1. Dan: “I don’t want upset Tam too much” but I am quite happy to have her blindsided in the group rather than talking to her in private.

    Tam believes Dan is quite respectful. LOL.

      • But no one is married. Have we all beensucked in? None of them are married. Reality check. They aren’t really married.

        • We know that they are not married, but common courtesy would suggest that you would give your designated partner the heads up before group humiliation (particularly after you pressured them into having sex).

  2. The experiment is coming to an end so Ning and Heidi are looking for an out.

    Heidi is so done with Mike. Obviously she has no problem with Jess and Dan cheating.

      • Michael should not contemplate destroying his teaching career for her. It is extremely competitive to get a full time position in NSW let alone in Bondi. He will languish for years as a casual (if he is lucky).

        • We wonder how effective Michael is as a teacher. He doesn’t seem to have any initiative, morality, independent thought or leadership skills.

          He would allow a student to be bullied just to keep the peace.

  3. No Heidi, you are not going to last. Mike is not that into you.

    Heidi is too damaged for any type of relationship. She needs to start collecting cats.

  4. If you playing the drinking game with the phrase “I live in Perth, Dan lives on the Gold Coast” you would be completely sloshed.

    • No rules, no consequences. In real life there would be consequences.
      Really disappointed in the MAFS producers and experts….
      Maybe if they lived closer to each other thry wouldn’t need the experiment.
      I see now why s
      Jess tried to sabotage Ning and Mark.

      • Yeah, I was hoping either Mark or Ning would mention how Jess tried to sabotage their relationship just to deflect attention away from her own. Sadly, nobody brought that up.

        • I still noted that Mark didn’t actually deny it. He just said, “We’ve moved on from there”. It was still a low act, but I think it explains why Mark just kept his trap shut.

          How agro did Mike look at the end. Gggggrrrrr. 😠

          I wish these shows wouldn’t confuse me with their Mike, Mark, Mick and Nick…oh and Matt. 😣

        • Perhaps it just didn’t click in the moment of shock what Jess’s deflection was really about.

  5. have I missed something here with MAFS, isn’t the procedure/rule that if both of the couples agree to leave then they leave??.. both Mick and Jess wrote “leave” on their respective notes..now Jess is still there in the experiment with Dan??
    what the…??.. but I guess it makes more interesting viewing..absolute rubbish decision!!

  6. I don’t watch this, but I think I’d have voted to leave the guy wearing the shirt patterned with poppies and vines.

  7. I just want to play devil’s advocate here and throw in a reality check. None of them are actually married. None of them were dating or actually real life partners, so there is no cheating or adultery. They can like whoever they want. They can see whoever they want. Aside from the fact that it’s all cheap and cheesy, none of them are actually in genuine relationships. They are just on a cheesy tv programme.

    • It is just the common courtesy. Jess knew Mick wanted to leave but exploited the leave/stay rule under the pretense of “friendship” but would completely ignore him during the week all so she could swap salvia samples with Dan.

      Dan, on the hand, pressured Tamara into having sex, strung her along and then declares he was attracted to Jess from the first moment that he clapped eyes on her.

      There was a story in Daily Mail, that Jess and Dan were texting before he entered the show. Ines connected them.

      There wouldn’t be the outrage if Dan and Jess had the conversation with Mick and Tamara first rather than Martha and Michael.

  8. “We can’t let the group make the rules for this experiment…”

    Which is the reason you immediately buckled and gave Jess exactly what she wanted?

  9. Deep down we all knew they’d get their way…. who wants to hear about couples trying to work it out or plan futures together when we can incorporate the drama and whirlwind trailer trash love affairs into the fold.

    Quite surprised over the lack of disdain towards Matha and her puppet….

    Why Jess and Dan were only called out for 1 week of playing it dirty where it’s been 3. Jess is the lowest form of a human! Disgustink…. who does that?

    • Martha (and Michael) are getting their share of disapproval on Twitter. The one with the most to lose ironically is Michael. It calls into question his judgement which is not a position you want to be in if you are a teacher.

    • “…whirlwind trailer trash love affairs…”

      If that isn’t the best description of this show ever, then I just don’t know what is.

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