1. Dan, we all want to know where you are post sentencing.

    No, Jess, having a child does not automatically make you a good parent.

  2. ‘Family and friends can offer a real insight into what they’re going through and what lies ahead,’ intones John because the experts can’t.

  3. LOL. Jess tells the camera she is a lady and will only give it to someone special. There are a lot of special people in Jess’s life.

    • Dan is such a romantic. He wants to “jump all over” Jess.
      Mike’s Dad is lovely but those two need to give up. Jules and Cam need to flee to the real world.

    • It’s a dumb USA idea. Cultural imperialism. Goes well with a Southern Cross tattoo. These types are sheep. Hey true blue , you’re a wanker.

  4. I’ve stayed at the MAFS hotel – there are not many places to get takeaway on a weeknight BUT there is a Coles a block away and the kitchens are decent.

  5. Ning “developed some feels”. Really Ning Nong?
    Now that would mean something different for me. It sounds like a grope.

  6. Dan the Explorer. He wants to “explore” things with Jess.

    But then is he Dan the Builder? He might want to build something with Tam.

    His tattoos and backwards hat suggest he might be Dan, Dan the ……I am lost for words.

    I still can’t get past Ning Nong not being able to move her puffed lips. She must have stabbed botox all around them.

    Gasp!!!!! Mike came back for food only for himself. DEALBREAKER ALERT. No way. Yes, Mike you ARE a jerk. He would buy an ice-cream for himself and eat it in front of his kids. Ditch that vain loser who irons showing off his groin muscles.
    Run, Heidi, run. He could have phoned her and asked what she wanted instead of letting her get nothing.

  7. Martha: ” But her opinion is pink hair”. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Michael is so cute, I would marry him and move to Melbourne.

  8. Although I know producers “edit” footage to make things appear as they’re not… Jessika smirking and enjoying the potential trouble that was about to ensue between her imbecilic family and the farmer was “discyaaasting”… and lets not forget her pash sessions with Dan was just as sickening.

    Heard the 3 experts are out next year… Bob is going to replace the lot!

    Why don’t Cam and Jules just pull a shifty like everyone else and just both whisper in each others ear to write “leave”?? They don’t need the “experiment” any longer.. they’re both hating it… if other couples can be deceptive and stay for fake reasons the producers can’t get back at them for leaving for the right purposes.

    Put up your hand if you think Martha orchestrated her parents to bring up the whole interstate relationship thing… just introduce that seed of doubt to Michael and his family and start to give her a reasonable excuse to not fully commit.

    • Michael is Chris Humphries to Martha’s wannabe Kim Kardashian.

      It would be harder for Michael to move interstate than Martha.

      • Yep Michael is a teacher. So he has years of job insecurity ahead of him – not conducive to the Bondi lifestyle if they want kids

        • If Michael is an average or crappy teacher, he might have trouble moving, but if he is good he would get snapped up.
          Either of them could move if they wanted to. I wonder if they will.

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