• The Magistrate: “It sounds like you’ve been living in a bubble of artificiality. And I just want you to get back to that basics.”

      As if Ines knows what any of that means. Although the pun of Ines’s last name works on several lovely levels.

  1. I laughed when Jules said that the only connection she’d seen between Dan and Jess was Jess undressing Dan mentally at dinner parties. She must’ve missed the day when Jess was literally undressing while sitting next to Dan.

  2. OMG, Jess. No offense to your sense of fashion, but doctors have seen less of you than we’re seeing, right now.

    • Well that was excruciating. Can Cam and Jules just get married for real and everyone else break up already. I did like Mike’s defence the claim was obviously a lie because it sounde “bogan”. Poor simple Michal not being aspirational in his movie and food choices. Is this code for “you are a teacher and I need you to run a fitness empire or lead an outlaw motorcycle gang because I don’t value teaching”

      • Could’ve been. There’s just something low-key off-putting about Martha. Almost everybody here is a trainwreck (Cam and Jules notwithstanding. Gosh, I hope they work out), but Martha just seems so fake and superficial. Like, she’s not the Alpha Mean Girl, she’s the best friend who’s secretly plotting to kill them all instead.

        • Yes, Windsong, “Alpfha mean girl”. I reckon that’s Martha, and Jess has been her wingman. Martha is too uppity not to be top bitch.
          Can somebody please rescue Michael. He is doing a Patty Hurst/Stockholm syndrome thing. He’s doing her eyelashes, getting fake tans, having his hair straightened then plaited. Next she’ll have him tweezing her bikini line. Marsha, give Michael back his balls…and stop turning him into your clone.

          That dinner party was a nightmare. No one came out smelling like a rose, except maybe Cam and Mark, who wisely stayed out of it. I did like the way Martha let Michael have his nuts back just long enough to “stand up for his wife”. In the end they forgot what they were fighting about.

          And Dan, who probably already got cold feet over Jess’s I love yous”, now has an excuse to dump her without looking bad. Or so he thinks.

  3. I couldn’t believe Heidi actually believed the shyte coming out of Jessika’s mouth!!! Didn’t anyone tweak after that?? that when Jess is attacked she throws stuff back at people playing on their insecurities.. Jess is a cunning biatch! She’s playing everyone and using anything and everything! The scary thing is she’s really the apprentice. The real Sith Lord pulling all the strings is Martha. The scary thing is that after this experiment it appears that both of them still maintain their relationships (whipped controlled men)!

    For all of Dan’s gruffness.. he has no balls and no control of his life! His mother has been running it for 30 odd years… and now Jess is trying to run it! Mother’s not going to like that! Quite obvious Dan is scared of mummy because he doesn’t seem to have picked up the phone and told her about his infidelity.

    And for some reason, I actually want Ning and Mark to work. He’s a quiet decent bloke and I think he’ll be good for Ning.

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