1. Now the producers are trying to humanise Jess. She is concerned that she has been swept up by Dan’s ‘beautiful words’. Dan is barely articulate. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Avert your eyes when Jess walks up to final commitment. She is far too fat for that dress. Wobbling like a pannacotta.

    • They were, weren’t they?

      The contrast of Jess’s plastic surgery work versus the beauty of the natural setting was probably lost on her.

  3. I watched a lot of the yammering on ffd, especially when they were asking their friends and family their thoughts. You can still hear them when they sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks.

    And yes, the bush was majestic.

    • Yeah, how about the thrill of seeing the bush as opposed to the fuckin’ Opera House And Bridge? Such awesome innovation from Ch9.

  4. A con man trying to make people believe he has a spine and some semblence of decency! One thing at least, it looks like he’s gone against mummy (I’d suspect he went against mummy with the mother of his child), so he’s maturing… now hit about 10 years of age.

    How much did the producers prep Cam’s friend to agree to the proposal? Seriously? A real friend would go.. what’s the rush.. you’re not really married yet.. you’re moving in together… live to together for a 1-2 months and make the call then! Won’t hurt… not like you’re going to have a wedding immediately anyway.

    Don’t think Jules liked the ring too much… or she already picked it… seriously they both live in NSW… you don’t think they caught up during the week.

    Today we’re supposed to be shocked by one couple not commiting?? Serious? Heidi/Mike, Ning/Mark… no surprises there! The only one would be if Marfa puppet has awoken from her spell..

    • The ads seem to be implying that Heidi is heart-broken by Mike choosing to leave.

      If that’s true, it’s like, I’m sorry, what? These two have been nothing but conflict and problems and drama from day dot. Mike’s kind of a tool, so Heidi has, like, ten reasons to be glad he’s walking away. But she’s heart-broken it hasn’t worked out? Really?

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