1. Suzie’s dad’s marriage guidance advice is, “Fighting is good for a marriage”. Idiot.

    I’m sick of Billy whining about Cruella de Ville not being nice to him. He can leave.

  2. It looks like Cyrell turns rabid again tomorrow night.I hope they’ve all had their shots. I can see why Ines asked that she be removed from her stay/leave discussion. I’d hate to see her road rage.

  3. Suzie was stunned… like when he wrote leave at the ceremony she was shocked… and now he literally did leave she was stunned… she surely thinks no one would want to leave her! I guess after Baby’s dad left she thought if she got her boobs, lips and hair done she’d be perfect and no man would want to leave then.

    Regardless of what Nic has done (if anything at all), best he get out of that family… it’ll eat at him how unstable it is and family get togethers will be a nightmare, and it’ll lead to a demise in their relationship anyway.

    Hate to use this word, but Jess is really prostituting herself now! Touching, feeling, telling him good things to boost Mike’s ego in an attempt to get him to stay, or understand why she will write stay again. Just sick and twisted, from the contestants, to the cameramen, to the producers, to the network.

    I remember the outrage when Big Brother was around and some hanky panky etc played out… this is 100 times worse.

    • I have to wonder about Jess. If that’s for real, it’s really mean to play Mick like that. I look forward to hearing the after/ inside goss.
      Now I don’t think any of them are in their own homes. That doesn’t appear to be Cyrell’s home. Nor Suzie’s.
      Suzie’s dad has trained her so poorly that he shouldn’t be dishing out advice. Billy got it right when he said that Suzie was surrounded by enablers.I don’t think that bit was manufactured. Suzie wanted Billy to grow a pair. Well the manliest thing he did was to leave.
      At first I didn’t realize Ning had had her lips done, (I was distracted by her rudeness) but now I realize that’s why she can hardly move them, plus she has that little line above the side of each lip. Why do they get them so bloated?
      Who will come out of this inscathed I wonder. Mark, ponytail guy, cuddly couple, Nick maybe. Oh and pig farmer because people will feel sorry for him.
      I hope pony tail runs.
      Why can all the guys have natural faces but not the girls?

      • I think Cam and the red-head might just get out of this with their dignity intact.

        And as for Suzie, she’s currently dating a guy who thinks pissing in his own mouth is the height of comedy. I daresay karma has already stepped in there, we just need to wait for it to happen.

        As for the rest of them, you just can’t tell where the line starts and ends, between “this person is just unbelievably self-obsessed to the point of delusion” and “this person is playing it up for the camera just to get instagram followers”.

  4. Some of these women are shocking beyond words yet the men seem to want it all to work. Must be absolutely desperate and how awful to make them stay. Mick is heading for depression and what a shameless hussy Jess is, Mick is right to wonder what shes up to.

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