1. I am at that stage of my life ‘where I just do what I need to do and be selfless to myself’. Okay Jess, whatever you reckon.

  2. WHAAATTT???? No way Billy. Stop second guessing your decision to storm out. You were right yesterday. She is nasty. If he tries to ‘lift his game’ to “make it work”, then he does have no testes.

  3. None of this show is healthy education on how to to treat spouses or be treated.

    You “teach people how to treat you”.

  4. Lots of people praising Cyrell… there’s a poor girl who has no control over her life so lashes out and comments on other peoples lives and behaviours as a way for her to feel control about something. She’s been social media posting the last few days about things “Nic” did and it’ll all come out… sorry to say Nic seemed genuine enough to try and also honourable enough to do the right thing.

    Jess is ugly and Tam is quite good looking… guess Dan just likes dirty women…

    • Cyrell needs to be removed. It’s completely out of order that someone in her early stages of violence and aggression is allowed to continue. If they were decent psychologists, they would see the signs of a potential husband basher. She has already shown she progresses from shouting in someone’s face to laying hands on a person (Marsha). I am appalled that she is still there. No wonder Ines asked for her to be removed.
      Do young and youngish people think that it’s normal to ask personal questions, and give intimate details of their sexual activity. I don’t know any couples who discuss their sexual activity publicly. I will have to ask my nieces if they do that.
      My kids wouldn’t.
      I am very tut tut tut this morning. 😊
      As for the Jess thing, it doesn’t make me mad because I haven’t forgotten that none of them are married and that they have all just met. That’s not to say, she’s not pretty rough, and that she is playing Mick, but he has been incredibly disrespectful in his dress and behaviour. Acting like a slob is disrespectful. It says “FU, I don’t care enough about you to shower, shave or wear shoes.

  5. Cyrell seems to equate aggression with love. She wants Nic to “fight” for her and she is so hurt she picks a fight with Jess. Makes you wonder what family life is like at home. She needs help with her emotional regulation

    • Cyrell took that Love Is A Battlefield song a little to seriously.

      I agree that some of these appalling units should have been shown the door.

      To see their so called friends on Talking Married defending them is just as disturbing.

  6. It scares me that the abusive behaviour in this show is not really addressed. Cyrell tries to control people by shouting at them and putting her hands on them. Suzies tries to control by belittling. Both are the thin end of the wedge for what potentially can increase into something dangerous.

    Aside from that, it’s giant lips galore. Watching Jess and Tam have it out, all I could do was watch their lips.

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