Survivor: Edge of Extinction ep 2

I’m looking forward to seeing what Reem has been up to on Extinction Island or whatever it’s called. And I really hope that when someone else joins her, she starts moving their wet clothes around, placing them on the sand.
Joe’s team (yellow) seems to have the physical dominance to keep winning challenges, so Wentworth (on blue) could be in real trouble this time – darn it!
It screens on Go at 7.30pm but you can catch it earlier online on 9Now.



  1. I missed last week, a few minutes in tonight, we’re on the edge of extinction and I understand why ole whiny croc tears was booted!

    • It’s pretty hard when no one will play with you. I wonder if she and Joe have an alliance? Also, no one on the yellow team seems an obvious boot type person, ie they can swim and don’t move people’s clothes. Although we have not seen much of their camp life. Better do tribe swap soon or yellow will keep winning. I’m liking the Dave/news reader guy alliance

      • You’d really wonder why Keith was cast at all. Swimming is a fairly basic thing in Survivor, and even apart from the swimming problem he just didn’t seem to have the minimum physical abilities you need.

        I appreciate Aubrey’s problem but making identical pitches to half a dozen different people is just asking to be voted off.

        And yeah, Dave + Anchor Guy.

  2. That guy who got voted off, Kevin, Keith or whatever; I would have had to vote him off just based on those terrible dangly green undies.

    Also, I don’t like when people get voted of, but not really. It’s usually someone I want gone.

  3. oh for God’s sake PICK ONE. And if you have seriously that much trouble picking, pick QUIT as you should never be on survivor.
    I wrote a long post and killed my browser – d’oh.

    • I just assumed that he joined Reem in her misery and the editors were trying to spice up a predictable episode and push the twist.

  4. Why oh why did they leave the show without him making his decision…FFS it’s only week 2 and I don’t really care what he does!
    Why is that guy called War Dog? Its a stupid name….
    I am not a fan of returning players so would like to see them all gone straight away – especially Joe!

    • I hate the returning player thing, although that’s probably because it’s generally someone I want gone.
      It wasn’t really a good cliffhanger. Of course droopy drawers is going to say “Amen, thankyou, Jesus”, and take a leap of faith.

    • I went to the cast list to answer some of your questions. “Wardog” is really Dan, and I seem to remember that they started calling him Dan first but suddenly this Wardog nickname came up. He is both ex-military and law student.

      Rick is David’s offsider. I like him and I can see why David found a kindred spirit there. Also seems strategy-smart.

      I love Joe, but really, really wish Kelly had gone this week (although with the second chance maybe it is not better to give her a possible advantage). She annoys me. I presume this is because I didn’t see the famous first series she was on.

      I can’t see how the Extinction thing can pan out without being either lame or unfair or both. I think Keith will opt for it, but raise the sail within 24 hours. It will be interesting if they say that the whole group (in exile) have to agree to raise the sail, or if they do it as an individual.

      My new favourite on the David/Kelly tribe is Chris. He’s the one who helped Keith swim and has “Elohim” tattooed on his side. Seems level, kind and yet playing the game.

      The other tribe is a mystery. ATM, the one with the alarm bell clanging over her head is Victoria (had to go and look for her name). She is the Anne of Green Gables lookalike, and she strikes me as very uncompromising. She describes herself as a “manipulator”.

      There is a whole cast of others on the Joe/Aubry tribe who are currently invisible: Julie, Julia, Eric, Gavin, and even an Aurora. Surely I would remember her if she had been mentioned.

      I am noticing that to have the bit of extra time for the extinction decision, the TCs are quite short, and also no separate reward challenges. Again, it feels rushed after watching the Aus version. Loving the team challenges as usual, though.

      • I love the finality of tribal council so not too clear how I feel about Edge of Extinction island. I am quite cheerful about Reem being marooned there, however. oops. Even if you bail shortly after getting there, how can you NOT take the option? You have tried to get on this game and after being voted off you are being offered an extension – TAKE IT. How is this a question?

        I voted for Chris in one of the survivor who will win picks and then immediately regretted it as I read some stuff about him and thought he sounded a bit of a dick. However, he is definitely not as bad I feared and can keep his mouth shut too, which is good.
        I am totally with you Fijane – the mean girl Victoria is not winning me over either. Thanks for clarifying the Wardog thing – I automatically dislike the blokey/best mates with Probst kind of thing that goes with the nickname. But he played quite interestingly so maybe he is okay.

        I don’t see Kelly surviving long. She is a good competitor so keep her for a while, but .. .

    • I thought of some more;
      Deaf School or Deaf Leopard.
      Belly Roll Blues.
      Hair Supply (in the nostrils).

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