Survivor: Edge of Extinction starts Thurs

Yay! Survivor (US) is back and this time around we have returnees David (Gen X), Wentworth (San Juan del Sur and Cambodia: Second Chances), Aubry (Koh Rong and Gamechangers) and Joey Amazing (Worlds Apart and Cambodia: Second Chances).

I really hope David goes far because in pre-game interviews he spoke a lot about some fake idol play and other tricks he had planned.
This season we know there is a Redemption island style twist but we have yet to find out how it works. If it’s based on physical challenges Joe could go deep,



  1. THis season has come around quickly.
    Curious how the returnees will go.
    for Aussie Survivor fans, El and Lee from season 1 have split up.

  2. I am excited! I have been doing lots of survivor catchups so even know who some of these people are so I am WELL prepared, lol.
    Even though 10All Access is a shocker, at least for a new survivor fan like me I can easily catch up.

      • What’s a great season? One World doesn’t make it for me because it was not much fun to watch. Samoa and Heroes v Villains are both out because of bitter juries and winners whose basic pitch was ‘I’m not Russell’. Ditto All Stars, where Amber, even though she was involved with Boston Rob, made roughly the same pitch. And it has to not be Gabon where they did so many tribe swaps the result was basically a random walk.

        You probably have to name a pre- and post-idol season because idols make such a huge difference. For me the best pre-idol season would be Tocantins. Post-idol, I’m not sure. Probably Philippines

        A great season has to be fun to watch. The jury has to make a non-bitter decision so the winner has a reasonable claim on being the best player. There should be skullduggery bit not outright bastardry. And spy shacks always help.

  3. I know I won’t do it, but I am kind of tempted to audition. U fortunately, my demographic puts me into “the old person who gets kicked off early”. But you never know. I like young people and have mostly young friends, so I might last out. I am a weakling so no target there. I would help in camp, but be useless at heavy lifting, and I wouldn’t get on my high horse and say, “I’m really a noble person”. I like transparency, but I wouldn’t sook about other people lying because it’s Survivor. My biggest weakness would be wanting to say, “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here”.

    Anyone else tempted to audition?

    • Go for it! I could never handle the lack of sleep and the physical challenges, I listened to a podcast with Sandra Diaz-Twine (she won US Survivor twice) and she said she could never play Aus Survivor as all the challenges are so physical. She had watched our last season and was feeling sorry for poor Monica and her belly flopping tower trauma

      • Oh yeah, the lack of sleep. And worse still, when it rains and rains and rains and they can’t get dry and their fingers and toes shrivel up.
        Common sense prevails.

          • I’d have to practice eating nachos with my face.
            Then there are all the things I would need; my tablets, especially the ones with the oh-so-pleasant side-effects, a wet suit for when it rained. And I hear a warm jacket is a good idea. And a torch for doing wee at night then looking for idols.

  4. I read elsewhere that the island thing was some way to give evictees the option to leave or go, as they choose. It didn’t make much sense, and there wasn’t any further detail, but it sounds a bit dubious based on that.

    Very brave, Daisy, to even consider applying! I’m not even keen on tents on lush grass in caravan parks with lovely amenities. I am wracking my brain to think of something that would attract me to apply, but all I can think of is clear, tropical water for swimming (but I would need a hot shower after!).

    • The social part of the game appeals to me. Not the back-stabbing, but just mixing it up with a group. Maybe it would be safer to go on a bus tour. 😨
      When I think about the appeal of Survivor, it’s always with the knowledge that I couldn’t and wouldn’t. The lack of a good night sleep would be the worst.

  5. I don’t like episodes where the older woman is the first vote off. Just too predictable and suggests we have a tribe that’s not doing all that much thinking. Joey Non-Amazing managed to stay non-amazing for all of 30 seconds before he went into full amazing mode. The slack-jawed dullards in the blue tribe really need to lift their game because they were absolutely slaughtered at each stage of the immunity challenge.

    I don’t really like or dislike anyone at this stage and no-one is really standing out as a possible winner. Except for, ummm, Joey Ex-Non-Amazing if he can just stretch his game past being amazing.

  6. I was hoping for a long episode – just flew by. No sense yet who anyone is except for those few players on the blue tribe. David I guess has an advantage in that he has only played once and is seen as less of a threat than Wentworth. Joe should last to almost merge time because they will want him for his Amazingness. Certainly not for his moustache. Hopefully some idol hunting. I did not get why Reem was spreading clothes on the sand instead of bushes.

      • At least with a man bun I don’t have to worry about players like Joe and Malcolm and Australian Jared accidentally scalping themselves during challenges where their locks could get caught

  7. It’s flat out here this weekend so I might not go back and watch the start. From what I did see, I would have found Reem too much. All that invasive laundry doing. Just ask first.

      • I didn’t find any hint of a nice personality in her. Maybe she showed it at the start, but her social game looked like rubbish. Even the guy her called her, “Mom” cut her loose.

        • I so agree Daisy. As an old bag myself the automatic “boot the older woman” tactic grates, but Reem was BEGGING to be voted off. Hell, if there was a gangplank I’d have pushed her off straightaway.
          Totally an example of someone who has zero self-awareness and absolutely NO IDEA when to shut the hell up.
          Given that it looked like the only fire on extinction island was the one she carried and it was raining heavily, her chances are poor.

  8. For a first ep, it was a little meh. I also don’t like the “older woman, first out” thing, which was one reason Shane Gould was great. But they seem to keep picking older women who have abrasive personalities. I felt a little sorry for Reem, as the clothes/shoes thing is something Mums do without thinking, just to make life easier all around. But, once again, reaction and attitude is everything. She overreacted so badly where a little humility would have gone a long way, especially as she did have some friends already.

    Ron, I think is the name, who found the advantage, interested me for all of 10 seconds and then he just got really weird. They call him an Educator – maybe a Drama teacher?

    Wendy (with the tics) seems to have a sweet personality. If she can work that properly she may last.

    The most appealing to me so far is the bald lawyer (?name). I found it interesting that he started to answer Reem back in TC, and then there was a visible moment where you could see him go “ok, she is not worth the argument” and let it go. I like that he sees the value in cultivating David (whom I now remember) and he seems smart. However, he is getting some screen time, so that might indicate he doesn’t last.

    Yes, Joe didn’t really succeed in hiding himself. But I think he was facing a tribe who strongly want to use his challenge talents for as long as possible. He doesn’t have a hope of hiding his skill, so I think he will need to find a way to use it to advantage better. I worry that Aubry’s plan to hide in the grass is already under threat – she needs to make very strong friendships asap. Love her comment that she and Joe won’t be making fire all the time!

    No idol hunting at all in this ep. This reminds me of the Aus version, and I don’t like the uncertainty of it for the viewer because we don’t know if they aren’t trying, or just not finding, or if they have been told that there aren’t any out there yet.

    Looks like the Edge of Ext thing may just be an endurance feat for the person ie if you can last on your own, then you can go back. I wonder how soon someone will return and the rest find out about the save option.

    Overall the whole vibe is very Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End.

      • David V Goliath had such strong casting from the get go, plus we had the whole Pat gets hurt/wild storms all in the first ep, so that upped the ante.

    • I am very interested in how Extinction Island works. Did I miss the rules of the island? I automatically didn’t like it as for my opinion, the whole game is dependent on getting rid of someone and they are GONE and your game isn’t interrupted by having to re-visit bitter and cranky people. Having just watched Pearl Islands where there was a returning element it definitely seemed to interrupt the flow.. . . But it ended up being okay.

      Do they have any food? It looked like the only light was their (non extinguished) torch from tribal! (and it was throwing down rain the night Reem arrived so I didn’t hold out much chance that she could keep her fire going). Is there any shelter? How do they get off if they can’t cope?
      I am really looking forward to tonight’s show.

  9. Forgot to mention young fella with poor swimming skills. Will be interesting to see how long he can get away with that. It gives a lot of scope to the producers – keep him by making challenges land-based, or encourage him out by making water ones.

  10. I only watched the second half but I enjoyed it. She had to go. Her personality had a stench. Does that make sense to anyone. She was too dominating.

  11. How was the sweating bullets at tribal? The young fellow who cant swim was beading up terribly, even Wentworth was…if it wasnt so obvious that Reem was going i was sure the other two were! They will make for great meme’s…
    Unfortunately for Reem she reacted to the negative comments aboit her mother like behaviour and just seemed to dig a deeper hole each time she spoke….sometimes ya gotta just keep ypur mouth shut!
    Heh Daisy…my dream is to apply to this show, my friend has and the actual application process is mega off the chart long invasive…not sure though they gonna pick me a chick like me and a titanium hip!

    • SD, I thought that about the sweat, then thought it was rain.

      I don’t think a titanium hip is a deal-breaker. There’s been a guy with one leg. Mind you, he didn’t do well at beach volleyball.

      • It’s ok, Sioux, JLap would love yelling stuff like. “And even a titanium hip isn’t slowing down Sioux in this challenge!”

    • Same thoughts re the sweating – is it sweat, is he nervous, is it raining? Decided in the end that it was just hot, hot, hot. No indication of nerves. But then Reem laid a curse of torrential rain, which made me wonder if it was very lightly sprinkling already.

      (Oops, missed the keyboard with my name. Just a reminder that the fields still don’t auto fill, Juz)

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