Daisy’s Bold recap – March 2019

Over to our beloved Bold and the Beautiful correspondent Daisy for the latest happenings in the Forrester family. (Oh, and did you all read the interview recently in which Dr Chris Brown was meant to have a guest spot on the show back in his younger days? He was supposed to play a long lost nephew of Ridges or similar, but it turned out he did not have the right visa. Shame – this was in the Ron Moss days so he had the right jawline for it.)
In February the Forresters were plunged into a Shakespearean melodrama, with the tragedy of Hope’s stolen baby. I know we are all impatient for the mystery to unfold and for Hope to discover the truth so she can grab Phebeth and run. But put our impatience aside to spare a thought for Hope. She missed out on breastfeeding her own child. We were never shown Hope’s post delivery milk issues. Sorry if that’s too much information, but I can’t help noticing that detail has been left out. The other detail that was ignored was the illegality of putting money in a suitcase and exchanging it for a child.

As we move into March, it’s predictable that one way or another, all will be revealed and there will be a traumatic return of Phebeth to Hope. As Steffy and Kelly mourn the loss of the daughter and sister respectively, and Hope rejoices that Beth is alive, Liam will have to look quizical because he won’t know what to feel. On the one hand, he is losing a daughter, Phebeth, but on the other hand he is gaining a daughter, Beth. How will Liam portray that emotion? And in whose house will he hang out? Will he need to console Steffy? Or will he be with Hope, changing nappies? Although not for long, because Beth will soon be in college. Hope has been doing a fairly good job of acting like she’s losing her marbles. She better not get too good or she won’t qualify for the show.

Over to Wipes and Sally, will they get out of bed? Will they wash their sheets? Or will they continue stuffing their faces, and throwing chips at each other in bed? It’s about time they did the deed in the shower. They have been a boring couple. Wipes even had more spark with Katy than with Sally. They profess their love for each other but are more like brother and sister.

Katy has been in the wings, so Orange Lurch might return. They are already married, which means they are due a divorce. Skeletor (Zoe) has been getting the juicy lines, playing detective and having to deal with her criminal father, while others, like Emma have slowly been fading into oblivion. Feisty Rick must have offended the wrong person, because he seems to have been given every soap actor’s kiss of death; being written out. At least he is now spending the rest of his pretend life in Paris.
Brooke also has been in the wings. I wonder if we will be able to notice the scenes where she is suddenly absent then returns from the IAC jungle, looking frazzled. It’s hard to watch her looking tough, when we have seen her looking like a frail, eccentric girlie girl with a small voice.
Anyhow, nothing much happened in February, so let’s hope that things get fired up in March. Bring back Ivy. I would have loved Doc Chris to have been able to get in there. He could have played Rick 2, fresh from Paris.
Au revoir for now.



  1. I just hope they don’t drag the baby switch mystery out for too much longer. I mean, by the time these numbskills get to the bottom of this, Phebeth will be in her twenties.

    And will it be Zoey who finally earns her (overly-generous) Forrester Creations pay-cheque and cracks the mystery?

  2. Daisy’s right that Hope is doing some of the better acting at the moment. The competition isn’t exactly hot, so it’s easy for her to raise the lemon bar…Sheila plays well the role of losing one’s marbles. She should be in the show, stalking Eric.

    Thanks for the recap/precap.The money shots of Liam etc.The orange beer and popcorn chuggers. All corn and not much pop.

    I don’t miss Rick but I do miss Bill’s sarcasm. Why mock him as Dollar Bill when Taylor got involved with the murky suitcase, fistful of dollars, which the producers ain’t done with yet?

  3. All switcheroo schlock today. Hope sees the chemistry spark between Liam and Steffy and bolts. Steffy thinks Hope’s crazy whilst psychologist Liam doesn’t. Hope is talking heaps of psychowaffle, actually. Liam is out of his depth acting wise here. Drowning.

    Zander makes a brief appearance and gets the lowdown from Zoe that she found adoption papers.

    Ridge and Brooke try to lift Hope’s black mood with flowers etc.

    No cliffhanger today.

      • It took me a while to get that, but when I did, it was a good one. Sort of thing Bill would say. I miss Bill……and Justin.

  4. Woolif and I will be away June, July, August and part of Sept this year. Woolif will be driving us around Europe starting in Paris. I can do June’s nightcap before we go but I would like to pass the quill on to another B&Ber for July, August and Sept. Or readers might like to take turns.
    It’s a little way off but something for you to ponder. It will be good to get a different flavour and also it will keep us up to date while Woolif tries keeping to the right side of the road. The only dlds we can get in France are American so that’s no good.

    • It’s a big gig. Today , for example, I fell asleep. The whole switcheroo could have been solved and I’m none the wiser……but the totally realistic plot is probably being dragged out like a Cagney death scene……but it could also have all happened between two cheesy commercial breaks.

      I’ve done it before when you were away and will do so again, daisy.. If Windsong, Sara wants, we can tag team arguably the worst show on television. Can someone do screen shots? Not my forte. Daisy has set high standards in this area. We desperately need shots of Liam, especially. The main thing is daisy isn’t left wondering what’s going on on the side of some deserted, European road. Woolif will want to be kept in the loopy loop as well.

      • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        What a great team we are. We take a show that’s like a pair of saggy undies and we turn it into a nylon purse. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Wowsers, Dave. You missed out.

    OJLurch dumped Katy. Not sure why yet, but it was civilized so far. I knew it was coming, but it seems precipitated by nothing. I will get a pic of the boring duo after sunset. I mean sunset here. There is too much reflection in the daytime.
    Oh no. It’s almost the, “It’s not you, it’s me speech”. Katy is dumped. Lurch has already got the divorce papers. There is no honour in this for Katy. It was just, “Myeh. You’re dumped. Buyers regret”. Not even a sordid romp in the purple undies.
    The next thing you missed; ta da! It always pays to peep through a tiny crack in a door. Zoe was a woman on a mission. She heads straight back to her father’s place just in time to hear Flo talking on the phone and dishing out info. Zoe will NOT be deterred. She is on the warpath. Zoe threatens to go to the police and Flo cracks. Ta da. And there is the cliff precipice. “Your dad switched the babies”.

    • I cannot believe I missed all that. See what I mean? Encore in morning. The show never fails to surprise. Sleep for thirty minutes and….

      Katie was real miserable and nasty during sister jigsaw scene last week. Something was brewing. Time for Katie to move on Erc in a few days. Little Will’s head will be even more screwed up


      • I know, right? The days I walk the dog at my local dog park, something good always happens on this show!

        But I just found today’s episode on TenPlay! Yay!

  6. “It’s not me, it’s you”. The writers couldn’t even be bothered coming up with a good reason. Neither could Lurch.

    • I loved listening to Lurch monologue for ten minutes about how much he loves Katie. He loves her so much he prepared the legal paperwork for an annulment before they sat down, prepped and ready to go! But gosh, he loves Katie just so much.

  7. Finally, finally, Zoey figures it all out, by holding Flo upside-down and beating her like a pinata until she comes clean. Okay, that may have been more interesting than what actually happened, but tonight, Flo admits the truth (that we figured out months ago), that Doctor Hooks switched the babies to sell one to Stephy and pay off a gambling debt, and Phoebe’s birth mother was named “Hope”. I’m fairly certain Zoey can figure the rest out from here.

    Meanwhile, Lurch is continuing with the quickest annulment in history (geez, he’s probably already married Brooke again or something), and every time something interesting looks like it’s about to happen, we have to quickly check back in with Wyatt and Sally. Spoiler alert! They’re still having sex. The pair of them must be risking dehydration, at this point.

    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Cheers, Windsong, although I must say, that spoiler shocked me.

      I noticed Zander has been relegated to the role of sounding board to Zoe’s lines. This week she searched her dad’s flat, went and told Zander, then teleported back to her dad’s place.
      BDD, I haven’t had subtitles on. Is it Zander or Xander…or Zanda? 😊 Or Zende?

      • Zander. Torso burns bright but no one home.

        Will $herlock Skeletor dob on Dr Hooks or be daddy’s girl and keep her enormous mouth shut?

        Little Will is a relationship counselor now. Katie’s been hit by a ton of bricks, having been left in the lurch again. Bill is made a scapegoat in the seedy deal.

        Sally and Wyatt’s room looks very trashed.

  8. Orange Lurch chose Valentine’s Day to ditch his dead weight wife! But it was out of love.

    Zoe might have trouble keeping her mouth slightly ajar, let alone shut. But her hair is looking lovely.
    Wipes and Sally get atrophe of the muscles for laying in bed for a month. But Wipes believes in Sally.
    This is Forrester Creations. That secret will be all over the place by Friday. Zoe to Zander to Pam who eavesdrops to Charlie, who Pam tells to Taylor who Pam and Charlie confront, to Ridge who gets wind of it while showering with Quinn. Or something like that.
    Or straight from the Zoe Zander chat to Little Emma who tells Zoe, “Either you tell Hope or I will”.

  9. Good Lord! Wipes and Katy make it from the bed to an armchair. They have become the Naked Narrators.

    And shock, horror..”The mother’s name is Hope”. Zoe, please hurry up and blab.

  10. All we need now is for someone to own up and tell Hope. But in true soap style it will go on and on and on …..

  11. Forget the shock of Doctor Hooks coming clean to Zoey about a prior patient having a stillborn baby, so Hooks swapped the healthy Beth, lied to Hope and Liam, and then sold the baby back to Stephy and Taylor.

    Wyatt actually got out of bed, put some clothes on and came to work today! Good lord in Heaven, it’s a miracle. Katie got the best line, though, talking about her sister has turned “getting married into a career”. Oh, good call, Katie.

  12. Zoe is enjoying her lines. I guess we won’t have to wait too much longer. I wonder if Dr Hooks will go to jail. I am guessing Hope and Brooke might not be thrilled at Taylor.
    Thorne never got to keep any of his promises of an exciting, wonderful life to Will.
    It’s a very poor segway from Orange Lurch back to Daddy Orbucks.

    Yes, Windsong, Wipes and Sally got out of bed, but was it to work, or to sit around planning Katy’s next love move?

    • “Wipes and Sally got out of bed, but was it to work, or to sit around planning Katy’s next love move?”

      Either way, at least everybody’s stopped having sex.

      Except maybe Lurch, but nobody really cares about him.

  13. Let’s Hope that Wipes and Sally had a good wash.

    I missed tonight’s because we are on the road to Busselberry (Busselton) Well past Busselton really. Nearly to Dunsborough.

    • Skeletor went to Steffy’s to blab but of course barnacle Hope is there and throws a spanner in the works, we’ll be teased and tortured by the producers for a while yet. Skeletor is waiting for her moment.

      Dr Hooks blames Flo for blabbing and Flo blames him for hatching the placental abruption sting.. He doesn’t know if Skeletor will blab and knows that the thugs he owed the money to won’t welcome a police investigation. The acting s atrocious.

      Katie didn’t see the Lurch dumping on her coming. Donna and Brooke try to comfort her.

      • We don’t even know if she told whatshisface on the car ride over to Steffy’s place. He probably thinks they’re just there to babysit, I mean let’s be honest, he’s pretty but he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

      • I am wondering how they can get annulments. OrangeL needs therapy. So should Will after being given an Orange stepfather who promised him the world, but who then pulls the paternal rug out from under his young legs. Weren’t we all picturing the three of them camping at Yellowstone, riding the rollercoaster at Disneyworld and white water rafting through the Grand Canyon.

  14. Skeletor is turning out to be as creepy as Dr Hooks. She went to Steffy’s and didn’t spill the beans. Gambling Daddy’s little girl. Acting skills sadly lacking here. Two wrongs don’t make a right. There’s parental abruption at work here.

    New improved Bill tries to lure Wyatt…and Sally back to Spencers.

    Hope continues to beat about the baby bush. Brooke looks good today.

  15. Brooke had a nice blouse on. I bought one like that. A Stevie May.
    Hope looked good too, in her wimpish way, and Stephie looked good pretending to go without make-up like a frumpy mummy.

    It’s good to have Bill back.

    Zoe; gggr COME ON! Just get on with it.

    Here’s my Stevie May blouse. I wear a bras with mine.

    • You didn’t miss much – I can’t remember what happened after a few hours. Bill spouting off, and the lovers in bed …..

  16. We can’t get no satisfaction.
    No Zoe today.

    Wipes and Sally return to bed. Donna has her boobs out. Bill is everyone’s hero.
    Wipes offers Sally a sweetener.

  17. Pudgy Wyatt and Sally are in bed again. He promises to revive Spectra Fashions at Spencer. Bill doesn’t know what’s coming.

    Justin flirts with Donna. Soon Bill and Katie will be back together, in spite of her denials.

    Liam goes off to see struggling momma Steffy. Brooke warns Hope that this is not such a great idea. She reads the tealeaves. Liam does whatever he’s told.

    No Zoe today , either.

  18. I was looking for a pudgy picture of a roasted pig, but then I didn’t need one. I just came home and took a screen grab.

    Remember when the Orange People meant something different.

    • It’s just weird how small his head is compared to the rest of him.

      Maybe he and Sally are just allergic to clothes?

    • It’s taken her all of several days to get over being dumped by Orange Lurch. But it’s all good ..because Bill has “changed” to being all about family now.

  19. More filibustering from the producers. In other words, no Zoe.

    Eric says goodbye to Sally from behind a desk. Isn’t he retired or is there a new FC intern under that desk?

    Family values are extolled again on this show, where people change partners like it’s a hillbilly square dance. But it’s LA.

    Wyatt finally, after crawling up Bill’s arse and declaring his love for Sally, gets Bill’s word on the reinstatement of Spectra…. so long as Wyatt doesn’t call him a ” dressmaker”. We know how this deal ends. Bill will be plonking Sally soon, just like he cuckolded Liam. The “fine details” in the deal Bill mentions that will be ironed out will see to that. Wyatt can go back to Katie and purple push ups.

    The last few minutes are a priceless scene between Hope and Liam, Hope again pushing Liam back to Steffy’s , who’s busy having daydream flashbacks of Liam back at her lonesome dive. Hope’s acting is good here, Liam’s well……..you have to see it. Hope tries to get rid of him like he’s a ( bewildered)Jehovah’s Witness at the door. He’ll go to Steffy’s.

  20. I am really wanting closure on babygate.

    BTW, I hate to say it, with all of her whimpering and simpering, but Hope is quite pretty, especially as she doesn’t have giant, padded lips.

  21. Bouncing ball Liam was set free by “hear me roar” Stephie not long ago, and now Hope is setting him free. He is like a budgie.

  22. Thomas is coming back, played by a different actor. Pity, I thought Thomas was rather gorgeous. He is coming with Douglas who is no doubt a teenager now.

    • Actually the whole Caroline/Thomas/Ridge storyline was a good one.
      Ridge leaves Katy for Caroline. Ridge has no tadpoles. Thomas has a big crush on Caroline and rapes her. Caroline and Ridge pretend the baby is Ridge’s. Ridge gets blackmailed by an unscrupulous doctor. The doctor gets hit by a bus. Katy snoops and forces Ridge to come clean to Thomas. Caroline ends up ditching Ridge for Thomas.
      How’s that for a nutshell?

      • The writers who came up with it should be in a nuthouse.

        Thomas was an airhead with abs as I recall. He inseminated Caroline one crazy night. He couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag.

  23. Steffi’s brother. Sally’s ex
    Long story, got Caroline pregnant whilst she was married to Ridge. And on and on …

  24. No Zoe today. This switcheroo should be the talk of the town at Il Giardino’s by now. Damn you, writers.

    Little Will is playing Cupid for Bill and Katie. He’s a sexpert already. Donna’s dropping hints , too. Soon Katie will swallow the package. Lurch has only been gone a week.

    Sally loves Wyatt for what he’s done or thinks he’s done.

    Hope’s at it again, forcing Liam off to “his family”. The sledgehammer comments about Hope’s strange bond with Phoebe keep coming. Steffy’s getting pissed of with crazy Hope.

  25. Thanks, Dave. It’s good to know in advance not to get my hopes up that Zoe has smashed the case wide open. Maybe Hope should call her in to model some lingerie for new yummy mummies. Then Hope could break down in tears and Zoe could cave.
    Or Zoe could crack and tell Zander while Pam is listening behind a pot plant with a plate of lemon bars.

    • Zoe could be kidnapped or unfortunate, untimely case of amnesia or hooked up to a vacuum cleaner hose , in a coma..

  26. Hasn’t Katie already married and divorced Bill twice already? My gosh, these Logan girls…

    Although I did laugh when Hope today said how she didn’t want to break up anybody’s marriage. My gosh, are we sure she’s Brooke’s daughter?

    I gotta say, though. Yeah, she’s still traumatised from what happened to Beth, but Hope’s constant hysteria (“It was my fault! I want to babysit Phoebe! Liam should be married to someone else!”) is just getting on my nerves, now.

  27. Grondhog Day at Forrester’s . In other words , No Zoe. Dr Hooks could be in the Bahamas, chilling by now~ with a rich woman.

    Instead there’s more of Liam and Hope freaking out about Hope’s hysteria. She takes her wedding ring off and Liam tries to talk her down and puts in back on.Shabby looking, stressed Steffy gets Phoebe and lets Hope hold her.
    No one cares about children on this show normally.

    How much time was wasted on the soppy goodbyes to Eric and Quinn from the beer chuggin’lovers Sally and Wyatt? Bill’s going to dud them for sure. He might have changed his underwear, but we know that’s about all.

    Child Sexpert Will is pushing Katie and Bill back together with his incisive questions. They all might go to a baseball game together. katie looks like the cat who got the cream. Bill was head over heels about Brooke and Steffy in the last six months. These folk only feel emotional pain for five minutes.

  28. Have fun, Sara. The speed at which these people move smoothly from one serious relationship into the arms of another should be studied by astro scientists.

  29. Oh Gawd. It really is Ground Hog Day. No one cares about Wipes and Sally. They can stay in bed for a week and still have no sizzle or charisma. If they were a food, they would be cold porridge without salt or sugar. Katy would be tripe. Bill might be hot salami. Hope is Blancmange. Liam is a quiche gone wrong. Stephie is black forrest cake. Brooke is a tart.

    Black forest and quiche had to give blancmange a tiny cupcake to shut her up.

  30. Bill explains the cold hard facts of life to Wyatt and Sally. It’ll be called Spencer Fashions but those beer chuggin’ fools are desperate enough to accept the condition.

    We find Skeletor shaking down Flo in the bar where Flo now works, with the “this must be kept a secret”. Because we could all go to jail. Just like a Michael Jackson ultimatum. Flo is eventually going to sing like a canary because she feels a twinge of compassion for Hope. Skeletor thinks Beth will be just fine with Steffy. This shit could go on for months. We need Dt. Sandwichez, tout de suite.

    Hope has an inexplicable feeling that “Beth is still here”. It’s a sick bastard who writes these sledgehammer lines. She has a hard time convincing the human quiche that she hasn’t lost her marbles. Liam is out acted at every turn. He tells Hope she can be a mother again. She already is quicheface.

    Skeletor has gone to the dark side with Dr Dr Hooks. All about family.

    • I was quite amazed, when I was listening to Flo’s horrified monologue to Zoey about how guilty she felt, and how it was so awful what Doctor Hooks had done to Hope.

      Um, Flo? Weren’t you in on the scam from the beginning?

  31. You said it well Dave and Windsong. I was as aghast as one could be seeing Flo, not only decide that she loves the town where she helped steal a baby, but that she, who signed the child away, now feels terrible guilt. And there has been a switcheroo as Zoe slaps her face to get her to snap out of it, and shakes some sense into her. Well she didn’t do that but it should have been written in. Zoe is now in deep. Up to her skinny knees in Daddy’s doo doo.
    And the creepy thing is that now little Phoebeth will be looking even more like Beth, wearing Beth’s cast offs. That is unless Stephie says, “Na aa. I am not dressing my child up as your dead baby”.
    I love that Wipes has been keen to throw Sally under the Spencer bus, and that she has seen the prospect of working under it preferrable to a potential promotion at Forrester. Spencer will now have it’s own S&M fashion house. I look forward to Bill interfering. Or sleeping with her.

    • “I look forward to Bill interfering. Or sleeping with her.”

      And you know he’s going to do both of those, sooner rather than later.

  32. Oh dear, thanks. Hve been away just a couple of days and caught yesterday’s ep this morning. I didnt miss a thing, your reviews are so much better. Bet there are more events on Neighbours. The storyline is sick and is going on far too long. You are right Dave, time for the brilliant detectives to be called in. So disappointed in Sally, giving up her dream, shouldn’t trust Bill, Sally.

  33. Ridge loves his grand daughter. Steffy is strugglingbeing a single mum to two babies. Ya reckon?
    Anyway…where is Taylor? Where is the Nanny, the house cleaner, the gardener and the send out laundry service?

  34. Quiche taking relationship counselling from Beer in Bed. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Oh good. Hope is going over to Bikini Bar so that the waitress there can overhear her sorry conversation. It looks like Flo might crack before Zoe. Zoe might have to go back to painting murals if they find out she knew and said nothing.

  35. At Bikinis Flo is just about to spill her guts to Hope when Skeletor spots them and comes over to distract the whole business. Skeletor convinces Hope that Flo is the birth mother. So near but so far. These low life producers would force feed a diabetic a candy bar.

    I can see cement shoes for Flo. She wants to sing. Skeletor is the spawn of Satan. We know jail in LA ain’t so bad. Ridge had a great time.

    The quiche counselling was just appalling viewing. Bland leading the bland. Welcome back, Sara. Nothing’s happened. Schlock City.

    Ridge has a new hairdo.

  36. I’m hooked on Aircrash Investigation atm. That’s similar to watching Liam act.

    Well actually, that’s not fair. ACI is quite rivetting. Woolif thinks I am being grim, but I enjoy the engineering aspects.

    • So Liam and Hope will crack the case.
      Wipes will crack on to Flo the baby thief.
      Bill will crack open the champagne (when Sally is dropped).
      I need crack for watching.

      • Liam and Hope are figuring something’s weird with Skeleturd and Flo.

        Hope’s never seen Skeletor “so intense”.

        Wyatt said that Sally makes him happy but we know that’s about three weeks for Wyatt. Flo can do better than pudge.

        I guess Dr Hooks has disappeared like Hannibal Lecter by now.

  37. Pudgy & Balding bumps into (out of his league) Hottie who he once dumped with no text, card or call. Then he woos her by explaining all his Mommy issues, and then his Daddy issues. For about 30 minutes, Wipes completely forgets he is “with somebody”. Then…and oh boy!….. then he invites his beautiful ex over so Sally can meet her competition. Wipes has all the moves. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  38. Big dinner party with Flo,Wyatt, Hope and Liam. Stillbirths and windy nights are discussed. Liam decides to get Flo drunk . Loose lips sink ships.

    Teary, guilt ridden Flo was just about to blurt and fade to black.We’ve been cheated once again. No cliffhanger. It could be all Katie and Bill tomorrow.

    Zander and Zoe have a boring dinner date in some plush joint. Abysmal acting aplenty.

    Let’s not get carried away with Flo blurting tomorrow. The phone may ring or Zoe could drop in to get a cup of sugar.

  39. Close but no cigar. Flo clammed up when she remembered Flo threatening her with a jail sentence. Weirdest dinner party of all time. No cliffhanger. Ripped off again. We may never have closure. They gotta bump Flo off before she sings.

    Zoe and Zander do the deed. The beast with two backs that can’t act..Who cares? They haven’t got a brain between them.

    Taylor reminds Steffy that Liam should be there, helping.

  40. Oh come on! They are dragging this baby story out like a sentence on death row. Flo keeps going to the edge but not jumping. Let’s hope she takes the plunge tomorrow. That dinner party was tragic; with the two grieving moms front and centre. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.
    I ffdd Taylor and Steffy yammering meaninglessly.

  41. Groundhog Day.

    Dr Hooks shows up and looks like he’s going to soil his cheap pants. Hope and Skeletor both want to bust but I think Dr Hooks will do something evil to keep the sting going. The acting in this scene is deplorable…..but you knew that , anyway. Liam and Hope’s convo lowers the bar further.

    Dr Hooks is gonna kidnap or kill Flo, right? Or drug her to an amnesic state.

    Wyatt is getting kind of warm.

  42. Let me write tomorrow’s story in case none of it happens.
    Dr Hooks tries to bar Flo and Zo from going. In the fracas Zo falls over and cracks her skull. While Daddy Evil tends to Zo, Flo drives off through the rain to tell Hope the truth (because she can’t just call). Through the pouring rain, and streaming tears of guilt and shame, she makes it to Hope and Liam’s place, even though she doesn’t know their address. We were all expecting a car crash along the way, but she just makes it.
    As fate would have it, Stephy shows up at Hope and Liam’s place, making the life changing (for Hope…it makes no difference to Liam) words stuck in Flo’s mouth, as she peers through a window. Dr Hooks also arrives and tries to struggle with Flo on the porch. He has a gun. It goes off. Hope, Liam and Steffy run out to see what’s happening. They find Flo injured. Dr Hooks runs off into the night and gets hit by a truck. Flo manages to weakly speak the revealing truth. Steffy looks horrified. Hope looks shocked and bewildered. Liam looks like he can’t decide what shoes to wear.
    Sally and Wipes lie naked in bed and discuss Flo, Hope and Liam.

    There. If we don’t get things moving along tomorrow, at least we have it here.

  43. Bad, bad, bad acting from Devil Daddy.
    What? Is he a hypnotist that he just walks in the room, casts his spell on Flo and Zo and they fall into line? And Zo thinks the solution is simply for Hope to get pregnant again.
    I have sent April in this arvo.

    • It better not be Groundhog month. By the look on Zo’s face he got it across with a stinky fart. Let’s hope Flo is immune.

  44. This is all too much. I thought it would have been resolved ages ago – poor Beth will be a teenager soon.

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