1. Jess~ “if I wanted his opinion, I’d kick his kennel”

    That’s made my night.

    Mike is such an arsehole. DV material.

  2. I liked the preview showing the judges pretending to consider whether Jess and Dan could enter the experiment as a couple. Of course they will let them do it

    • It was one of the last dinner parties, wasn’t it? The show’s almost over, they really haven’t got anything to lose, have they? “Yes, Dan and Jess can get together, for the next five minutes. Whoops, show’s over, everyone go home.”

  3. “I’m from Perth and Dan is from Queensland”.. how many bloody times does she have to say that?? I’m sure Dan at the time did have a few million stashed away so could easily fly to her or bring her lips to him.

    Of course the judges will let them stay… 9 can’t just have 4 couples left (maybe 3 depending on what transpires now after Mike’s stick up for his mate).

    Agree Mike did become aggressive but in that pressure pot, everyone could see what Jess was doing.. she’s now potentially not only ruined Ning’s relationship she’s also destroying Mike’s. At least Mike is doing it with semi controlled words as opossed to Cyrell who was vastly applauded for her ranting and raving.

    • Yeah, it’s like, okay, everyone’s focussing on what an arse Mike is … is kind of missing the point that Jess’s behaviour has been utterly reprehensible. Jess and her grossly-mishapen lips are the real problem here, guys.

      • Yes, but he’s not allowed to call her trout pout. That’s our job. Don’t get me wrong; I see what Jess is.

        I wonder if they are encouraged to get all judgy with each other. I added Mike to the Ahole pile early on, so no change there. With Jess it’s as obvious as her pot belly, she’s a tart, but Mike’s white in shiny armour to his mate is more a rusty bin. He really is a pokey. He reeks of Ahole and Heidi can smell it.
        Interestingly it seems Jess is going to take most of the Jess/Dan gunfire tonight. She has so far. While Dan just sits in silence. He’s no less guilty.

        I wish Australia had its own Snog, Marry, Avoid.

  4. Dan won’t know whether to grab Jess’s boobs and kiss her lips, or grab her lips and kiss her boobs. Both are bloated with a foreign substance.
    Well, to be fair, her boobs might be real. Her tummy is.

    Miaow. 🐱

    • It might be better if Dan’s lips were stictched together. He’s from Queensland and has a bigger mouth than a cane toad. His face looks like it’s been hit by a cyclone. Intimacy with that ? No thanks. How many cans of XXXX would you need to hit on him?

    • Sleepover at bingo???? Hasn’t anyone been curious as to why this woman chose this particular outfit? I know I have. It could be Jess in 50 years.

      I wore fishnets a few times when I was 12 or 13, but only on my legs.
      In this case…look what the catfish dragged in.

    • It takes a lot of guts to wear an outfit like that.

      She even has a pearl necklace.

      The water bottle sends a healthy message, if , in fact that’s what’s in the bottle.

      MAFS material for sure.

  5. I’m just rewatching last night’s mafs. Interestingly, Mark didn’t actually completely deny or call Jess’s comment a lie. He said it was “inaccurate”. Also, the fact that he doesn’t stick up for himseld that much at the party makes me think there might have been some fire with that smoke.

    Mike, the king of interfering in others’ relationships, tells Jess to stay out of other people’s relationships, while interfering between Jess and Mark. Can you follow that?

    Good Lawd, Martha’s Barbie doll Matt has had his hair straightened by her. Really? I would suggest he grow a pair but that would mean Martha would just wax them.

  6. That room looks like the battle of the lips. Heidi and Jules are the only girls whose lips haven’t been blown up with an electric pump. Tamara’s lips are so big they bump into her nose. Ning Nong looks like her lips are going to cause her to fall over forwards. Jess’s lips look like a giant sea anemone that you poke your finger in and it sucks it in and won’t let go.
    And there is enough make-up in that room to paint the Sydney Opera House.

    I look forward to the after news.

    Here we go; Mike’s going to “hold Jess accountable”. Wouldn’t that be up to Mick and Mark? Mick’s the cop.

    • I caught up yesterday too, Daisy. I was fascinated at how Jess was putting on lip liner – lips all over the place😁

  7. And there it is, in Cam’s comment. “He is upset about being called out”.
    Jess shouldn’t have said anything, but Mark kept his mouth shut like a guilty man who is pleading, “I refuse to say anything on the grounds that it may incriminate me”. And why would he when Mike is providing a great smoke screen.

    • So “looking for love” is really “looking for as much exposure as possible”.

      She and Jess are birds of a feather. Except that Martha seems to have has a more privileged life than Jess, who seems to have been dragged up a bit rough.

  8. She didn’t mention, or perhaps failed to notice, that mafs has becoming increasingly trasheir over the past yyhree years. The women they are using are great candidates for snog, marry, avoid. Their combined, make-up, and false enhancement could supply two brothels for a year.

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