1. Maybe their local Coles wasn’t one of the spiffy new ones. I recall a previous season here in Adelaide where the Coles was a good 20 mins from where they lived

  2. Oh lord, it’s going to be 90 minutes of cricket jokes, isn’t it?

    I swear to goodness MKR, I’m hanging on by a thread anyway. Don’t push your luck.

  3. The guys seem to be organised and working well with the prep, but we’re only 20 minutes in here.

    First criticism is the brand of peanut butter they’ve used; is it Kraft? There are plenty of real peanut butters (peanuts/salt only) on the market now but it looks as though they’ve picked one full of sugar, antioxidants and other crap.

    I’m getting annoyed with Karolina. Why would she think it appropriate or necessary to criticize Milly’s dress? Milly has done well to not respond to her rudeness. I’ve also had enough of meh woman, she’s a snotty little brat.

  4. Tis episode tis shyte.. or meh… bad food… bad conversation…. for a genius meh girl doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut.

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