1. Jessika with her shorter than short daisy dukes opts out of wearing underwear while ‘working’ on the farm.

  2. Dan brings Tam home to meet the matriarch. The matriarch does not like Tam and offers Dan a ‘get out of jail free card.’

  3. The Juz family are thinking of a trip to Sydney soon and would usually stay at the hotel favoured by MAFS – it has great views of the harbour. But now all I can think of is the false eyelashes and bodily fluids that may have been left behind in our potential hotel room …

    • Don’t mind the bird crap on Mick’s lounge , either. The wow factor.

      She’s a steep learnin’ curve with Mick,alright. Jessicka has a shower psycho scene all of her own. Better than Shakespeare.

  4. Dan’s mummy tells him to dump Tamara as she is not tactile enough. Dan agrees but wants to do Tam one more time. They do the deed and then Dan to his horror realises he can’t sneak out the morning after as they are in his bed. Oops. Awks…

    • Is she annoyed because he isn’t already, or is she annoyed because she doesn’t want him to? Or something else?

      Gosh, it’s hard to tell with these people.

      • We think she was a little taken aback by Mike’s confession that he does not love her. Heidi comes across quite messed up from her childhood and foster care stint and probably doesn’t know what a healthy relationship looks like and has conflated casual sex with love. In her mind, she thinks this happy ever after. In Mike’s mind, this is an experiment with an older women before he can find the next twenty-something.

        She will repeat her past behaviour and wonder why she can’t find a long term relationship. Being extremely judgmental, she needs to slow down before jumping in bed with any guy that exhibits the slightest interest in her.

  5. Has anyone noticed that Millennials love accusing other people of being, ‘so disrespectful’ when someone criticises them or call them out on their behaviour. Mick admits to Jessika that he found her relatives rather vulgar at the wedding.

    Jessika faux cries at Mike’s best friend’s place. Then asks him to vacate *his* verandah so she can take the high ground and berate Mick. Rude much???

    “I was so set on you Mick”. LOL, she claims after she proposition Dan and Nick last week.

    Jessika now believes she has a free conscious to pursue bankrupt Dan.

    • Not only her waistline but her bum as well, if pics in DM today are anything to go by – she and Dan getting it together at the beach.

  6. That dinner Billy made looked pretty good, with veg from his own garden. A far cry from Mark’s empty kitchen.

  7. Billy Liar. Anyone who will lie over nothing, will definitely lie over the big things. When he promised Lashes that he would never lie over big things, he was lying.

  8. Dan is lower than a snake’s belly with his, “Now I’m feeling it, now I’m not” treatment of his “wife”.

    Mick has probably already boin doin it with the shoip. He is a slob and a rude and unkind pig. A guy with bird poop on his lounge.

    Anyone else think the show’s producers handed out free lip filler before the show went to air? Jess would look nice if her lips were 1/2 their size.

  9. To be fair to Mick,

    He’s seen his wife flirting with other men, he wanted to leave… he’s most likely just sabotaging the relationship so she can pick leave too… he’s over it.

    Dan’s mother looks like a leader of a bikie gang…. something very evil about her… can’t put my finger on it.

    So Billy backs down…. makes Susie happy… but does that mean he doesn’t have balls again?

    • Mick is definitely over it as his attire becomes increasingly slovenly. There is no excuse however, for the state of his house. It is filthy and unkempt.

      • He complained that she had pushed him away when he had tried to smooch her with egg from breakfast still on his face…and probably breath too. Disgusting fellow.

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