Bachiedise airdate announced

Bachelor in Paradise kicks off April 9 on Ten.

I’m thinking Richie will last but Alex is an early boot.
And please tell me Paddy has to be medically evacuated in the first ep due to extreme sunburn.
This could be some good light relief after the awfulness of MAFS and before MasterChef returns. Who’s in?



  1. I’ll probably tune in, just to mock it here with you guys after-the-fact.

    I mean, watching Richie turn more women into lesbians? That’s high quality entertainment, right there.

    • At least she can talk. Hope they don’t fill the cast with tossers and Insta influencers. We need more Farmer
      wants a Wife type blokes on the show

      • She just reminds me of those girls who ruled the playground. I might be wrong. I would love to hear comments from her old school friends.
        She talked up not being a bully, but then called Justin “she” and “Alisha” behind his back. That to me at least says “mean girl”.

        And all that PWM talk. It can also stand for Pretty White Girl.

    • Oh you know they’re gonna fill the cast with self-obsessed strippers and gym junkies who all need a lesson in gender politics. But on the flipside, listening to this white rich thin famous pretty straight girl lecturing them on how easy their lives are would make for a long, long season.

  2. Apparently Ines is disappointed that she is not the new Barchette but she is still looking forward to furthering her media career.
    That’s the first time I’ve heard being a soft porn star described as a “media career”.

    • Given her abusive, toxic presence, it’s quite astounding that Ines is so self-involved as to think that we (or anyone, really) would want her to be the next Bachelorette. The men would end up jumping out the windows of the wo-mansion to escape her.

      Channel 10 wouldn’t stoop that low, would they? Y’know, forget I asked.

      • People on the official website were seriously suggesting it should have been Cyrell. No seriously, because of her authenticity. Hi carumba.

        • My gosh. If it’d been Cyrell, the contestants wouldn’t even have had the time to escape. It wouldn’t have been rose ceremonies, they would’ve had to bury bodies in the backyard.

          Although now I want to see her as a contestant on the Bachelor. The bullying mean girls wouldn’t last long, would they?

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