General chat – March

Time for a new general chat thread. It’s 40C here again today so I am catching up on the last season of Project Runway All Stars. It’s an all-winners season and includes two designers who won the Australian series.
What are you watching?



  1. Well Juz I’m in SA a couple of suburbs from you, and I’m watching Project Runway Allstars episode 9 right now! I have no idea about fashion but I totally love this show!
    I just finished watching season 2 of Mr Mercedes on Foxtel, and I’m watching MKR and MAFS. Plus lots of other shows whilst trying to keep cool, work full time and juggle 3 primary school aged kids.
    Thanx again for the blog, I read all the comments.

    • Mmm. That sounds like my cup of tea. But Woolif has just started Min Hunter so I will have to wait. 😍

      Thanks for the new thread, Juz. 😊

    • How good is this cool change, Izobel2? Albeit humid. Mr Juz has just taken Mr 7 to a Fringe show – hopefully they can hear it over the noise of the race cars.
      On PR I just watched the metallic challenge so am a few eps behind you. I like All Stars better than the normal series as no annoying Heidi. But they are not making that any more, I think. I am enjoying watching Count Dmitri keep his cool and not buy into the drama. Irina’s taste I just don’t get. One of the Aussies is doing well so yay

  2. Here’s some random…I lost 6kgs in the last 4 weeks. It’s the good side of bad stuff.
    I’ll be skinny enough to go on PR. 😛

  3. This is the place to complain about the Clive Palmer political ads.
    What is wrong with those those women that are happy to put their faces on national tv to his bizarre ideology? How embarrassment – or it will be in the future.

    • And why do they keep pronouncing billion as “thousand million”? It’s awkward and it sounds silly as hell. Clive’s problem — one of many — is that he’s a rich businessman and if anybody normally says “no” to him, he can just fire them. It’s all just sef-obsession and ego running amok. So he’s doing this because nobody’s telling him “this is a stupid idea”, and even if they were, he’s too self-obsessed to listen to them. Wait until the party gets absolutely annihilated at the election.

    • I think he thinks that it worked for Trump so it could work for him.
      Thank god there are still huge differences between us and them.
      And thank god for compulsory voting so that minorities can’t dominate the outcome.

      • My only problem with compulsory voting is what you see when you watch Hot Seat, or watch a bunch of boofheads and their girlfriends stagger and guffaw. But maybe that’s just Bunbury.

        • Clot Seat.

          Yes, Clive P and Corey Bernardi both think they’re Donald Trump.

          Still, what do I know~ who the …. is Luke Perry?

          • Dave, Luke Perry was one of the stars of Beverley Hills 90210, which was a tv show/soapie that was very popular in the ’90’s.

            I didn’t watch the show then, but it was so popular that I somehow know most of the characters anyway. Osmosis I guess.

            I think a lot of the shock over Perry’s death is because he was only 52.

          • He was also in the terrible Buffy the Vampire slayer movie. Thank goodness they persevered and went on to make the TV show

          • 😱 oh no. I looooove ❤️ the original Buffy movie. It had all sorts of familiar faces and I do love a really good B grade movie. There’s something so fun about watching actors having a good time.

  4. My only problem with compulsory voting is what you see when you watch Hot Seat, or watch a bunch of boofheads and their girlfriends stagger and guffaw. But maybe that’s just Bunbury.

  5. Yay, new general chat thread!

    TV-wise, there’s not a lot I’m watching, right now. I’m itching for “Have You Been Paying Attention?” to come back on, but that’s about it. The Foxtel “Binge” and “Season Boxset” channels are currently on Game of Thrones marathons, one season per day. I expected they’d do that, in the lead-up to the final episodes premiering in April (which I will be watching). It’s nice to catch up, though, although I’ve still never seen season 1 (not that it matters, since the plot’s moved on so much since that point). I read somebody online refering to GoT as “American rot”, pornography and violence masquerading as high literature, and I can see that, because honestly, I really don’t see why the series is *so* astonishingly popular (it’s just sword-and-dragon medieval fantasy with an emphasis on both politics and gratuitous violence), but I’m committed now.

    Every now and then I dip into “Home and Away”. I started watching it last year, when I was stuck at home for a lengthy period of time (and TV was about the only thing I had). It’s amazing how little the storylines have progressed in a year. These two are still having marriage dramas, these guys are still from the wrong side of the tracks, this woman wants to have this guy’s babies via IVF but his current girlfriend isn’t happy about it, on repeat, etc etc. I loved the story of Ty (he and Ryder’s storyline re: Ty realising his sexuality was quite sweet) but then they ran out of ideas and wrote the kid out of the show (screw you, writers). My favourite character is Dean, at the moment. The actor has cheekbones that could cut diamond, and the most amazing blue/green eyes. Plus he’s the cliched bad boy with a good heart, and I’m a sucker for that.

    Also, might as well confess. I’m an old-school Power Rangers fan, and the new season starts today in the US (I have to download, the Australian networks tend to shunt it around whenever there’s a gap in programing for kids). Saban Brands bought the show off Disney 8 years ago, but last year, Saban Brands sold it on to Hasbro (the company that’s behind the Transformers franchise). It’s all about the toys, right? In Japan, the toy company Bandai Japan still is a big part of the show, but in America, Bandai America is no part of it anymore. But Hasbro bought the rights, so Hasbro shares joint ownership of a property alongside a competing toy company. It’s a weird situation. But the new series starts and I’m excited to see what Hasbro’s done with the show (because the last 8 years under Saban Brands were awful, awful television, and frankly, it can’t have gotten worse).

    Sorry to hear about your health troubles, Daisy. I always lost weight during my issues last year, and when I was sick in January I lost about 3 kilos (I’ve since put it back on). Me, I’m determined to have a good March. I want to write more (I had a great idea for a chapter of my current project in February, but I didn’t do much with it. Feb was a rough month), I want to go out more and spend more time with my friends, and have some more adventures. I recently joined a new group of people (I saw them on and I hope I made a good first impression, ’cause they seem like a cool bunch of people and I wanna hang out with them more (but for a couple of months, I’m still the new guy).

          • I am too, you know? I think it’s the writer in me. I just love hearing people’s stories. In 36 years, I have yet to meet a single person who wasn’t fascinating.

          • I had a job where I was allowed to ask deeply personal questions. I love people: there was never met a boring backstory. Mind you, I could move the conversation around as I got the information I wanted.
            I did a writing course (which was fun) but the actual writing is hard work. Kudos to you.

          • Mostly I stick to fanfic. It’s a hobby and it keeps me sane (most of the time). But I went through a period in 2010 where I was published in a few places. I earned quite a bit of money doing that, actually.

        • Daisy, you missed a chance to string us along by saying you auditioned for Survivor and have been training with Lydia to prepare … 😉

  6. I am watching Counterpart and loving it. I always seem to be late to some of the SBS shows. It’s a bit different but still thrilling in a thriller/mystery type of way.
    And Capitain Underpants is my other go-to. I know it’s at the other end of the spectrum but oddly enjoyable for a children’s show. I like the way it’s structured.
    I am really admire people who can take something simple and present it with a twist. I wish I was creative like that.

    • I know!!! My teenager has been watching Riverdale and I’ve been trying to make her realise just how big he was back in the day. To see him playing the dad instead of the spunk is weird. (Not as weird as Molly Ringwald’s lips, mind you).
      So I feel super old and mortal now that actors that I grew up with and are similar ages to me are falling off the perch. Mind you, i think post 90210 there was quite a bit of substance abuse for Luke? Maybe that was part of the underlying cause. . . .I feel sad in any event.

    • Hinting at my past life (not in medicine), did you know that the average age of a heart attack is 42?
      A stroke is just the same thing but a brain attack.
      I try to tell people but we all think we are immortal. None of us are young.

  7. I accidentally put this on the wrong thread, but here it is.
    Add Hair Supply (Any unwanted places…maybe hubby’s nostril hair)
    Deaf Leopard.
    Belly Roll Blues.

  8. We are heading to Busselton for the weekend. Iron Chef (youngest son) payed for a weekend away at Siests Park with him and his family. Christmas present. I love Siesta Park. Great location. Nice cottages. Oden day style setting. You know; when like when holidays in Australia were affordable for everyone. Cheaper than most resorts. 😊 IC will have events planned.

  9. Jan-Michael Vincent was my first crush. I feel so old.
    It has been a really bad couple of weeks for deaths.
    And just to show that I might be a little bit nerdy, the guy who invented the pocket calculator (Jerry Merryman) has died. Not enough publicity.

    • it looks lovely Daisy. the photos are really evocative.
      We go camping to a place up the north coast of NSW – Woolli – that has a similar vibe. Mind you there is nothing much there but a big wide, clean river and a servo that sells hot chips – so if you catch fish you can buy chips to go with it!

  10. Finished the weekend with lunch at the Barnyard before driving home. The restaurant is pretty cool (like most things down south). There was a functioning vinyard, chooks, a fish pond and a good playground.

  11. I’ve been making the most of March, so far. I feel like I’m starting to get back to my old life, well, the good parts of it at least. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my friends, and now I’m in this group where I can make a whole bunch of new ones, so that’s fun. I’m seeing a new psychologist (who seems nice enough. Only two appointments so far, but I’m enjoying our sessions together). I read this book that he recommended. And because I’m unemployed, I’m trying (and succeeding) to be very careful with my spending, so I’m doing well.

    I went out this morning, actually. Just wandered around for a bit and bought a paper, nothing fancy. But getting home, I was fine until (almost exactly) 3:30, at which point, I suddenly couldn’t keep my eyelids open, and had to sleep for an hour. It’s like, exhaustion just sneaks up on you, and you’re perfectly fine until suddenly, BAM, bat to the face, you’re down. I don’t know whether it was just the heat, or the exercise. But I looked down at my body tonight and just thought, “I don’t know how this thing works anymore.” I don’t know whether I’m still halfway through the recovery process, or if this is just my new ‘normal’. It’s so weird.

    I also had a Kinder Surprise egg after dinner and got a little snowman Christmas decoration (I’m trying to complete the set. 6 down, 2 to go), so that was nice.

    • Hmmmm. Very intriguing, Windsong. Thankyou for being so open. AND it’s very well written. It’s so good to have a group here where we can talk and even let off steam. Be vulnerable even. 💖💖💖

      • Well, Australian reality TV shows are hardly everything … 🙂

        January, I was finding my feet a little (writing a chapter, and then I got sick in the last week), and then February was such an awful slog. I kinda just drew a line in the sand and said, March is it, this is where I start finding my feet again. The last couple of weeks, it feels like I’m starting to pick up the pieces, you know? Reassemble this shattered mess. I’m putting the good bits back into place, and trying to fix the broken bits. And I’m still a work in progress, and I’ve got a long way to go, but it feels like I’m off to a good start.

        I’m still miles away from figuring out the career thing. And I’m still not writing much. I was halfway through something (six chapters into a twelve chapter story) at the end of 2017, and then my life went to shit, so the whole thing went on the backburner. And it’s frustrating, because I really like the story and I don’t want to just trash it, but it’s slow-going. That’s what I want to work on next.

      • It took jk Rowling 5 years to write the first Harry Potter book, etc, etc, and many, many more examples as I’m sure you are aware. Good things take time.
        Half way is amazing. You should be proud.
        I have been stuck on chapter 1 for three years – but I tell myself I am enjoying the process. And whenever I get worked up, I remind myself that if I iron one thing a day, then my life is in control and the rest doesn’t matter.

    • Take care of yourself Wind. Hats off for taking care of your finances. That is still on my ToDo list. oops. Current behaviour: “spend like drunken sailor on god knows what and look amazed that there is no money in bank”.

      • 😂😂😂😂 I went out yesterday and bought about 8 bottles of good nail polish and some eye shadow. I’ll call it my bipolar moment.
        I haven’t bothered wearing either for years, perhaps decades.

        Windsong, I hope your mojo (vitality) returns. It’s certainly there in print.

      • I think people think I’m terrible with my money because I like books and toys and DVDs and nice lunches and tasty desserts, but I know when and how to spend, I’m actually pretty financially responsible. I just don’t have any income, right now, but if I did, I’d be being very responsible with it :).

    • Windsong, you had me until you wrote Kinder Surprise. Do we need to have a TTV intervention about why dark chocolate is the best choc?

      • I find dark chocolate a bit too bitter (which I know is ironic, because sweet chocolate is a very modern invention. Chocolate is meant to have that bitter taste). But I like Kinder Surprises because it’s that beautiful blend of white and milk chocolate together, it’s so soft and creamy.

        Plus, you get the cool toy. They always release a new set of little Christmas toys, every December, and these ones were really cute. I’ve managed to get 6 of them, and I’m just hoping to get Santa and the Polar Bear to complete the set of 8.

      • Kinder surprise is my favourite “normal” chocolate. I think it’s because it is just a taste … and then there’s a surprise! Yay!
        I find it’s the small indulgences that bring me the most joy.
        Stay well.

        • I get a thrill every time I get a free coffee on my coffee card. Or when Mr 7 does not have a meltdown and instead surprises me by getting dressed at first ask. You have to take the little wins and joys

  12. Is no one but me watching DWTS? I watched more of that than MKR last night. It’s entertaining, although they continue to preface every dance with more of a contestant’s back story, which doesn’t interest me.

    My main man Curtly is till there, as is my current (inappropriate) crush, Jimmy Giggle. Amanda asked Curtly last night if he was happy with his score and he gave such a sublimely tactful and respectful answer that I cheered him.

    • I am watching, Von. Yes, Curtly’s reply to Amanda was so gracious.

      Never mind who the best dancer is, my favourite is Jimmy Giggle. What a great personality. I might have to start watching Hoot, just to get my dose of Jimmy Giggle.

    • I’m bouncing between MKR, MAFS (when I can stomach it) and Game of Thrones marathons on cable. I don’t have space for a fourth show, I’m afraid.

    • I move in and out. I did see the interview with Cutly and I am a huge fan, plus, of course, it must be difficult with all those legs.
      And me too with Jimmy Giggle.
      Plus the gay guy. Charlotte? I can’t recall.
      Maybe I watch more than I think. They are favourites.

      • Courtney? The actual dances are much shorter now than they were on the old show; rarely is anyone out of breath at the end of a number.

        I try to watch how Curtly moves his feet to get an idea of how he’s dancing, but I keep getting distracted by those long, long legs.

        Karl’s ex was eliminated lasted night. Good. I’ve had enough of both of them.

  13. And speaking of DWTS, what is this obsession with Karl’s hairline?
    There was an interview with his ex-wife where she was interrogated about it, didn’t want to comment, said it had been three years since they split up, and now they are implying that she had a go at him. Give me (and them) a break. Neither of them can win and I’m a bit bored with it all.

      • I don’t know, I feel like, I’d be slightly more satisfied if the show was crashing, ratings-wise, while Karl was still there.

        • I think it did which is why they fired him but it’s almost impossible to win an audience back, especially as it took them so long to bite the bullet.
          It’s a shame for those remaining who had to tolerate him in his heyday.

  14. Now Pointless is off and Grant back on with some stupid show. He’s a hopeless host and why do Ch10 keep finding things for him. They’ve even got his daughters in an ad fir Ch10.

  15. Oh well, what interesting times… I was in Paris yesterday doing a baking class for eclairs at Le Cordon Bleu. I was amazed I understood everything the chef said and did not need the translator at all. They always provide an English speaker as most attendees are not French.
    It was fun and the results were delicious. Unfortunately we had really crappy weather again and the strong winds made my bag tip over and ruined my eclairs. My team will have to scoop everything out with a spoon.

    I am also preparing to quit my job. Hopefully voluntarily with a nice severance pay. Turns out our company announced layoffs in February. 8% of the people. Our CEO called it “one of his top 5 career-difficult moments for him personally”. I am sure he wipes his single tear off with a 100 dollar bill. And I am sure those people fired right away feel for him. He also announced it during the earnings cal with shareholders. Lucky gor them, even though the stock prices were down, the news of firing 800 people company-wide made the stock go up again. We heard the news in the evening and had to wait until next day how France will be affected. And boy it did. 30% of the positions will be most likely terminated. I guess we were hit the hardest out of all offices. That means 134 people could lose their jobs. And now comes the actual fun part.
    Soooo, our company had record earnings for 2018. Like really a lot of money. In France, it is extremely difficult to get rid of people. We were told in mid-February. And now the Work Council/Union is negotiating with the company regarding severance pay and who will be let go. This will at least take until May. Or even longer. Which means no one knows their fate for several months.

    I wanted to leave anyway, so for me it is less of a threat than actually a chance to restart my life. But I feel sorry for those who really want to stay (some because the just bought a house or apartment like some of my friends, or because they have to provide for a family, some because they have no other perspectives). So yeah, I feel a bit guilty because I want to leave and am rather happy this opportunity opened up. If it is a good package, I will do the pastry chef training at Le Cordon Bleu. Or open a little cake shop, possibly in homecountry. Not sure yet.

      • Yeps, love living here. I have been an expat for nearly 11 years now. I am still undecided whether to go back to German or stay in France. Thing is, I sometimes feel homesick. I miss my sister and my nieces. But there is also that little thing of: Germany annoys me. During vacation, the first few days are nice. But then I remember why I wanted to leave back then. Why Germany might be my place of birth – but not my home. There are so many things that are so bourgeois. And not in a good way. Everything has to be supercheap, buraucracy is sooo slow. Whenever you go to a shop, the salesperson starts chewing your ear off with the most stupid smalltalk.^^ I hate that. Everyone is so tense, no one takes their time for anything. The French are so much more relaxed. They might not be the most welcoming people in the world, but at least they do not annoy you with silly smalltalk.^^

        • Haha. You wouldn’t like Australia then. We are known for talking to strangers and it’s usually small talk. Coffee and small talk…with a lovely view …heaven.

          • Well, Germans are very specific. It is actually really hard to explain. My best friend knows exactly what I mean, she feels the same way. I guess you have to have been to Germany for a longer time to grasp it. I wasn’t bothered by chitchatting Irish people when I lived in Cork for 2 years. But the German blabla bothers me.
            A friend from school lives in Australia, she loves it there but also feels that way when she is back home visiting her family.

        • I met someone from Czechoslovakia recently, and he said that he much prefered living in Australia to living in Europe, because in Europe, the further south you go (in terms of Spain, Italy and Greece), the ruder everybody gets, and the further north you go? It’s just too cold. Didn’t put me off visiting, one day, but I did think it was hilarious.

    • Thanks. 🙂 It is going to be rather difficult decision. A cake shop in Versailles or Paris would just be everything. But there are already so many great patisseries and bakeries around. Plus rents are unbearably high. Though the French appreciate good food. They appreciate the effort you put in and they pay well gor good things. Germans, well, as long as it us cheap, they like it.

      • A little cake shop sounds divine. Haven’t been to France in 20 years but I follow David Leibovitz’s posts.

      • Australia actually is rather interesting. But as a European, it is basically at the end of the world. And I have to add that I turn into a clawless lobster when I spend time in the sun.^^ And you have wayyyyyy too many spiders!

    • And he is in the Senate after getting only 19 votes!! We had a lot of pollies resign recently on technicalities due to forgotten dual citizenships laws, so he was a fill-in.

      • We have retards like this one as well. A party full of it called AfD. 2 years ago they held a speech that political correctness belongs onto the trash pile of history. So a German satirist called their party leader a Nazi slut. She sued him and lost, the judhes decided to protect the freedom of speech.
        And France has Marine le Pen. Just google her and her father. Horrible people.

        • And the irony of it is, that in Australia political correctness forbids the use of the term retards. Go figure.

    • I saw this yesterday. I can’t approve of publicly assaulting someone, but I still want to give this guy a high-five and tell him, “You’re awesome, son.”

      Anning is vile, though. In my mind, using Nazi rhetoric in a speech in parliament means you deserve a lot worse than an egg to the face. This kind of hatred is the thing that leads to mass-murder and bodies lining the street.

      A friend of mine once said that, this isn’t about free speech. Ideas of white supremecy and “final solutions” aren’t political opinions, they’re just hatred. And talking about in the context of, “Oh, it’s just a different political viewpoint” is normalising and justifying ideas that should never be normalised, that should never be justified. The end result of this racial supremecy garbage is mass murder (like we saw in Christchurch, like we saw in that church shooting in America, like we saw in Germany in the 1940s, like we see time and time again), and that’s not a political issue. My disgust at people like Anning has nothing to do with politics. I despise racist ideology because I’m a human being who finds this conduct utterly reprehensible.

      And that’s the danger of people like Anning. Taking extremism and making it normal.

      • I agree with anti-anning. He is beyond terrible. And his tone deaf “blame everyone but my ultra right buddies” inflames an already inflammatory situation.
        My main concern is that the egging, while harmless (and totally undeserving of the thumping) takes the debate to that low level. However the bad part of me did enjoy it even though I disprove of “violence”.

  16. The really vile thing is that his views may lead to an increase in votes for him.
    The good news is that Milo Yiannopoulos has been banned from entering Australia.
    I’m all for free speech but I’m against people making a living from spreading hate.

    • Yep! Mind you when the hypocritical President of the USA offers sympathy to NZ and offers help I don’t know how Jacinda Adern didn’t just say ” well, you could shut the F*(^%) up with your insane propaganda for a start – that’s partly why we are here today”,
      This is probably why I am not a world leader.

      • Jacinda Adern is, like, one of the classiest people in the world.

        When I look at all the prime ministers that Australia has had to suffer through for the last decade, it’s just depressing.

  17. There was political correctness, and still is in Communist China and in Nazi Germany so I am dead against it. It leads to fear of speech when there is a predetermined “party line”. The resemblance between political correctness and regimes where you could or can be imprisoned for thinking against the law terrifies me. I believe in kindness and consideration but I don’t believe in controlling speech. I don’t know what the solution is. It’s a crowded world full of opposing ideas. And the more jam-packed we get, the more elbows will bump.
    If world population continues as it is, none of this will matter. In the meantime, think your own thoughts while you still may. Happy Oirish Day.

  18. If you are a hate preacher, does it make any difference who you hate? Hatred is hatred. I find it disturbing in it’s lack of insight when people think it doesn’t count if you hate the right people, eg those who disagree with you, yet think they are standing for tolerance. “I am for tolerance and won’t tolerate anyone who disagrees with me”. Throw love not eggs. 😂

      • It’s just, I look at ultra-conservative types who whine about “hate speech” and having their opinions censored, and I think, do you read history textbooks and get upset at the Allies for not tolerating the Nazi’s political ideas, and responding instead with tanks and bullets and missiles? I’m fairly certain that in Germany these days, if there’s even a hint that you’re a Neo-Nazi, they just throw you in prison. Germany remembers, more than anyone else in the world, where the road of unchecked hatred leads.

        People spreading hate don’t deserve the respect of tolerance and freedom, and they’re not going to get any from me.

        • This world seems to have no shortage of hatred. And I don’t think we need more.
          I despair at where the world is at.

  19. Fair comment, Windsong.
    I also don’t agree with book burning because who gets to decide or control what pple may read. That’s a dangerous door to open. I guess people my age would have seen movies with scenes like that.
    There are no easy or simple solutions. I was a rebel in high school so I don’t want a govt controlling my thoughts or words. Even if it’s a nice govt….like the Amish.
    Maybe that’s what we need. More Ghandis.
    To be honest, I think it seems we are sitting on a powder keg of hostilities and issues, and I don’t know who doesn’t have egg on their hands.
    I am just playing devil’s advocate …or mine detector. A long time ago, I thought Jesus was coming, so these days, life has taught me that keeping an open mind keeps egg off my face. It doesn’t mean I don’t hold opinions. I do. But I have been wrong about things in the past, and will be wrong about 20 more times before I die. 😁

    • I, too, am in two minds about the egging. In principle, I don’t like it. It’s just another form of “lesser” violence, but Anning is such a douchbag. Sadly, much as I sympathise with the lad, I think I have to come down on the side of ‘against’. There can’t be any shades of grey with violence.
      And I also suppose this is where we may differ on degrees of political correctness. I’ve been on the receiving end of rudeness from people who persist with the view that they won’t be “smothered by pc gone mad” or it’s “just them”, and I am told that I have to tolerate it. In other words, it’s an excuse for them to say completely offensive things without justification.
      And on a lighter note, have you watched any really old black and white movies lately? OMG, the things that were acceptable back then take my breath away now. Try any of the St Trinian movies.
      And I take your point about being Ghandi-like – using the term as it’s a descriptor. How sad that Ghandi in real life was a bit problematic. And don’t you love how history rewrites …
      It’s the day for long posts. We are all sad and this is a safe place.

  20. The egg thrower lost his message of peace, love and tolerance. But then again, he doesn’t represent everyone. You just can’t replace hhatred with hatred and claim the upper hand.
    Unless you throw overarm.

  21. I enjoy the open discussion, Windsong. 💖💖💖
    There are just too many humans on this planet, but we all have to get along. 😨

  22. Does this mean that if you don’t like someone or dislike what they have to say then it is ok to egg or punch them?

    I am confused. What are we teaching the kids. If you dont like the way your parents teach you, you have the right to retaliate and egg your parents. Sad world.

    • The egging is nowadays very often used to protest political views. A friend told me that is why it is done at thw back of the heads. So it doesn’t cause injury but is a form of protest. In France for example they throw flour at politicians as a form of protest.
      In Germany, cakes were thrown at a Nazi politician:
      She is as vile as Anning.
      But even the far-left politicians got caked.
      That was because she supported the idea of limiting the number of refugees beong allowed into Germany during the refugee crisis.

      I would be proud of my kid if they would stand up publically against Nazis. But at the same time I would have to tell them this is not the right way of doing things. But yeah, I understand why it was done.

  23. So, this is most likely going to be a longer post. 🙂

    Okay, the egging, not the best solution. But what it did was showing to the rest of the world what a putrid thing is sitting in the Australian government. Without the egging, I would not have known about it. So that way it gets attention and I am pretty sure that 17 year old knew he might get physically hurt, but also knew this will show what is going on. I am not for violence, but all what was happening was a frigging egg smashed at the back of the head of a Nazi. It doesn’t hurt, it is just a sticky mess. A Gandhi like protest would not have made worldwide news (possibly not even Australia wide, no one would have mentioned it that there were not only 60 followers of the vile politician but also 60 protesters0) these days when it comes to Nazis. 🙁 At least not immediately, it might have taken months. And Nazis must be exposed as quickly as possible otherwise this continues to fester.

    And that way I am directly coming to my next point. The courageous Greta Thunberg. And the protest wave she started amongst teenagers in Europe. Fridays for Future. She started protesting during schooltime to cause more awareness regarding climate change. By now, in Germany alone, hundreds of thousands of teenagers skip school and take it to the streets to fight for a better future. And what are German politicians doing? Whining about the fact that those kids should do it on their week ends or AFTER school as skipping school is such a bad thing. Even our Chancelorette threw her support behind that movement and shiws a lot of respect for their fight. Which then caused her own party to attack her as this would hurt the conservatism the party stands for. So, they do not get it. They are the assholes who do not care about saving our planet! They fail to put up stricter laws, just think about the way this whole Diesel scandal has been handled. The car lobby rejoices, the voters get frustrated.

    And now to you, Windsong. 😀 I wish I could tell you that in Germany, Neonazis are getting punished. Or that everyone in Germany stands up against Nazis. But no, they don’t. And this is one of the reasons why I am not 100% sure if I really want to go back.
    To name a few examples. If you publicy deny the fact the Holocaust took place, you are screwed. Which is a good thing. There is an older lady called Ursula Haverbeck who seems to not have realized that the 3rd Reich died in 1945 and that Germany lost the war. She claims there never was a Holocaust. Bitch got fined, did not learn from it, now she got prison time and has to serve her sentence. She is late 80s or nearly 90. Not sure, don’t care, she can rot away in prison.
    Then last year we reached a sad peak of rightwing extremism. In an East German city called Chemnitz was a German murdered by immigrants. Even though that guy turned out to be half Cuban and a leftist, the rightwingers used this crime to start massive protests.
    Check the link to get a bit of a deeper insight. It is in English. 🙂
    You will see rightwingers marching with the white roses. A symbol which was originally used for the victims by the Third Reich. A fact that makes me angry, it should not be used by fucking Nazis! You will also see Bjoern Hoecke, one of the most despicable politicians in Germany. Fun fact: He is so unpopular that a German satirist started calling him Bernd Hoecke in order to show his disrespect.

    Near my hometown is a village called Kandel. A teenage girl was murdered by her exboyfriend who happened to be a refugee. Nazis used that to form protrsts called Kandel ist ueberall (Kandel is everywhere). They use her tragic death to promote Nazi views.
    Last year I had a fallout over all if this with a friend of mine. I knew her since I was 10 and it pained me so much to see into what she developed. She was the most kindhearted, lovely person you could ever imagine. Someone who always tried to be the best she can, helping others. She became a social worker. And she also became a Nazi. After 25 years, I lost her as a friend and I do not want to have to do anything with her ever again. She made it clear she does not want to discuss her views and my leftist views were wrong. So I cut her out of my life.

    • We forget how far away and isolated we are here from the things that you must see daily/weekly.
      I wish I could assure everyone that the world is going to get better but, sadly, I think not. 😢

      • For us Europeans, you guys basically live at the end of the world. 😉
        In Germany, during the refugee crisis, Australia was often used as a “good” example how to hanfle refugees by rightwingers. After I read about it, it really sickened me. This is not how you treat people.

        Thankfully we still have enough people here in Europe who fight against rightwingers. When Nazis rally, the left rallies as well and usually are far more people. So this shows me not all is lost. But at the same time there are things like Brexit. A scam and lies by Nigel Farage and Ukip (and yeah, that clown Boris Johnson). It catered to the people’s rightwing views, it played with their fears. And we all know how badly this hurt the UK so far. 🙁
        Poland is very rightwing, it scares me how they are ruining a great country. In other Eastern countries there are popular rightwing politicians like Viktor Orban.
        Even in Scandinavian countries they are on the rise, which are so forward thinking usually, especially when it comes to social topics.
        The comment section underneath is horrible.

    • “And Nazis must be exposed as quickly as possible otherwise this continues to fester.”

      Exactly this. I’m not sure if Anning specifically would identify with Nazism (the target of his “final solution” remarks were the Muslim community, not the Jewish one), but ultimately, it doesn’t matter. White supremacy is white supremacy. The end result of that is piles of bodies in the street. How many history textbooks have to be written about that before people read the darn things? It makes me so angry. Hatred doesn’t deserve respect, it deserves to be called out for what it is, exposed, and stamped out as quickly as possible. We know what happens when it isn’t. We *know* how this story ends. The Muslim population of Christchurch knows what happens when it isn’t. The Jewish people know what happens when it isn’t. African-American people know what happens when it isn’t.

      I think there’s a wider issue of white nationalism which really is becoming a serious problem. This isn’t about politics, this is just spreading hate, and I do not and will not respect that, not for a single second. Lord knows, I listened to enough of back during the plebiscite. I didn’t care for it then, either.

      I’ve noticed, the last few days, just the subtle ways these troubling ideas tend to show themselves. And I think, a lot of the time, people don’t even consciously think about it, but that’s just how ingrained some of these ideas are. Like, if an Islamic terrorist kills people, that’s evidence of those evil Muslims!!1!, but when Muslims are the targets of a massacre by a racist lunatic, wait, remember everyone, Muslims are still evil!!1! Or this weird idea that people are saying, “I hope there’s no retaliation”, yet when an Islamic terrorist murders someone, people call out for his blood. That all just screams double-standard, to me.

      This morning on Facebook, a woman told me, “The shooter had researched this place and discovered it was a training ground for terrorists!” I just thought, no, stop, hold on a second. What’s your proof, lady? Have you been to this mosque? Have you walked around inside? Are you a member of a New Zealand intelligence agency who knows that information? Have they tried to recruit you? Or … did she just make it up, to justify the actions of a mass murdering psychopath? Why would you take the word of a homicidal lunatic? Obviously, the man isn’t a source of reliable information, he’s a nutjob.

      But it’s that automatic assumption (“Oh those Muslims, they must be up to no good”), that’s really bothered me, the last couple of days.

      • If that guy suspected it to be a training ground for terrorists, the thing what you would have done as a normal human being, is go to the local authorities and report it. So the woman using this as a reason to support that terrorist is just showing what her views are. You know, 80 years ago it were the Jews, today it is the Muslims. Problem is that Muslim extremists have done the worst things possible to prove those idiots right. Since 9/11, they give Nazi terrorists their reasons. And boy, those Nazis use that perfectly. What those people do not realize though, the Muslim terrorists are not normal Muslims. But they believe they are all the same.
        If Muslims would be so horrible, my cousin would not be married to one. He is Turkish, he is a bit of a douche sometimes, but he loves my cousin and their children. He works hard to provide them with a good life. He does not force my cousin to wear a head scarf. He did not even want her to convert. Their kids are raised non-religious and if they are older they are free to choose their religion or none at all. His family is extremely nice, all of them I met so far. All of them are Muslim. None of them are radicals.

        You know, I am glad my Oma is completely demented by now and doesn’t even remember what day it is today. My Oma was a young girl during WW2, she saw bombs dropped over her head, people she knew getting killed. She fled from Poland to Germany during the war after her mother, being highly pregnant, went there to search for her children’s father because she had not heard from him and thought he was dead. My Oma, who always despised any rightwing views, who always told us grandkids to be open-minded and never let somehing like this happen ever again. My Uroma (great grandmother) taught me that as well. She told me how neighbours were attacking them gor not putting up a Nazi flag at their house like everyone else. She said that was the only way of protest they could do, otherwise they could have been deported into a concentration camp as political prisoners. She did not do more because she had to protect her children. She did not allow my Oma to join the girl division of Hitler youth called Bund deutscher Maedchen because she did not want to have her daughter get indoctrinated by Nazis. She also always said, if the war would have been won by Hitler, I might have never existed as a family like hers would have ended in a concentration camp as well. My Oma was called a “Jew” because she was darker than other children due to her darker skin, darkbrown hair and eyes. “Jew” in Germany is still used as a slur today when you want to insult someone. Other kids spat at my Oma because of her looks and because she was not allowed to join the Hitler Youth.

        And then there is the family tree on my dad’s side. When I was a teen my Oma gave me old photo albums because I was working on an essay about the Third Reich. I was really ashamed when I looked at it. My Oma in the uniform of Hitler Youth, looking all proud and Arian. Her cousin in the SS uniform. Looking all proud. My dad then said: Don’t worry, he never spawned Nazi kids, he died in Russia thankfully.
        I asked my dad if my Oma ever held any rightwing views and he denied it. She was 18 when the war ended and she did not continue with that shit. She actually was then very much engaged in the German Socialist party (SPD, which put out great chancelors like Willy Brandt and Helmut Schmidt). So she actually held left views. And my dad was encouraged to join the Left Youth which he did. But yeah, her past still bothered me, even thought she was just a girl when she joined Hitler Youth. I always try to think she changed because of the man she married. My Opa was 15 when he got drafted. He was born in Alsace, so practically French, but due to the war he was considered being German. He was sent to the war front and used as cannon fodder. It is a miracle he survived. Without serious injuries. But we all knew it pretty much broke him and he drowned himself in alcohol. My Oma said he does it to forget about what he saw. But e never told anyone, not even her.

        My family’s past is one of the major reasons why I cannot accept rightwing views. When I first got told all of this, I cried so much. When I saw the pictures of concentration camps, when I read about the horrors. It is beyond hard for me to understand how people can deny the Holocaust. How people actually still run around using 88, hurt minorities, etc. How they can allow to let hatred consume them.
        I get insulted for standing up to rightwingers, I lost friends because of that.

        • “What those people do not realize though, the Muslim terrorists are not normal Muslims.”

          No more than the relation between normal Catholics and people like George Pell. But because Muslims come from far away and worship a strange religion, they don’t get the benefit of the doubt. It’s easier to lump them into a group and say, “Those people are the problem”, which just leads to unhinged people doing awful things.

          And I still think Fraser Anning is vile.

        • My heart goes out to you, Zhee. It is hard to lose friends, sometimes worse than a relationship breakup.
          You have friends here.

      • oh Yes. Like that 2 year old was training to be a terrorist. The shooter had “researched:” this place. So his “research” uncovered something that the police and intelligence agencies failed to find? I feel I need to have a sign made up that says “GOOGLING IS NOT RESEARCH”.
        I use it all the time when I argue with Anti-Vaxxers but this is probably even more dangerous and insidious as a bunch of conspiracy theorists with access to stupid and unproven wild ideas and half-baked theories allied with a gun-culture can harm so many so quickly.

          • I’m with you both on anti-vaxxers.

            When Paleo Pete offered public support to an infamous anti-vaxxer, last week? People on MKR’s Facebook page absolutely shredded him for it. The roasting was hilarious, and well-deserved.

            Pete personally blocks anyone who criticises him from his Facebook page, and I had that honour as well. I felt pretty good about it.

        • I join you in being blocked by the nitwit Paleo Pete Wind. It’s a privileged group.

          I am strongly PRO-VAX. I mean, i would be anyway, because
          – SCIENCE . . . but thirty years ago I watched a tiny baby in the same neonatal ward as my niece (who was just premmie, but fine). The other baby was too young to be vaccinated and it was utterly DEVASTATING to watch that child suffer. I think of this completely unknown-to-me baby often and the terrible suffering he endured. Whenever I find a moron anti-vaxxer that memory fuels me to write cold hard scientific logic at them, despite the consequences. Getting blocked by Pete is a hardship I can endure!

          • I follow DAWI on Facebook. Hilarious but also sad page, Detox, Anti-vax and Woo Insanity. They also really like making fun of the Urine Therapy people. Also Scibabe is on my list, she shares your love for Pete Evans. He is truly a total nutjob. I am waiting for years now that MKR drops him.

          • The thing is, they’ve got Colin there. Ditch Pete and replace him. It’d be very easy to accomplish, and we’d all be better off.

            Besides, MKR’s ratings continuing to slide down into a bottomless pit. They might try letting Pete go, regardless.

        • I had a friend whose brother died from measles (he suffocated, just in case there are any anti-vaxxers on this site).
          When I mentioned it to an anti-vaxxer once, her response was “Yes, I’ve heard that myth”.
          Myth? MYTH? (Indignant, heavy breathing)
          These people don’t want to know. Seriously deluded.
          Is it wrong of me to wish seven plagues upon them? Yes. Yes it is. But on the other hand …

          • No. no it is not Bobi. I wish it was as easy as letting natural selection take its course! But unfortunately the anti-vaxxers are dangerous and fail to protect the weaker in our community who cannot be inoculated. So seven plagues is FINE in my book. In my book “Science is more reliable than some loony conspiracy theorist”.

  24. I know a couple of anti vac hippies. One thinks the world is flat. I noticed the other was anti tooth brushing for her 4 year old daughter too. Lovely ladies, great kids, but ill advised. The daughters, in both families, are ddg; drop dead gorgeous. No make-up and false stuff. The older ones might have had the jab. I have never asked.
    How can anyone think the world is flat?

    • Oh Daisy, because it is science! Duhhhhh! There is so much proof the earth is flat. That Jules Verne had a lot of fantasy. AROUND the World in 80 Days. Pffff. Also Kubrick directed the moon landing in 1969. And Pizzagate. And do not forget that the governments try to poison and mindcontrol us via Chemtrails. Also, most famous women were born male. Really, lots of proof on Youtube!111!!!1 And morgellons. OMFG!
      And hell, who needs teeth anyway? You can swallow your activated almonds whole or chop them up. Chewing is for the plebs only. Otherwise just drink detox tea and your own piss. Yum! Also, stare into the sun, that provides you with everything you need.

      You know, I always thought I am pretty stupid and weird, turns out there are far more stupid people gracing the earth with their presence.

    • I get the flat earthers. Just look out your window. Look. Look. See? Flat. Definitely. Absolutely.
      Also, no imagination so can’t read books.
      And has a problem with the concept of zero.
      But seriously for a moment, how do those big metal planes stay up in the sky? That’s just not right.

  25. On a different subject: Morning trivia: If brands would start bottling their products in things that the old, arthritic, semi-disabled and I could open (and others who don’t have small children, or those who will store things out of reach), I think they might have a winner. I would buy them.
    This was written after a difficult battle with some nail polish remover. Thank goodness the nail polish is user friendly.

    • That reminds me of Grace and Frankie. In one of the episodes they start building a business on developing a vibrator for the mature woman. One that is easier to handle when you have athritis etc.

        • Notice how he’s not appearing in the ads, anymore? I assume one of his PR people told him, “Sir? Everyone hates your guts”. But it amuses me thinking of the more subtle ways the PR guy would’ve had to think of, to tell him that.

      • Yep, Juz. That’s me. I usually destroy a pair of scissors cutting through packaging….if I can get the scissors out of their packet.

        • The episode ends with him buying a Stanley knife to use on the packet – but it is also wrapped in impenetrable plastic!

  26. Hey Zhee, I meant to ask, what’s your take on all this rioting in Paris? We’re getting a lot of footage of it, here in the news. None of it looks like a fun night.

    • I had sympathies in the very beginning for the protesters. I was okay with raising prices for fuel etc. I think the environment is more important than driving my car everywhere… What isntrue though are high living costs. You pay a lot of rent, food is expensive. But it is doable, and families with children can make ends meet easily. The tax system is fair as well, I cannot complain about it. Even a friend of mine who is in a top salary range and pays tons of taxes thinks it is okay. But then it all escalated, and the little sympathy I held for them was gone. To me it is mostly used by violent protesters and the organizers should have stepped in and have it done peacefully. The level of violence is exorbitant. They lose the message they want to convey. Macron is not a good president (he deserves being called out and insulted tbh, he behaves like he is untouchable and like a king) but this will lead to a Marine Le Pen becoming president, a racist. So, in 2022 it would have been time to leave France anyway.
      Just because you shout and punch does not mean you are right.

        • Starting with 2 weeks in Paris, a week in Colmar, one wk Stassbourg, 1 night Regensburg, a week in Prague, a night in Bratislava, 4 nights Zagreb, 1 night Zadar, 1 week Dubrovnik, 1 wk Split, car ferry to Italy, 8 nights Florence, 1 week, Greze near Porto Venere, 1 week Santa Marguarita, 2 weeks Nice, 4 nights Carcassonne, 1 wk Salat le Canéda, 1 wk Paris. That’s it. Hubby is driving.

          • I loved your recommendation last time; St Malo. I really enjoyed the Brittany coast, but we wanted to see more of Europe this time. It was early Autumn when we were in Pont Aven and St Malo; such a great time for the Brittainy coast. And the scallops and Cod were sooooo good.

          • Florence is wonderful. I was there when I was 18. The Uffizi are breathtaking!
            I have to check some stuff tomorrow regarding Tuscany.
            Beware of the Slivovitz in Prague!
            If you are in Strasbourg, it is a mega short trip to Germany. You are staying a few nights so explore some parts (my hometown is gorgeous in summer and has nice cafes). If my dad would speak English, I would hook you guys up with him. He knows great restaurants in the area. You are basically close to the German “Tuscany”.

  27. How do tv stations work it so that ads are on opposing stations at the same time? I was trying to catch bits of DWTS during MKR and Billy Connolly, but didn’t see much of it.

    I did see the end. Curtly’s face when he and his partner were not eliminated was a picture of shock and confusion. Clearly he expected to be the one voted out. I, of course, am pleased that he is still on the show.

    • I am ffding through the ads on dwts but they seem to have about 100 of them. I remember when the standard number of ads was 3. Wait. I will count…

      14 ads in one ad break.

    • I’ve noticed the ads for MKR and MAFS always seem to air at the same time. It’s good, toilet-break wise, but it’s bad if you’re trying to watch multiple shows at the same time.

      • For a long time now the 3 stations tend to synchronise their ads break! I have given up trying to switch stations during ad break. Just go from one ad break to another!

    • That was an insane result. One of the best dancers gone. Last week she was on top of the leaderboard. It took one stupid combined dance to bring her down. Something she had no control over.

      • I am not sure it is due to the combined results. It’s all from the votes from the viewers.

        If last week she was top of the leaderboard, the viewers think she will be safe and not many vote for her during the week. Thus low viewer votes.

        Just like the cricket guy and Michelle Bridges. They have a high fan base. They will vote to keep them in. Sometimes it is not about the dancing.

        • Yes, you are right, Littletalpetal. Nothing to do with dancing. Did you see it last night? Had she been in the other combined group, she would still be there. One group all received 23 points each. Her group all got 18 which saw her score drop into the lower half. After that, yes, it was popularity because the tall guy is a very awkward dancer.
          Curtly, I think his name was, had a very low dance score. I hope he wins now, to prove the show needs a different way of scoring.

          • Agree LP and Daisy – Curtly Ambrose’s face (adorned with little star stickers) was a total picture of astonishment.
            I do think Olympia was a fantastic dancer who was unlucky to be placed in that group!

          • I looked on their official fb thread to see if ppl were spewing. There was general shock last night.

  28. Project Runway is back without Heidi and Tim. I thought I give it a try as it turned out that GBBO is rather enjoyable even with new hosts.
    I cannot recommend it. As much as I adore Christian Siriano, he cannot save that whole mess. The camera guys and the editors seem to be useless, they could not even show the runway part properly. Way too much focus on the sob stories, not on the talent. In general, no designer yet that seems to be impressive. I hate the glasses the female judge is wearing. Brandon Maxwell, they could not have found an American designer with a bit more relevance? Anyway, thank god it at least isn’t Isaac Mizrahi…
    And yes, Karlie Kloss is absolutely terrible. Sure, Heidi wasn’t great either in her first season, but production value was so bad 15 years ago it did not matter. She is pretty and was a good model. But for one thing, she is married to a Kushner so has that Trump stink aura, plus she is as bland and stale as 5 days old porridge.

    I really wanted to say: Make it work! But I keep that for when Heidi’s and Tim’s Amazon show launches.

    PS: Not sure if it is on Australian Netflix, but I watched After Life. It is with Ricky Gervais, but it us actually really funny and sad at the same time. I enjoyed it a lot.

    • I enjoyed Afterlife. Hubby found it too depressing but I enjoyed it. It dealt honestly with the grim aspects of life. I loved his “cleaner”. 😂

    • I am going to stick with PR a bit more but it’s obvious they have cast a lot of people who can’t sew under pressure. I could not believe how much they fished over the winner. I liked the older Muslim lady’s design and the sewing was impeccable. The designer who just made it will surely go soon

      • I will watch the other episodes as well. I like Siriano. Maybe it needs time to find its feet. But I am not so hopeful yet.

        • There were so many people to keep track of and the new workspace is huge. I did like that not everyone was 23 and a recent graduate. I have been keeping up with All Stars so perhaps be expectations for execution are too high

          • Losing Tim on PR is a huge loss for the show in general. That is also why I never could really warm up to PR All Stars. Joanna Coles was fine as a mentor, but the new one, Ann Fulenwider, she is so useless. It drives me crazy. I have soft spot for Alyssa Milano – when I was a little girl I loved her on Who’s the Boss? – but she is a horrible host. Isaac Mizrahi, you can total see which male designers are his thing – and not because of their talent.^^ And Georgina Chapman, well… I still do not believe her saying she wasn’t aware what Harvey Weinstein did. She was married to that pig for years. All the set up just ruins the show for me. That being said, I so love snarky Dmitry. 😀 I hope he wins. He just is like the Russian co workers I have.

    • I’m out for PR – too much unfortunate history, including with Trumpette-in-lawish (close enough).
      I, too, am enjoying After Life.
      And I am enjoying Manhunt. I know it’s based on a true crime, which makes it really sad, but the British do crime so well.

      • We are just getting into Hinterland on Netflix for our Broadchurch-style fix. I’m guessing it was previously on ABC or SBS

  29. Watching Ricky Gervais stand up tonight. Yes. I was offended..maybe once. But I laughed a lot. I love the cheek.

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