Bachiedise S2 cast revealed

We already knew about Richie and Alex Nation but the full cast of Bachelor in Paradise has been revealed.

Bad news: That tool Paddy (the Effin’ Fit guy) is on it. Good news: Vanessa Sunshine is on it. And that nice bloke James from Sophie Monk’s season.
You can read more here:



  1. Apparently Alex does finally hook-up with a girl on-camera. Geez, how many seasons have they teased that? It’d have to be Brooke from the Honeybadger’s season, wouldn’t it?

    I don’t recognise half the cast, and the ones I do recognise, I don’t like. Although I am psyched to see Vanessa Sunshine back. Which one was Rachel?

    As long as Wyse is back behind the bar, I’ll still tune in.

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