1. And if there’s even a hint of a deconstructed cheesecake, I feel like there will be rioting in the streets.

  2. Mrs Pink can’t cook and the mains is her creation. She is very proud of it as well. They are in big trouble

    • No, I feel sorry for Lyn and Sal, because this pair of teams are in trouble, if they’re relying on the Pinks to keep them out of elimination. OTOH, if these two are in elimination, then Lyn and Sal should survive easily.

      • Both teams are on equal footing. The entree and dessert were Lyn and Sal creation and they were bad.

    • Too bad they deleted that scene. It was very uplifting and honest compared to the rest of this season of MKR.

  3. Oh, this is just sad. Jodi Anne has no knife skills at all; watching her clean that veal was painful. It looked as though she was working with a blunt stick.

    Mrs. Bossy is bossy. She thinks potato and red onion added to the dish is a big whoop.

    Seeing the guys come out with big smiles and high expectations makes me feel really bad for them. But I haven’t heard the critiques, so maybe they scored 10’s. Maybe.

  4. One positive is that at least the producers have grouped the four weakest teams together ensuring one of them goes… I predict Pink and her Husband puppet leave the premises the next elimination.

    I must admit born agains at least don’t get aggressive like some of the other teams and laugh it off (most likely because they know that’ll pee them off more).

    Although the dishes did look amateurish am surprised over Pete’s 1… seemed more like a hissy fit reaction to all the poor quality meals throughout the season and had to take it out on someone.

    • The Born Agains generally score fairly, too, unlike some of the other teams. They just don’t know when to talk and when to just keep their mouths shut, especially Josh. I do think they are being prompted by the producers to create tension.

  5. I had a feeling that this pairing wouldn’t do well. Lynn looked like she was going to lose it and start bawling. Just wondering if they chose these courses or the producers chose them from a list the contestants gave them. The menu didn’t make a lot of sense, IMO.

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