MKR – biscuit challenge

Hooray – no sitting through lengthy dinners and listening to 10 people describe what a risotto is.
Tonight it’s the Coles cooking challenge and they have to make a bickie that can be sold in the supermarket.
I hate to say it but the brothers may have a chance here if they go some overloaded American-style cookie that the public will love (the same people who gave Piper’s brownie a 9 at a supposed fine-dining experience).
I wonder if Ibby and Rommel will do something baklava-ish or if they will have been told to go nut-feee?
Can’t wait for the lesson on what biscuits Peruvians do/don’t eat.
I do like these episodes where I can imagine what I would make to win.
What would you make?
My Kitchen Rules starts at 7pm.



  1. Its a biscuit challenge and Cricket boys concentrate on the accomplishment that goes with the biscuits instead on the biscuits.

  2. Is it meant to be an original recipe? How about a blue cheese and walnut biccie, with a little dark brown sugar as the sweetener? Or pistachio and pepper in a very short dough? No?

  3. The boys’ peanut butter and bacon bic is going to be dry and claggy. They used lean bacon and bacon needs to have the fat left on for it to be properly crispy.

    It drives me nuts that most bacon sold these days has the fat removed. You have to go to a butcher to get proper greasy, fatty bacon that isn’t just a thin slab of pig meat.

    I’m commenting all over the place because every show tonight is boring and I’ve already washed my hair.

  4. Of course a sweet biscuit was always going to win – it’s Coles. I would have loved to try mum and son’s cheesy biccie

  5. Wonder if Piper and Veronica continue to be friends after MKR? Piper is a total b*tch. They both worked on the bananas and biscuits together. It wasn’t just the bananas that were a fail but also those disgusting looking biscuits and it was mainly Piper who worked on those.
    Their cooking skills are poor and, hopefully, Piper’s crocodile tears (as per the preview) will not help them.

    • Typical MKR: We start out thinking we know who the villains are and then some new ones emerge. I can’t see their friendship surviving

  6. Episode was probably the worst of the season. Half way through the preview for the next episode already gave the game away about which team was going to lose.

    The botox filled snake… wasn’t sure whether born again was talking about Piper or the gay Ken doll.

    But seriously a brownie biscuit wins?? hello creativity??? most likely because it’s similar to the production of some of the other crap that Coles bakery department dishes out.

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