1. Jess: I am a lady and I have dignity. 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不

    She wants some who is ‘strong’ and ‘driven’. I guess that is one spin on pending criminal charges….

    • Jess wants more than a filthy grub, who at 40+ can’t sit on a chair properly. She might have giant fish lips, but Mick is a cockroach. He’s just so ill mannered and dirty that, yes, fish lips can do better.

  2. Heidi: I am not just going to marry anyone.

    Heidi, you are 38, you can’t be that picky. At that age you will never get the best of the other person.

  3. Is it me or are Heidi and Mike just *exhausting*?

    They hate each other, they love each other, they hate each other, they love each other… OMG guys. If your relationship is *this* dysfunctional? Walk away. This is obviously not working.

        • Mick…is that the grub?….. shows his contemptuous attitide for others by the effort he makes to dress for them, particularly for”the occasion”. He’s not just a slob, he is a bastard.
          As for Jess, she might as well go for Dan. None of them are really married anywayji, and if Dan can’t be loyal, Tamara needs to find that out fast…before he sleeps with her 10 more times, and calls it “fun without feelings”.

          PS; I feel I have seen Tamara before.

          How does Martha go to work? She looks like her beauty regime would take hours.
          I reckon the producers offered them all free lip pumps, boob jobs, botox and eyelashes. Did I already saythat?

          • You know, I feel like I know Tamara from something as well. I’m certain that I recognise her face from something, but I just cannot think what.

    • Heidi, with her list of problems is another on this show who is a bit challenged but has enough street smarts to know if she can last the distance she should score as sweeter radio slot. Painful.

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