1. The plot thickens. According to an interview with Lisa (emotional Mum) the trans comment was actually made off camera during a break in filming. Karolina insisted that it be repeated on camera for all to see. So what we saw was essentially a reenactment – how ridiculous!

    • Yes. Cosi’s breakout food binge was re shot on The Biggest Loser. Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap.

      Unlike the producers, we are not fools. They are old dogs, with no new tricks.

    • It was a train wreck, now it’s a tran wreck.

      You gice are all gonna need counselling. I’m here to help.

      Embarrassed to take by MKR shopping bag out now. Does anyone want it? Nice hessian.

  2. I love how tonight’s instant restaurant is called “Sea of White”, and everybody is as white as possible.

    I can’t think of a more apt summary of the Australian television industry. Anywho.

  3. Now they have gone to the very basic home cooking. Maybe producers are not meddling with their menu. In the old days you just can’t serve some cakes for dessert and no ice cream! Either most of this season teams can just cook really simple home cooking and producers can’t trip them with some ridiculous menu. At least we did see some home cooking done well

  4. Awful menu… wouldn’t of eaten any of it! and they get a score in the 100s…
    looks like tonights team, cricket mates are the ones who’ll get eliminated from this group!

    Oh and the Beauty Ugly Queen’s didn’t cause them to burn their horrid cake.

  5. Apparently the show is continuing to bleed viewers. It lost 200K national viewers between this week and last week. And in Brisbane, it very nearly lost to the first episode of Dancing with the Stars.

  6. Would you like some sleeve in your risotto? I was very surprised that Lyn’s sleeves did not catch fire with them hitting everything and just missing the flames. I lost count how many times they touched/brushed over food. Those sleeves were huge and not the best choice of clothing to wear while cooking.
    Still don’t know how the first team scored 10s for every dish and then this team scored in the 100s.

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