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This week Daisy is kindly hosting the general chat thread. Over to our WA correspondent:
Hello fellow ttvers and cyber friends. I thought I would offer Juz a general chat thread for March, or for the week. Here’s my news in a nutshell; I feel summer slipping away, although we have still had summer lovely warm days. We’ve had things good and things bad. I will share some of the good.
I have been going to pottery. It’s social as well as creative. Most of the ladies are very serious about their pottery. As for me, I enjoy the social aspect. I am pretty casual about the pottery side. Here is a pot I made. I’m slap dash compared to the zealots.

Woolif and I often take the dogs for walks, sometimes in town, and along the beach, ending with coffee or breakfast. Bunbury has a lovely bay and we have a couple of favourites cafés. In fact we went this morning with my sister and her partner. The dogs are tired. Here is an example of the expression, “dog tired”.

We still do Sunday family dinners, rotating venues, although it’s more often at our house in summer because the kids have the acre and the pool to play in. We’ve slackened off a bit with the cooking. We no longer go all out with the different themes. But it’s good to get together, even if it’s sometimes over fish and chips.
This afternoon, I think we will be playing lounge lizards. Woolif is watching something Icelandic but he started without me. I’m doing laundry. I threw that bit of trivia in to remind everyone that all of our lives are mostly mundane and that we throw fun and colour into them here and there. The most boring thing I do is thinking of something to do when my chores are finished. The funnest thing is probably being with a friend, or friends who laugh and joke.
Best wishes to all my cyber friends.



  1. Your pot has had a bit of lip-filler from the looks of it :). It would fit right in on any of the current reality tv shows.

  2. Your pottery is always very creative and unique. I was going to sign up for a ceramics class but I think I lack the creativity and finesse.

    • I don’t go to classes. I did years and years ago. This is just a group. It’s more fun.
      But whatever, I recommend it, Smythe.

  3. Had a busy weekend. This was my “office” yesterday afternoon. Had a win with a zucchini chocolate cake on Sat – Mr 7 helped with the grating and ate the cake knowing it had zucchini in it. Plus a bunch of sugar, but baby steps …

  4. Had an amazing day in the Yarra Valley last week with my beautiful sis and a friend. What a place. It helped that it was a picture perfect day. Climbed up a little hill behind a cellar door called Hanrahans, and sat in the dirt gazing at about 210 degrees worth of stunning valley and mountain scenery, framed by hillsides covered in vines. Food for the soul, that.

      • One of the best days. The other two are setting up a wine tasting tour biz, and this was a “fact-finding” mission. Wonderful to tag along, and essentially get all the benefits of a real tour for free!

  5. I am surprised you do laundry Daisy. Most people in cyber land live in their own bubbles!
    It is always amusing to me when someone beautiful/famous does social media their mundane activity. Like an artful pose with a half baked batch of cookies and a naughty finger drawling across the surface.
    No one ever does insta of chopping the soft bit off a zucchini, burning the onion and garlic and still continuing with the eggplant pasta sauce. . . before realising there is no eggplant and someone ate the pasta as an afterschool snack and didn’t bother telling anyone that there was none left. Say. . . .
    maybe that’s why I watch TV! My actual life is not a series of carefully posed vignettes but rather a poorly put together disconnected scenes.

    • Ha ha ha, Brussel. I threw in a few mundane things because I was at a family wedding recently and my lovely nephew, who lives in NSW commented to me that I was living the the life (based on my fb posts). I told him “Nooooo. FB is like a photo album. You don’t post fights and laundry”. But that’s not always true. I know a lady who divorced her wealthy husband. Coooeeee, she posted all the dirt, every low, photos of letters….. yikes!😨

      Everyone has a mixture of mundane….but my cleaner folds my laundry. No, we aren’t rich. I work.

  6. I have just come back from a w/e trip to Sydney. I thought we were going up to see West Side Story but it turned out to be Michael McIntyre. I am becoming very vague as I get older.
    We were high up and a long way away. And I am a little bit afraid of heights which doesn’t help. Still, he was good enough that it didn’t matter. I can’t say that very often – these mega stadiums are a bit of an affront to entertainment.
    And then I came back to a visit to the dentist. 😑
    Have I ever posted the new addition to my family? He’s a good boy but always hungry. And his breath could knock over a door-post.

    • Photo didn’t post. It would have been a lovely photo of a terrier.
      That makes my comment a little less weird.

        • Is Halitosis a good name for a dog? He’s adorable.
          I think that those things called Oinkers help bad dog breath. They smell awful but it fixes the dog’s problem. Keeps then amused for hours. Iggy recommends them.

        • I found PlaqueOff to be pretty effective for my old boy to maintain reasonable dental health after he’d had a cleaning and some extractions. Because he inhales his food, I sprinkle it on large bits of raw carrot or apple and hand-feed those to him so he has to chew.

          I did try a doggy tooth brushing kit, but that is new one trick I could not teach my old dog. I don’t want my old pup to go under anaesthetic for regular cleanings, and the PlaqueOff has worked out well so far as an alternative.

        • Eddie has a “big bones” problem and I have to be careful what I feed him.
          He has good teeth for an old dog, but in the old-dog/new-trick scenario, he won’t let me use a tooth brush. I think I need to get to the back teeth.
          I have never heard of Oinkers but I am sure if it food based (pigs ears?), he will eat it. I will go searching.
          And I googled PlaqueOff: I think I will have to buy it on-line as it doesn’t seem to be available here. It looks hopeful tho’ (and could meet the advice from the vet … stingy stuff).
          Thank you all for your suggestions. It is an amazing, and a not altogether pleasant experience, to be woken in the morning by a kiss that smells like death and I look forward to anything that helps.

          • It’s Troy PlaqueOff powder made in NSW. There are other similarly named products. I buy mine at City Farmers. It seems very expensive when you see the size of the container, but, using one scoop a day, the first jar lasted almost eight weeks.

            It was recommended by our vet because my beagle has a “I’ll swallow it whole” problem and I’m leery of any big chewy that I may end up pulling out of his throat.

            Ha ha, mention a doggo to get lots of responses.

            Good luck.

          • I am super interested in this conversation! We had to put Suzy under anesthetic for teeth cleaning. OUCH. I am off to investigate PlaqueOff.

            The vet asked my husband if we wanted to pay an extra $80 for a fast wake up option that might leave her less groggy. He was like ” are you kidding? she doesn’t have a board meeting at 9am tomorrow. She can sleep and be groggy and I can apply the $80 to wine to take away the sting of the teeth cleaning fee!”

  7. Daisy, im sure you,ve mentioned Escape to the Country from UK – it’s one of my favourite programmes. However have you seen Escape from the City on ABC on a Thursday night? I like it because it comes with no ads, 4 houses and subtitles!

    • I haven’t yet, Sara. I will look out for it.
      I’m pretty hooked on Aircrash Investigations atm. I love the science/engineering aspect.
      I am just looking on the guide for Escape from the City. I suppose it’s already been on.

      • I love air crash investigations too! No escape last night, programme all about one nation. Usually repeated saturday about 5pm

    • I have them all recorded, but have been so flat out that tv time has been reserved for keeping up with Survivor and footy. I am generally not a fan of Simon Marnie (too much of his voice on the radio) but I love, love Del Arani, and the other two look good, so I am looking forward to binge watching.

  8. I have been teaching all week and last week; great classes. Really nice kids. Year 6s, year 4s and today year2s. I got them doing pottery. My favourite things to read are Alexander Beetle by AA Milne and Silly Jack. Kids love the old fables from different countries. I also make up stories. 😄😄😄😄

    • My kids loved the AA Milne poems, and nowadays they will never hear them anywhere else unless a parent reads them. And yet, in daily life, I wll often quote bits from “Changing Guard…” or say something like, “of course, James was only a very small snail.” At least the kids have an inkling where these come from.

    • I know. I liked her on goggle box but I didn’t unreservedly adore her celebrity appearance. This may be Too much.
      I really don’t understand why the networks think familiarity = success.

    • Coincidently, I went to see Seniors Moments just a couple of weeks ago where he was supposed to perform but called in sick.
      I am imagining that it was sudden and quick, just the way we all want to go.

      • Hellyeah! My pick is like my grandparents; good health, sudden stroke, dead.
        Or my lovely Auntie; go to bed, die.

      • One of the reasons I haven’t kept up with TT is that my stepmum died on 19th March. She has had Parkinsons (and many of the parts of it) for over twenty years but she was “normal” that night going to bed, her kids were called at about 1am and she passed away just before 6am. So glad it was that way, because it could have been so much worse.

        Oops, missed the name thing again!

  9. I watch tv with subtitles, when they sre available. Try it, you will be amazed at the stupid lyrics that come with some ,,’songs,’ – hideous in most cases

  10. The pottery necklace I made Miss 11years. It looks really nice on her . I didn’t makeall of the beads, just the big gammy ones.

  11. They’re called the election! May 18, whch means almost a month of painful election TV coverage.

    I think I’d rather vote for a stick of broccoli than either of the two major parties … but luckily, thanks to all this militant vegan crap, a stick of broccoli is actually one of the Greens candidates!

    • No, Daisy. Didn’t watch The world of dessert. At the moment I am more into savoury dishes than sweet stuff. I am back to baking simple desserts. No fancy stuff. Just baked some Chocolate hot cross buns.

  12. Juz, does ttv have an ap that I can put an icon thingy on my phone and tab.
    And btw I just bought my first eva phone.. I have always avoided them but a friend was taking great photos.on hers.
    It’s fiddly to use. I need teeny tiny fingers, and mine are slim anyway.

    • Oh wow. I don’t have an app but you can create a shortcut that puts my little TV logo on your screen. Do you have an iPhone? Down the bottom in the middle there should be a box with an up arrow. Click it and way to the right and there will be three dots or a more option which should lead to add to home screen

  13. The election campaign is my kind of reality TV. All kinds of hilarity ensues from idiots being given a microphone.
    It helps that I have no skin in the game. I don’t like any of the parties, and that includes the Greens.
    It’s a long story but my new house is six feet lower than all the surrounding 2 storey macmansions, and has three steps in the middle, due to some stupid regulation that the Greens brought in and wouldn’t make retrospective. I wouldn’t put them in charge of the local dump.
    And the local labor guy is a pretty boy who sent me a copy of the annual report in response to aconcern – as if that wasn’t where I got my original stats from in the first place. I call that barely half a step up from mansplaining.
    I don’t love independents but it’s better than the alternatives.
    Maybe the election needs its own thread. There could be some interesting discussions. Or not.

    • I wouldn’t mind the election coverage getting its own thread. We’ll all need to vent about those wretched Clive Palmer ads *somewhere*.

  14. Okay. I told you all I would be tell you what terrible thing was happening once it was resolved. Well I can’t say everything is all better, but it is much improved.
    We have always had a terrific relationship with our dil, and the two kids have lived 1/2 their lives in our home. They have their own rooms, toothbrushes, toys, bikes, clothes here. I have even taken them to my dentist. They are now 12 and 15.
    On Feb 1st our dil got into a stink with us and we received a “do not contact me or my children” mssge, after which she refused all contact. We hadn’t even had a fight and it was so sudden. It’s no exaggeration to say that I was traumatized. Woolif pretty much had to bear with me. We were used to the kids 1/2 living at our place, sometimes two weeks straight.

    I was in shock. The main thing I was worried about was the kids because their dad, our son had buggered off out of the country in January. We didn’t even get to say goodbye to the kids or tell them it wasn’t our choice to abandon them. They were also banned from seeing any other family member, and they were tight with aunties, uncles cousins. I was so freaked about them being used as weapons to punish us. It’s been a rough nearly 3 months…but I lost 10kgs 😊
    Anyhow there has been some light. We sought a lawyer, then a professional mediator and it has been an enormous relief to us and the kids that dil has begun to gradually allow the children back into family functions. We have kept the white flag of barleeze and the white dove of peace and friendship out to dil the whole time, although it hasn’t been easy. We had only sought the lawyer for advice, but it was the best move.
    Tonight the kids will be at fd for the second time in nearly 3 months. I hope this helps any others. Let me tell you, I have been a mess, but now there is hope.
    BTW, the damage it has done…. they love their mum and I have never heard them say bad things about her, until this. The younger has even talked of running away. The older texted me saying, “I don’t want to be here”. So dils, not a good idea. The wedge you drive is more between yourself and your children if you refuse to let them see family.
    Now, she would know this if she watched Dr Phil. 😁
    So there you have it in a coconut shell. If this ever happens to you, seek legal at advice or at least hire a professional mediator. You can try Relationships Australia, but I am sorry to say, as mediators they were rubbish and cost us 3 weeks sending us off to the wrong meeting, then keeping us waiting only to tell us they could not handle our case because estr. son was out of the country. I felt so much sadness for anyone in our position who would not have the funds to hire a professional mediator. For them it would have been a dead end. Isn’t that sad. They refused to even give us a letter saying we had sought and been denied mediation. Hmmmff.

    • That sounds like an absolutely awful time of things.

      Do you have any idea why she just woke up one day and suddenly didn’t want to have anything to do with you?

      And your son leaving the country, from your tone, it sounds like that wasn’t a happy state of affairs either.

      • Yes, I know why. But I think perhaps she was stressed. Her culture also makes things different. It was all very unfortunate.

  15. But we have begun to be restored now, so it’s an enormous relief.
    In addition we have a 3 and 1/2 months trip to Europe coming up. That might give things time to settle down.

    • Well done for this. It is certainly character-growing, this grandparenting thing. We are not there yet, but I am watching a lot of friends, and it is a minefield.

      I am currently trying to give (almost useless- just a listening ear really) support to a friend, whose grandchild is in a complicated DV situation which had just blown up in everyone’s face. Unusual situation as it is the mother who is the abuser, married to a beautiful, gentle man who has just taken everything she has dished out. Funny to hear that she has used all the classic DV methods, like setting up “secrets” etc.

      • Maybe we need to get them to sign a grandparenting contract the first time they ask you to babysit.
        “Sure. Just sign this”. You build a strong bond when you pretty much co-parent because you live 5 minutes away and are a handy drop-off. We have always considered ourselves very fortunate for that, and still do.

  16. Do you think I might have grounds for assaulting the woman in the waiting room who is texting on her phone continually with the volume full bore?

    OMG. I moved as far away as I cld but now she is taking a message on speaker. 😠

  17. And while I am being grumpy. That obese guy is only embarrassing himself more because NO airline can seat a fat or disabled person in the emergency exit. The exits must be kept clear so that everyone doesn’t die in a crash. What if he died and blocked it so people couldn’t climb over him. This is not Quantas issues. No airlines can seat porkers in the exitway. Nor disabled people. Mind you, he should have been told this at boarding or read the small print.

    If he had watched as many Aircrash Investigations as I have, he would know he couldn’t sit there. Does he want to risk lives just so he isn’t embarrassed. Anyway, everyone can already see he was obese.

    • So embarrassed that he decided to go on national television on the news and studio 10. He’ll probably go on The Project.

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