their mouths are!

    I finally realised whom the Peruvian plastic reminded me of… the alien from The Shape of Water!

    • Shape of Water alien….LOL. Actually, because you wrote that, I realized that she does look like the actor who played the alien, Doug Jones.
      I have to fast forward every time the Born Again brats open their mouths.
      Definitely producer intervention with the gas cylinders. I felt bad for the hosties. The producers need to stop throwing a spanner into the works. 🙂

    • I’m usually totally anti-corporal punishment but had exactly the same thought go through my head HWHNN.
      They are far too old to be behaving like that and at 21 and 25 why is there any talk about their home schooling? Have they done nothing in the 3/7 years since or has it taken them that long to finish?

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