1. How tight are the dresses the gels are wearing? The alleged men will be just as tight after a few beers. These are bad people doing bad things. Especially the producers.

    Dan doesn’t know how to hold a glass of beer. Does he have opposable thumbs , I wonder? His shirt is the only thing saving him tonight.

    Thanks Maz.

  2. Jessika is an extremely nasty piece of work. To deflect from Tamara discerning that she and Dan are involved (not going to happen as Tamara is rather dense), Jessika decides to play on Ning’s insecurities.

    J: “Ning, things that Mick has brought up about you and Mark, they’re not nice.’
    N: ‘Okay’
    J: The things that Mick has brought up about your relationship, I’d rather not bring it up tonight’
    N: “Tell me.”
    J: “He lies to you. Mick and Mark have both said after this experiment ends, they are going to f**k a whole bunch of bitches.”

    • Hell yes. Line them all up and do a before and in 10 years show. I wonder if constantly pumped lips end up stretching or with blow outs.They probably do.

      Ning talks “li is” ( like this) She can’t move her lower face.

    • Why do all the people who have had lip fillers so obviously look as though they’ve had lip fillers? Isn’t the idea to fill out your natural lip line just a little? Whether it’s an injectable filler, or their own fat, or a permanent implant, the results all look fake and too obvious.

      I’d refuse to pay for a procedure that made me look as though I’d just stuck my mouth in a hive full of angry bees.

    • Jess will be headhunted for heaps of shows. Surely. Fancy her choosing such a loser as deceitful Dan.

  3. How many times will we see shots of the Bridge and Opera House, btw? They look just like they did last week.

    Just putting it out there….is there anything else in Sydney? I expect a bit more culture where I’m living.

    • It’s because they are on the non-CBD side of the harbour I guess. You’d think they could spring for a day at the Blue Mountains or Coogee

      • We know each episode’s budget primarily goes towards lip fillers and alcohol.

        I imagine once that’s done, they can barely afford to pay the three morons.

        • I heard that these people have to pay for their own alcohol. Nasser said that so it must be true. I think they should be drinking lemonade from non injurious paper cups.

          • It’s very hard to injure someone (for having an affair with your husband) with a paper cup.

            But not impossible.


    • Sydney is awesome don’t you know… they have a harbour! no wonder voted 10th worst city in the world.

  4. Michael (to the boys): “I wear what I want”
    Martha (before he goes to meet the boys): “Change that shirt” (twice!)

  5. Jessika is an utter bush pig…. so she was sleeping around with a secret boyfriend coming into the show… hiding it “to help her out in her modelling career”… sorry girl you aint got the figure (too much drinky poo), the look, the attitude to be a model or even a human.

    This is a PG rated show… with the amount of booze, swearing, cheating and deceit going on it’s surely got to be higher…. shows how this country needs to start leaning back towards good old wholesome values of yesteryear, because now even the sanctity of marriage and commitment is a good enough excuse just for ratings.

    Social media has destroyed the world as we know it 🙁

    • Yes, I spotted Jess’s belly and hips. It’s all below the waste. I don’t like any of their clothes. They all look like they dressed themselves from a ragbag in the dark. And Jess’s sneakers with that stretchy dress didn’t go.
      The thing I find least pg of all about this show is the way they tell each other about their sex and their “feels”. ( how awful is that expression).
      Let’s see …who here wants to tell everyone if they are having sex with a stranger? Thought not.

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