1. I’m dipping in and out too. I love Amanda Keller. I’m not to keen on grants facial hair. Not sure which contestants I like yet. I don’t really enjoy Constance blog but she is A good performer

    • Yes, what’s with the beard? Don’t know why he did that. Not a fan of beards. Don’t like it on Matt Preston either. It looks horrible on him.

  2. Grant looks like he needs his face washed. If he got an ear-ring, it would complete the bizarre, got-it-so-wrong, trying-too-hard look.

  3. Yes, so upset to see Denise go. Would have thought she’d have more fans than some of the more obscure people. Who’s voting for Karl’s ex & the blogger? Who the hell has ever heard of her?

    • I’m dipping in to DWTS occasionally. I like Curtly, Jimmy Giggle, and Sam. Last night’s episode was a bit tedious because I’m not very interested in every contestant’s motivation, life-changing moment, or sad story.

      I did see Denise’s exit. Sorry to see her go because she was comic relief in the chatty parts. She said she was tired, though, and seemed relieved to be out of it.

  4. Is it just me or is there quite a gap between those that can dance and those that are struggling?! In previous series, ive never noticed so many of them struggling with the dancing.
    I kinda ffwded most of last night. Personally don’t need to see a story behind every dance. just happy to see them having fun giving dancing a go.

  5. I am not watching, as it is not my cuppa tea, but I can see the appeal for others. It is not rating wonderfully, but I keep seeing lots of people who are enjoying it. It might pick up if the buzz gets loud enough. I hope so, because we need the variety.

  6. I am (not) voting with my heart. Denise is a natural comedian. I would have liked her to go further. Channel10 needs a good tv host who can adlib naturally. Give Denise more work. I continue to love Mr Giggle as he and his wife seem so beautifully ordinary. Go Jimmy Giggle. I also like the guy who danced for his sister, but like others, I am no fan of milking misfortune to win a talent show.
    No one ever has a back story where they had a normal, happy childhood.

    I agree with Erin re the people who seem to have had some prior dance experience and the novices, but they always do that on dwts.

    I am loving Amanda. She too is so natural.

    • I don’t care that people have already had previous dance experience, I assume most actors / presenters etc have had some dance training in their time, and I doubt the show would rate at all if all the celebs were crap dancers. I’m actually surprised how many of them are struggling.

  7. Denise for co-host with Amanda next year? I enjoyed her giving the “mean” judge a bit of good-natured stick in return

    • There is an article on the mean judge in TV Week. He judges on Strictly come dancing in the UK & some woman slapped his face because he was nasty to a celebrity she liked. Would have loved to have seen that. he said he doesn’t care what people think of him.

      • He is just playing a role. I prefer Denise’s response. It’s like thinking Bill ob B&B is a real villain and shooting him. 😂

  8. Well that was an insane result. I wonder if the producers regret having the combined dance without which Olympia would still be there. That combined dance was terrible. She is a much better dancer than most who are still there.

  9. Watch Craig. He looks like Tom Hanks.
    Watch Denise. She looks like Aunt Clara from Bewitched.

    But it’s great to see Denise co hosting.

  10. Good Lawd. Great dancers are getting bumped. Is it always just a popularity contest? Curtly looked embarrassed tonight to be staying while really good dancers with much higher judges scores are getting the boot.

  11. People on the dwts official fb page are spewing that Olympia went last week, now Michelle; both great dancers with high scores from the judges while Curtly is still there. The comments over and over are basically that it’s ridiculous, a joke.

  12. Okay. I’m done. All of the best dancers, bar Courtney Love were beaten by a guy with two left feet. And now that Jimmy Giggle has gone to look after his family, there is nothing left I want to see. Bye dwts.

  13. Am I the only person watching DWTS?
    Nice to see Jimmy Giggle back. I miss him.
    And Courtney is fabulous, and not only dance wise, I hope she wins.

    • Oooo. I mean, “Hoot”. I will watch it now that you told me that Jimmy Giggle is on. Thanks for that, Bobi. I had stopped watching once he left because it was ridiculous that bad dancers were being kept in oner good dancers.

  14. Oh dear. The wrong person won.
    I am very sympathetic to Samuel’s charity but I just find him annoying. Still, all those people voted.
    Apparently money from the voting is not donated, unlike IMAC. Odd, hey?

    • I didn’t mind, but I find his carry-on ott to the point of fake.
      Grant had a dirty face. I hated Amanda’s outfit. It was only for the slender and even then, I wouldn’t like it.
      Well that’s a grumpy way for me to begin my day. I only ffd through it last night to see Jimmy the Hoot.

      • I am sympathetic to Samuel Johnson’s cause, but I am not a fan either. We usually see Amanda and go “Take that Julia Morris” as she usually looks great. oops.

        I don’t mind DWTS but can equally easily miss it and not even notice!

    • I’m not a fan of Grant but I would imagine his dirty face was because he was in pain. He is just out of hospital and I’m guessing he’s using pain killers to meet his contractual obligations.
      I agree about the dress. I’ve seen Amanda look lovelier.

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