1. Anyone planning to watch House Rules this year? Does Jamie Durie joining the judging panel affect your decision at all? I guess they got rid of that other chap who seemed to be there as filler to LLB

    • We are still traumatized by the bogans who proceeded to trash the 1960s (mid century modern 🤣) house in Tasmania a couple of seasons ago. That house had good bones and could have been something special.

    • They filmed in, like, one suburb away from my house (in fact, it was like 4 streets away from my house). I can’t wait. My dad works in a hardware store outside of town, apparently he served a few of the teams.

      Didn’t see Jamie Durie anywhere in town, though.

  2. “I hope I don’t let anyone down by this” wimpers Dan as continues his affair with Jess knowing Tam is oblivious.

  3. LOL. Jess, tears are essential for fake crying.

    Funny how the alleged offended parties were not in attendance for this intended humiliation of Mick.

  4. Ivan comes across as a jealous lover. He tells Nic to “Stay the f**k away from her.” To the camera, “He has wasted my sister’s life” (Yeah, because six weeks is a lifetime). He is a waste of space. ” Back to Nic, “Grab your shit and pretty much f**k off.” Is Ivan sleeping with Cyrell as that behaviour is off.

    Nic, Lizzy lives in Newcastle too…She is comparatively sane.

  5. Hahaha. Jess’s partner is going to try his hardest to make a tit of himself.
    Is that why he walked in the house with dirty bare feet and put them on the bed spread? He doesn’t need to be a tit. He could just continue being a pig. Oooh, you can tell that I don’t like a dirty, bad mannered guy.

    What does “Julie Andrew” do for a crust? Her apartment looked nice for a young person’s place.

  6. Jessika is scum, despicable, disgusting…. you subject the poor bloke to another week of torture for your own self serving desires… and furthermore instead of just letting things lie you attempt to get your family to hate him by setting him up about his comments. Imagine if the alco-dad and Dustin Martin try hard brother showed up, poor Mick would’ve been having to put up his dukes… although I suspect the producers probably anticipated the dangers in that and asked Jessika not to have them over.

    Cyrell’s relationship with her family is more abusive than anything the producers have dished out on a lot of contestants this series. Seems that her lashing out when away from her family is her only chance she has to have control over anything. She’s a poor girl crying out for having a say in her life sadly. She’s actually been responding to a few comments on the MAFS facebook page pertaining to her throwing Nic under the bus…. suggesting that a lot of what she told her brother about Nic was edited out, alluding that what we’ve seen of Nic is not everything and Nic isn’t as innocent as has been shown.

    • I think Jess was probably told by the producers to go after another guy; first Cyrell’s man, then when that failed, Dan. It’s become the mafs formulaic villainess in the past 3 years. Ines and Sam was a fake love couple imo.

      I suppose all of the tricks will be revealed soon enough.

      As for their fake homes, I didn’t see Suzie as a country girl. Really? Managing 6 acres on her own. Her pigs must fly.

      • I can see her living alone on a farm, miles from her neighbours.

        Who would want to be close to her? I’d move suburbs to avoid her.

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