• I’m getting sick of the Opera House and Bridge shots. Is there fuck all else in Sydney?

      Still watching , of course. Thanks , Maz. Mike should be thrown overboard to the sharks. Even sharks have standards.

          • But, but…”families, love and forgiveness makes Australia great”…🤣🤣🤣🤣

        • There is nothing in Sydney. It has been destroyed by over development. It used to have some really beautiful homes but these are disappearing at an alarming rate for concrete shoe-boxes. It is a horrible place best to be avoided if can.

          • There are concrete shoe boxes in my street , obliterating the Sun and Moon Rise. Who’d want to be married and marooned in one of those shit boxes.

  1. People on fb are going nuts like any of them were actually married. I like “Swapped at First Sight” for a name Maz.
    Maybe next year, they throw a party, let them have a few drinks and choose their partners. I noticed a few times they have mentioned needing to knock back a few drinks before having sex. It sounds like they have an ugly partner.

  2. I flipped over briefly to get caught in episode five million of the Heidi and Mike show. Heidi seems so conflicted at actually being in a relationship with Mike, after writing “stay” for how many weeks now?

  3. I feel a bit sorry for Jess. She seems to have had a very rugged up-bringing, inadequate, which is partly why I’ve gone easy on her. Dan is a gorilla, but they might work out…for a few months.
    She’s really tough. I am amazed at how she doesn’t get intimidated by Mike “taking her down a peg or two”. Mike doesn’t realize that he’s a bully, and a nosy one at that.
    Poor Heidi is a dag. She reminds me a bit of Fifi Box.But in the battle of the sexes in her “sex at first sight”, I am definitely going to say run Heidi. Take those green grassy slippers and run. Then throw those slippers away.

  4. Except for the sobbing over nothing, Cam is sweet. Not my type, but sweet.

    I LOVED the old open top car Cam and Jules drove.

  5. Heidi’s mistake is that once she realized that Mike was a jerk, lacking in self-awareness, she kept trying to remodel him instead of admitting you can’t polish aaaa aaa aaa cane toad.

  6. I think Heidi is the problem. Doesn’t know what she wants and when she’s got it doesn’t know if she wants it. She is very negative and not giving the romance a chance
    Apparently Mike is now with someone else.

    • Maybe so, Sara. She should have just walked weeks ago when it started apparent that Mike is a narcissist and a bully. It’s hard for me to notice Heidi whuinging about him over my own whinging. She just should have left.

      Heidi realizes Mike is a narcissist but doesn’t want to admit it so she keeps complaining and trying to change him, instead of just leaving.

      Now we see why Mike’s relationships have all failed. He knows best all of the time and will ride over others.

    • Heidi might watch the footage and go, “Oh, I sound precious and complaining”. Mike will probably watch his and go, “What’s wrong with that?”. That’s Heidi’s fault. That’s Jess’s fault.
      No, Jess’s issues and flaws are hers, and his are his.
      Mike is the peraon I would least want to sit with at a dinner table because if his self-appointed role of taking people “down a peg or two”.

  7. Heidi would do even Jesus’s head in! She’s absolutely schitzo!!! Not saying that Mike is not to blame.. but really if she had the most doting understandable man in the world who worshipped the ground she walked on she would still be that same!

    Fact is she enjoys misery and thrives on it! Happiness hurts her! I don’t for one minute believe she really suffers from sea-sickness to that extent… she couldn’t at least try to join in the activity and as Mike said he was trying it as a bonding trust experience.

    The cheaters make me sick.. don’t want to talk about them at the moment.

    Ningalong sabotaged things so badly… I hope she learns from it all!

    • Wasn’t Mike and Heidi’s honeymoon on a boat in the Whitsundays?

      It feels like it screened a decade ago, but does anyone remember her having any massive issues being on that boat (a much smaller vessel than the large sailing ship from last night)? Because I don’t.

      I’ve wanted to be on Heidi’s side, because Mike does come across as a dick, but … there’s very little about her that makes me want to be on her side either.

  8. Heidi’s beef with Mike has always been that he doesn’t listen to, or hear her”, so of course producers picked up on the fact that she hates the sea and gets sea-sick, and decide to arrange that Mike’s big romantic offering would be what she hates.
    Martha gets her own movie, earrings and a romantic lunch, Ningnong gets a nit in a beautiful treehouse with a spa, Jules gets an expensive bracelet with a picnic or someting (does anyone watch them?), and Heidi gets a reminder that Mike only hears himself. Instead of complaining, just leave. She is in the most toxic relationship because they want to make it work, when it never will.

    The producers were stirring the pot. It’s not “dirty street pie” all over again, but more like “I realize you are selfish but I am trying to stay in denial. She has issues for sure.

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