1. “This is my photographer,” says Billy introducing John to Susie…. okay… millennials are different.

    • I’d be inviting Susie and her father on a cruise of a lifetime and then pushing her overboard when no one’s around. Get Pops drunk and push him over the rail as well. Improve Earth’s gene pool. Murdered At First Sight .

  2. Heidi: “I want to know what kinds of spoons Mike has.”

    At a guess, Heidi, I’d say he’s had hundreds of them, mostly with blonde non-English-speaking European girls about half his age.

    • She’s vile, isn’t she? Where do they find these people? And worse, she’s got a daughter. Can you imagine how that relationship is going to proceed, as the years roll on?

      • What a horrible thought. I don’t know what is worse; thinking the daughter might be like her mother (what a teacher and role model), or thinking she isn’t. Imagine having a mother like that if you aren’t her match. Think of her discipline techniques. Verbal abuse.

        • I don’t know whether she’s even worse than Ines. Ines came across as slightly more sociopathic (like she lacked feelings completely), but Susie seems to revel in the victim role as an excuse. “You said you had sweetener but you didn’t, so that makes you a liar and I can spend hours abusing you in your own house!”

          You reach a point where you’re baffled how these people function as human beings. This woman has a daughter? I mean, how dysfunctional is that relationship going to become? The thought’s just horrifying.

  3. F-me… does she think she’s a kindergarten teacher, talking to him like his a 5 year old who just accidentally pee’d in his pants in class… how on earth the poor guy didn’t blow his top and just throw her off the balcony. If he did throw her off the balcony he’d get off any conviction… enough evidence for a judge and jury to see he was provoked and abused enough to justify it.

    I’m wondering how much she misses her kid really… since she’s been seen galavanting around with the mouth pisser without baby in tow. Hopefully the dad of baby is a decent fella and after all this he’s going to apply for full time custody and a legalised name change for the poor girl.

    I do wonder what kind of emotional support these people are getting beyond the now and again tid bits we see. There comes a point where I don’t care if you’ve signed a bloody tv contract… but these productions have to garner some responsibility over the long lasting emotional abuse that some of these people are taken through over the premise of ratings television. I doubt the contracts would specify that the matches are all full of sh-it… and we’re just going to create matches for drama sake… you have a 0.01% chance of succeeding in this relationship.

    Martha seemed at home with people of her same age bracket… all she was missing was taking them behind the bike sheds for a smoko.

  4. I hate to agree with Sue on anything, but if someone would lie pointless lies, then they would lie about anything and everything. Perhaps 2 slip-ups regarding sugar and surfing were just slip-ups, but if not, there is a deal-breaker right there for me. You really can’t trust a compulsive liar. They can convince themselves black is white. But Suzie’s reaction is unnecessary. Suzilla the Hun. Ghengis Sue.

  5. Even if Billy is the nice guy he claims to be, or a ordinary human being, like everyone else, he should never have been abused in the manner, nice girl Susie has abused him.She may feel justified just because he liked her so much and is not as nasty as she is, but there is no excuse really. Sickest behaviour I have ever been unfortunate to see. And her friends and father think it’s okay?,

    • Agree, Cyril. Suzie is an abuser. A nasty piece of work. I don’t believe she or Cyrell should have been allowed to continue with the show. It sends a message of tolerance of abusive behaviour.

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