1. Martha pretends to have a moral compass and decrees Jess should leave the experiment.

    Tamara is embarrassingly stupid. Dan is still lying to her and she is buying in to it.

    Let’s call a spade a spade. Jess is a lying w….e.

  2. Heidi/Mike: Stay/Stay
    Heidi is unhinged. Certifiably insane.
    If that skirt is any shorter a gynecologist could do an examination via the TV.

    • I can’t figure out Heidi’s deal. It’s obviously not a great relationship, and the two of them obviously aren’t right for each other, but she just can’t bring herself to leave? Is fame really worth that much?

      • Heidi is using this to build a national profile. Unfortunately, the more exposure she receives the less marketable she becomes.

  3. Trish is unprofessional. Tamara is not there for Dan’s pleasure and convenience.

    Trish may as well re-label herself as a pimp.

  4. Why do they keep showing all the men in their underwear doing the ironing?

    Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong, all these years.

  5. First of all, “youse” isn’t a word. Second of all, what business is it of yours, Martha demands of Cyrell. She is deliberately antagonistic.

  6. Mick is a man in agony.

    Jessika talks about respect and friendship. She is a pathological and would be toxic in an office environment.

    MAFS has jumped the shark and just encourages abusive relationships.

  7. No wonder post experiment Mick and Jessika have had to be separated and Mick does not want anything to do with her. In fact he would have every right to go to the experts, producers, Martha and her man, and Nic’s houses and take a giant turd on each of their door steps.

    Don’t know why Martha’s boy and Nic didn’t say a peep in the smack down of Jess… Nic knows what Jessika is about and Martha’s boy got the low down from Marthafarker herself.

    Martha may think that youse is not a real word… but speaking of real neither is her breasts and a lot her body.

  8. The whole Jess thing is weird. Personally, I don’t care because Mick was a pig, and I haven’t forgotten that none of them are married but are coupling and having sex on tv. It’s already dragging itself through the gutter. But still, the Jess thing is weird. “We haven’t tried friendship”, she declares to a disgruntled Mick.
    I am inclined to agree with those telling Cyrell to mind her own beeswax. Cyrell will end up being charged with assault. Ines was smart to request Cyrell be removed for her parting speech.
    I do hope we get an explanation of the whole Jess/Dan thing because the cameras are always rolling for it.

    Now to the elephant in the room. Frumpy looking woman in leather pants, trying her hardest to be a cool spring chicken. They just didn’t suit her at all. She has a librarians face. Sorry to librarians everywhere. Does that make me professionalist? Anyway, she needs “sensible” clothing like ‘slacks’ and ‘frocks’.

    My least favourite have all gone now; Cyrell, Melissa and Suzie with the regrettable ‘to camera’ stares. Jess has been setting herself up for sm suicide. The producers are shooting ducks in a barrel. Jess is going to fall hard when she comes out, but don’t worry. She will land on some collagen.

  9. Worryingly, people on the official mafs fb threads are almost unanimously and profusely praising Cyrell for “keeping it real”. Their “real” is really different from mine. It’s concerning that people see this girl with who has very little self-control, and communicates by shouting, who is very aggressive, as someone to be admired.

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