1. Tam is getting bad vibes- yeah, she should been matched with someone with a questionable financial past.

  2. Does Melissa not understand how psycho she comes across going on a show where everything is recorded and then complains when Dino does a DIY job.

  3. Mick seems to be channeling Ivan Milat’s fashion sense.

    Dan has friendzoned Tam. She was just a notch on the bedpost.

    • Sorry, Maz, I didn’t realize that you too had spotted the Ivan Milat resemblance.when I wrote 9.1. It’s that obvious.Seems to be channeling a lot of his vocabulary as well. Someone, like a good mate, should quietly get him around the keg and tell him that it can’t be helping the intimacy when you’re a dead ringer for one of Australia’s most notorious serial killers.

    • Dino’s taken a job overseas, doing covert surveillance for Bill Spencer in LA.

      Hopefully, Dino didn’t set up covert cameras in the shower and toilet so he could literally see more of Mel.

  4. “Use your big boy words,” Susie chastises Billy. He lists all the insults she has hurled at him including he isn’t ‘man enough for her’ but she doesn’t go out of her way to hurt him. LOL.
    John calls Susie out for her contempt (more likely she used the word ‘spaz’).

    Billy/Susie: Stay/Stay

    • Mike can’t help it if he looks and dresses like Ivan Milat.

      As soon as $usie said that word , sexpert John finally jumped in. Tonight, he’s been on fire compared to some of his recent efforts. However, any of us could have come up with his assessments and advice.

      Thanks for the updates , Maz. It was too hot to be inside earlier. Even for gold like this.

    • I love that she sits there for half an hour, insulting him to his face, and in the same breath, constantly denies that she’s being rude to him.

      Susie, you’re a gigantic a-hole. FIgure it out.

  5. Apart from Jules and, to a lesser extent Heidi, every woman on this show comes across as a loon. Not that all the men are prizes but at least they are not screaming banshees who are half plastic

    • Heidi definitely has issues. The difference is she is more mindful of her radio career than amateur hour Insta fame.

      • I feel she is suffering a bit of Stockholm Syndrome but I admire she is about the only woman in the show who does not burn out a hair straightener a day

        • Her hair usually looks great and those hair straighteners are a first world problem. Bad foor the planet ….but so are many male essentials. She wants to dump that generic whatshisname before she develops Stuckhome Syndrome.Begins when you sink in his arms but wind up with your arms in his sink.

    • I liked Heidi, at first, but the longer the season’s gone on, the more I’ve lost interest in whatever storyline they were cooking up for her and Mike.

      Like, I just want to say to her, tell Mike to shove it and get the hell out of there, girlfriend, you’re too damn good for him. Alas.

      Agreed on all other accounts, though. I imagine MAFS is only populated by lunatics, because the sane people wouldn’t apply in the first place.

    • She certainly knows how to kill a conversation.

      But I’m grateful to her for “doing John’s head in”. That must some trendy counselling jargon he’s picked up.

  6. Billy needs to come back next year. He didn’t stand a chance being paired with Hannibal Lecture. She is vile.

    Surely the sexperts can’t pretend that was a scientific match. It was like matching a rabbit on a string with a crocodile.

  7. You guys know your Australian criminals. I was calling Mick “Chopper Reid”, but yes, “Ivan Milat” says it.

    • Yeah, I’ve got the Chopper DVD and for future reference , it’s “Read” and not “Reid”.

      It is a hard call , because Chopper’s moustache, Milat’s and Mick’s are all similar.

      • $hit. It was much smaller photo on Wiki. Need to crop Chop. Sorry all , don’t know how to fix it. Crime doesn’t pay. Ask Dan.

        I confess to a bookshelf of Australian Crime books.

          • Yeah, thankfully the ears don’t take up much room because of the DIY cosmetic surgery Chopper performed on himself whilst in jail.

            It was the flannelette shirt that got the Ivan Milat homage over the line. I hitch hiked around Australia when I was much younger and obviously never met him.

  8. Did anyone stay on for 60 Minutes? I have been binge watching Aircrash Investigations so now I am watching about MH 370, but why I recorded was to watch Ricky Gervais.

    • I didn’t hang about for Ricky …….but there’s an okay crime show on after 60 Minutes. Ricky Gervais is great , but after being again floored by great, great Joan Rivers on ABC Comedy last night….such a hard act to follow.

    • There was a Game of Thrones marathon on cable, today, as well as “Deadpool 2” (which I watched for curiosity sake) and “Solo” (same reason).

      I watched so much TV today that, by nightfall, I needed a break, heh.

  9. Baby Mummy channeling her inner Toni Braxton..

    Do you know I made him leave?
    Do you know he begged to stay with me?
    He wasn’t man enough for me

    Have to tell her he’s actually got more balls than most… I’d dare say a lot of the blokes she’s dated in the past would’ve either thumped her or dumped her.. yet he’s stayed calm. Hoping when she meets his mother this week she gives her a taste of some medicine!

    Too bad we already know this relationship is doomed as she’s hooked up with some NRL player.

        • They’ll do anything to get the lion’s share of the ratings.

          Let’s face it, in ten years of MKR , we’ve never seen the contestants get physical. Then God created Cyrell.

          Public executions used to be wildly popular. The producers haven’t gone there, yet.

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