1. Does Jessika not realise she has “disrespected” others around her? Tam for example.

    Jessika is a horrid individual.

  2. Heidi, Mike and Jessika fundamentally do not “respect” each other. They are hardly going to value the other’s advice.

    • Heidi: “Mike, you’re so self-obsessed. I hate people who are so selfish. Why didn’t you talk about me more?!”

  3. With her vocal fry, Martha tells Michael their relationship won’t work as they live interstate and more pertinently as he works full time he can’t worship her 24/7.

  4. Oooo, Martha shows her true colours. She didn’t want her husband swap to be with Cam. “Kill me now”, spells stuck up. Yep, very stuck up.

    I am finding Mike the worst now. He’s a bully. All of his behaviour is a red flag that he’s a mean a hole and a bully.

  5. Either there are cameras planted in the rooms or people are happy to have sex and go bare butt naked in front of a producer and cameramen! It’s almost the quality of a badly produced porn film.

    When will Mark just come out… he has Ningaglong wanting some shlong and he can’t get it up… I guess being in the army for 20 years he’s missing some of his lad pals…

    Either Martha is on the spectrum (she can’t cry or show emotion) or she’s had her tear ducts removed so she doesn’t run her makeup! “I want to be a surgeon.. oops I mean Kardashian”…

    And yes I did throw up in my mouth with the Dan and Jess bed scene.

  6. I am back to loving poor Michael, but his choice of woman is terrible. He has no radar telling him that Marsha is shallow, controlling and has a weak moral compass. As for the tear ducts HWHNN, I wouldn’t put it past her, but more likely she is just using smitten Michael for her run in the show. Photos I have seen of her suggest she is just trying to get famous. I can’t see that happening. There are millions of girls, prettier than her, with more personality who want the same thing. And that make up! It’s a centimetre deep.She altogether too absorbed in appearance.

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