1. Andy and Ruby are on their high horse again. Criticizing Ibby and Romel for being deceptive. The girls did the same quietly

    • Also the Beauty Queens – “We believe group 1 scored strategically” says the other team that handed out a 3 to the pinks and a 9 to the psychic/cougar.
      The hypocrisy is off the charts.

    • They were trying to serve rice with the osso bucco but being too smart to cook risotto. Usually risotto is the main dish.

  2. I can’t help wondering how The Pinks feel about this. They know they are one of the weaker teams and now they also know they were saved by skewed scoring.

  3. Not sure how they pick the teams for the open house. Just put 2 weak teams together and they will be screwed.

  4. I feel like, we’ve reached the point of the season where the show feels like it’s been going for months, but looking at the contestants left (who are yet to be eliminated), and there’s so many of them.

    • They dragging it longer. Before we have 2 challenges, then sudden death to eliminate one team. Now we have 5 open houses then sudden death to eliminate one team!😴😴

  5. Apparently the sibling’s parents made lots of sacrifices when they were growing up. Gee, it’s lucky they’ve mentioned it 50 000 billion times or I might not have realised.

  6. I fast forwarded to the judges’ scoring. Did bro and sis deserve to go home? It looked like they tried to get too fancy

  7. I decided to check in on MKR after not watching for weeks. I got the perfect peruvians first 10 seconds. Omg, they drive me insane! There still seems to be a lot of teams.

  8. Thought Manu’s comments about the parmigiana being too simple for this competition was laughable… I thought they keep getting told to cook good food and not over complicate.

    Even the judges scoring was twisted… if you compare the overall judges scores there was not much between the two teams… but overall the Fabulous friends romped it in. I don’t get how a poor risotto and a non legit runny osso-buco would get 7’s.

    • There was only a small difference in the judges scores but a very wide gap in the teams total score, so someone was still scoring very strategically. I still don’t understand the scoring this season with the cook-offs. Does everyone score both teams who cooked or only those with the ‘advantage’ score both?

      • Each team give one score to each of the team in the cook off.

        The winner of the people choice in the challenges get to score teams individually. Hope it makes sense!

      • Don’t think it was overly strategic looking at the scores posted (although group 1 did seem to try to give Amanda and Blake a slight boost in hope of delaying the inevitable), seems on-par with the feedback.

        • It’s just weird seeing Mr and Mrs Pink still there. I mean, neither of them has the slightest idea what they’re doing, they were saved by Ibby and Romel’s voting, not because they have any actual culinary skill.

  9. Manu wasn’t impressed with brother’s and sister’s dessert and scores it a 7. Pete liked it a lot and gives it the same score . HUH??
    Andy might have a lot of food knowledge but she needs to learn when to stop talking and the producers/editors need to stop giving her so much screen time. She and her Peruvian buddy are very irritating although most of the contestants this year are irritating.

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